Thursday, 2012-08-23

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* Sage ponders what is using telepathy-farsight or if we could just move to telepathy-farstream and to latest upstream03:57
Sagespecial, alterego, w00t: video conferencing ready soon? ;)03:58
special..oh dear.03:59
specialafaik nothing is using farsight at the moment03:59
Sageperegrine is probably, but we are dropping it form apps as it is not maintained anymore it seems.04:00
specialperegrine seems useless on handsets.04:01
specialthe UI is obviously intended for tablets04:01
Sageanyway I'm sending a mail to mer-general asking if there is someone interested of maintaining it04:08
specialI would advocate pretty strongly for getting rid of it04:09
Sagewell, we drop it from default apps yes, but if there is someone interesting maintaining it it can stay in CE:Apps04:10
specialonly if it doesn't hold up other things, like replacing farsight with farstream.04:13
Sagethus me asking if there is someone maintaining it. If not then it will be dropped04:13
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Sagewe can't keep anything there that is holding us back with the upstream stuff.04:15
Sagebut still we should give everyone a change to maintain their applications04:15
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specialI'm biased against bad UI :p04:21
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6027 waiting for review at
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6027 Accepted promotion request04:35
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Sagecamera doesn't work on n900, maybe same policy rules that were updated to n950 needs to go to n900 as well.05:09
* Stskeeps needs to charge his n950 it seems05:11
Sagecrevetor: you made the SR for n950 policy rules. Was the patch from you?05:11
Sagethe general performance of n900 is much better than I remembered05:14
Sagealso memory consumption is relatively low05:14
Sage6 apps open and still not much in swap
Sagew00t: any change we could get a keycombo to take screenshots on n950/n900 would help creating bugs a lot :)05:19
specialthere is a bug somewhere about screenshots05:20
MerbotBug 237: task, Low, ---, nicola, NEW, Create dedicated screenshot application with QML05:20
Sagespecial: yes, but it should be build so that keycompo would active it as well05:22
Stskeepsmorn timoph05:23
* Stskeeps passes timoph coffee05:23
Sagew00t: that isn't in the center ;)05:23
* timoph forgot about the background image thing05:23
timopha moment05:23
timophI was thinking that05:23
specialSage: I think I fixed that bug in gallery once :p05:23
timophthere's also a couple of other good ones05:23
timoph(that version of the photo is 25% size of the original and 75% quality)05:24
Sagespecial: heh, I don't want to start creating bugs about every minor detail thus said here :P05:25
Sagesysuid, pulseaudio and journald are causing notable pref loss to n900 btw05:27
Sagesysuid taking 10% cpu, pulseaudio 2.5% and systemd-journal 2.5% contantly05:27
Stskeepssysuid is charging animation05:28
Sageyes, which is quite bad05:30
Sageand pulseaudio and sytemd-journald is the message flood about cmt or so05:31
SageAug 23 05:09:28 localhost pulseaudio[517]: cmtspeech-connection.c: closing and reopening cmtspeech device05:31
SageAug 23 05:09:28 localhost pulseaudio[517]: libcmtspeechdata: nokiamodem_backend: unable to open device /dev/cmt_speech ('No such device').05:31
Sagethat one05:31
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6022 Accepted promotion request05:54
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* Sage starts to fiddle around with CE:Utils project06:11
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Sageis mad-developer something we use in the future btw?06:13
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Stskeepsmaybe maybe not06:15
Sagelbt: have you though about publishing mer-tools repos with mer version prefix? Just pondering how to make sure that Mer:Tools repo works for sure with certain Mer.06:16
Sagelbt: also you publish only i486 where for nemo we need all06:17
Sagelbt: also meaning that there needs to be release done against every mer version e.g., in case of ABI changes06:21
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w00tSage: can you please test upgrade path with ?06:38
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Sagew00t: sure.06:56
Sagew00t: well without installing I can see that it wont work with that. You need to have Obsoletes: meegotouch-home <= cur version, Provides: meegotouch-home = cur version.1 or something06:58
w00tdidn't I do that?06:59
w00tah, crap06:59
w00tI forgot specify06:59
Sageyou have conflicts there06:59
Sagealso shouldn't that require lipstick ?06:59
w00tit's C++, so it should be picked up as a requirement from build07:00
w00tshould I remove the Conflicts: on meegotouch-home, actually?07:00
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Sageyes if it obsoletes and provides it07:01
w00tfixed those, committed07:02
Sageah, I'm blind ... lipstick is there actually07:03
w00tBuildRequires, yes07:04
special does anyone have a better hack than this for getting DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS over ssh?07:09
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Sagespecial: depends what you are doing actually.07:12
specialI'm trying to get the same dbus session over SSH as is used under X.07:12
