Sunday, 2012-02-12

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vakkovmkfs.vfat -c -F 32 /dev/sdb3   - is this enough to have a boot partition like in nemo image09:01
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faenilmorning :)10:21
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faenilIs there anyone who can teach me how to create a yaml file? (if there's any teaching needed)13:37
faenilI've seen that best thing is to create the yaml file and the use spectable to create the spec :)13:37
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Venemo_N950hey jukkaeklund :)14:12
Venemo_N950jukkaeklund, would this .spec  file work on Nemo?
jukkaeklundsorry, not my area of expertise..14:24
Venemo_N950ok, no problem14:31
Venemo_N950just asking you because you were the one who asked about it on twitter :)14:32
jukkaeklundyep :)14:32
jukkaeklundI'm sure there is someone here to help you..14:32
Venemo_N950ok :)14:33
Venemo_N950from the technical side, it should be fully compatible with Nemo :) but I'm not a packaging expert14:33
Venemo_N950that spec file works fine on Fedora :)14:34
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lbtVenemo_N950: the changelog needs breaking out into a .changes file14:39
lbtI don't have the detailed knowledge to syntax check it14:40
lbtbut it looks OK14:40
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lbtI couldn't off-hand say about things like %doc14:40
lbtor %{?_smp_mflags}14:41
lbttry it on c.obs14:41
Venemo_N950is Mer this much different from Fedora?14:41
lbtI just can't promise we implement everything14:42
lbtwe have a packaging guide from meego that should probably say what rpm/spec policies we track14:42
lbttbh it's more likely to be SuSE than Fedora14:43
lbtbut ymmv14:43
lbtyour mileage may vary14:43
Venemo_N950ah, okay14:43
Venemo_N950what I'm working on right now is refactoring & stabilizing IRC Chatter14:46
Venemo_N950it's long overdue... the current quality of that code puts me to shame.14:46
Venemo_N950after that's OK, I'll look into packaging Puzzle Master for Nemo :)14:49
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wow23hey. guys21:00
wow23i have some questions about nemo develop21:02
Stskeepsshoot :)21:03
wow23i was on this channel some monthes ago (sorry for my english, it's not my language.21:03
wow23so, in settings i found russian language translation and i apple it, and now i can say: it sucks21:05
wow23translation is very baaad21:05
Stskeepsi'm not sure if it's really translated :)21:05
wow23i'm too ';321:05
wow23so, i can translate if someone can explain me how to..21:05
wow23i'm worked on russian translation open media player for n90021:06
wow23second question: how about import contacts from...??21:07
wow23and.. third. how about russian keyboard?21:07
Stskeepsokay, any chance you could show up tomorrow, but ~3 hours earlier?21:07
Stskeepsi am on my way to bed but would love to answer your questions21:07
wow23i'm on my way to bed too)21:08
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faenilStskeeps: what time is the bug triaging tomorrow?21:20
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