Stskeepsspecial: eat-device07:12
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Sagewe really need a step by step guide for eat07:13
SageStskeeps: also it is not in nemo repos by default thus we would need the mer:tools integarated07:13
specialI've never heard of it before now07:13
w00tSage: look ok now?07:14
Stskeepsto add test enablement to a device, add Mer:Tools:Devel, add eat-device in %packages and su -c 'eat-add-device-key' - root and for each of the users needing test login07:14
Stskeepsand eat-host in sdk07:15
Stskeepsand eat-install-host-key or something07:15
Stskeepsand then ssh to nemo@device07:15
Sagew00t: yes07:15
Sagew00t: first package that depends on mlite btw :)07:16
w00thmm, are you sure about that?07:17
w00ti'm sure there was others07:17
Sagewell, I didn't have it on my image ealier lipstick brought it with07:17
SageThe following NEW packages are going to be installed: lipstick lipstick-colorful-home mlite07:17
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Sagew00t: ok, it works. But I would prefer some fixes before replacing it in nemo image. For N900 at least it works quite randomly or at least it seems to work quite randomly07:20
w00trandomly how?07:20
SageWhen I tap the systemui bar on top it opens random application :)07:21
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w00tit's not random, and I see it too07:22
w00tscroll to the top of the launcher, and try it07:22
w00tdoes it still happen?07:22
Sageoh, no :)07:24
Sagesystemui doesn't open, known issue?07:24
Sageapplication icon list scrolling is very slow on N90007:25
w00tany chance you can do a video of scrolling?07:26
Sagehell... status bar :D07:26
Sageor what ever we should call it where the icons and clock is :)07:26
* w00t is confused07:27
w00tyou press it, and nothing happens, or what?07:27
Sagepah, let me try to to do video07:27
w00tyeah, sorry for the pain :p07:27
Sagethe responsiveness is very bad on n900. will reboot once more just to make sure it is not that07:28
Stskeepscould somebody do me a ps aux from a nemo mobile image?07:28
w00tSage: I have some ideas to improve responsiveness07:28
w00tSage: there's also for instance07:29
MerbotBug 338: normal, Undecided, ---, need-triage, NEW, LauncherItem icon lookups are really really slow, especially when the icon is not found07:29
jukkaeklundso I screwed nemo on N950 yesterday, when is the next image coming?07:31
specialalterego: any news on qml commhistory?07:31
alteregospecial: I said before the weekend :P07:33
iekkualterego, it's before weekend07:34
alteregoI didn't meant /this/ far before the weekend :P07:34
specialjust curious if things are coming along well07:35
alteregoIf you knew how much I had to do right now you wouldn't :P07:36
alteregoAnd the quality of the coffee I'm drinking -_-07:36
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w00talterego: perhaps if you're too busy, you should let special pick it up since he obviously needs it (and presumably has time to work on it)?07:37
* special glares at w00t07:38
alteregoThat's a really good idea.07:38
alteregoSpecial, do you like what your pimp is saying?07:38
* alterego chuckles07:38, actually. :p07:38
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specialI probably could work on it a bit if you don't have time. I might release messages with my ugly hack at first either way, though07:39
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Sagejukkaeklund: hopefully this evening07:40
Sagew00t: uploading the video :P07:40
w00tSage: thanks, appreciated07:41
Sageover 100M though N9 and 720p :P07:42
Sagew00t: ^07:42
* w00t wgets07:43
w00t(what the fuck is the point of web browsers having video support when they can *never* play anything I try view in them?)07:43
jukkaeklundSage, cool07:44
Sagew00t: heh, I have same issue with browsers :)07:45
Venemogood morning07:45
Sagew00t: the status bar doesn't open, application icon list very hard to scroll and changing view is slow and needs concentration to get it working :)07:46
niqtSage: for bug 273 Debesh Rout suggest me to set ALREADYFIXED, but i don't see thi field in combobox (status)07:46
MerbotBug task, Low, ---, not-taken, RESOLVED DUPLICATE, udev spec file has invalid URL entry07:46
w00tSage: watching07:47
Sageniqt: there isn't alreadyfixed. And that bug should be wontfix actually07:47
VenemoSage, about the video: status bar only works if you run it in the same d-bus session07:47
w00tVenemo: see sage's video ( for the impact of
MerbotBug 338: normal, Undecided, ---, need-triage, NEW, LauncherItem icon lookups are really really slow, especially when the icon is not found07:48
Venemow00t, yeah, that is slow for me too07:48
VenemoSage, if you launched it from a terminal or something, it's not enough to set DISPLAY=:0, you must have the same d-bus session for the status bar to work07:48
w00tSage: re: "changing view is slow", what about the buttons at the top of the homescreen? they work ok?07:49
Sagew00t: those are ok. As you can see from the video07:49
Venemochanging view is only slow when you swipe slow07:49
w00tVenemo: well, not entirely07:49
SageVenemo: it is slow even when you swipe fast on my n90007:49
w00tthe views do require a rather large pan to switch them correctly07:50
w00tit may be that a custom view would be better there07:50
Sagealso lock when keyboard is open would be very nice07:50
Sagerotation lock that is07:50
w00tSage: hmm. is sysuid running?07:50
Venemow00t, perhaps the path view needs some tweaking07:51
VenemoSage, I didn't find any proper option to detect keyboard open status. otherwise I agree with that :)07:51
Sagew00t: yes07:52
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Sagew00t: fwiw I got status bar open once07:52
Sagenot sure how but it opened :P07:52
w00tSage: ok, so, let's summarise this: system menu not launching (blocker to integration), annoying panning between launcher/switcher (blocker?), systemui not blocking presses on items underneath it, launcher icons are slow to load (already tracked as NEMO#273)07:53
VenemoI can't reproduce the systemui issues07:53
w00tVenemo: is this an n900?07:53
Venemow00t, N95007:53
Sagew00t: yes, if those are fixed I would say good to go07:53
w00tVenemo: right, neither can I07:53
Sagerelated to multitouch vs single touch display?07:54
VenemoSage, did you launch it in the same d-bus session as the rest of the ux?07:54
w00tSage: I'd like all of them fixed obviously, but can we leave items not marked "blocker" for after first integration?07:54
VenemoSage, possible... it responds to touch events, not mouse events. that should be fixed for sure.07:54
* w00t is working on that07:55
Venemowell, that's my fault.07:55
Sagew00t: fair enough, maybe the worst issue iw the top bar not blocking application launch07:55
w00tVenemo: Sage: I'll file bugs for all of them so we have visibility on what needs doing07:56
Venemow00t, it should be fixed with the status bar responding to mouse events instead of touch events.07:57
w00tVenemo: yes, that's what I'm doing07:57
Sagew00t: oh, and somekind of indicator when icon is pressed would be nice in application launcher07:57
VenemoSage, that's on my todo list07:57
Venemoso is an orientation change animation07:58
Venemoin the meantime, can you tell me how to detect keyboard openness?07:58
veskuhVenemo: One way is via context kit property if I recall correctly07:59
veskuhVenemo: don't remember if there is anything suitable in qml directly07:59
Venemoveskuh, not an issue, I can write C++08:00
Venemoveskuh, can you point me to some example about this?08:00
w00tSage: Venemo: can you please check the task list at ?08:01
w00tif there's any other immediate items, let's hear them now08:01
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Sagew00t: let me play around with this a moment :)08:03
Venemoveskuh, - doesn't say anything about keyboard08:03
niqtSage: for bug 328 do you mean search field on top of the contacts?08:04
MerbotBug normal, Normal, ---, david, RESOLVED FIXED, mer-sdk-chroot umount leaves / mounted to /srv/mer/sdks08:04
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niqt328 for nemo08:04
Sage /kick Merbot08:04
veskuhVenemo: hmm.. apparently my memory is not what it used to be.08:04
Sageniqt: wrong bug number
MerbotBug 328: critical, Undecided, ---, need-triage, REOPENED, Dialer application is not opening08:05
MerbotBug 268: task, High, ---, not-taken, NEW, [FEA] Search contacts08:06
veskuhVenemo: There used to be according to this:
Sagew00t: is there pinch zoom in application and open app views?08:06
Sagenot working on n900 anyway thus asking08:07
Venemoveskuh, perhaps (since the N9 doesn't have a keyboard) they didn't feel like documenting this for the final harmattan docs?08:07
w00tSage: no08:07
w00tat least not afaik08:07
VenemoSage, not yet08:07
veskuhVenemo: that could be it08:07
w00tVenemo: mind filing that as another bug so it's tracked?08:07
VenemoSage, it could be added easily08:07
Venemow00t, sure08:07
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MerbotBug 353: normal, Undecided, ---, need-triage, NEW, AppSwitcher: Pinch to zoom08:08
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Venemow00t, I see you deleted the code from lipstick which triggers a redraw after the homescreen gets out of focus08:09
w00twhere was this?08:10
w00t<- goldfish brain08:10
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Venemow00t, apologies. no you didn't08:11
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w00twhy is that done?08:11
Venemothis is a temporary measure until the bug in X is fixed08:12
w00tok, though I really don't like it08:12
Venemome either08:12
Venemobut without it, the home screen below the status bar will never be really viewable08:13
Venemow00t, side note: the same bug exists for the virtual keyboard and that is not fixed by this bug.08:13
Venemow00t, side note: the same bug exists for the virtual keyboard and that is not fixed by this08:13
Sageclose all would be nice feature08:14
VenemoSage, would you prefer it as a long press (like on harmattan), or a button at the bottom would be fine?08:15
SageVenemo: well, if it is long press then those X marks should be probably removed by default similar to harmattan08:15
VenemoSage, I hate that on harmattan (that I have to long press for the Xes to appear)08:16
SageVenemo: but both are fine, however it needs to be in such way done that one can't accidently close applications08:16
SageVenemo: well I like it as I can't accidently close app ;)08:16
VenemoSage, so, what are you suggesting?08:16
rozhkovDoes anybody use Nemo on N900? After I have run `zypper ref; zypper up` the device fails to boot to UI08:17
SageVenemo: not sure :)08:17
Venemorozhkov, yep, known issue08:17
Sagerozhkov: even after reboot?08:17
rozhkovVenemo: great i'm not alone :) is there a cure?08:17
VenemoSage, either we add that long press thing. the other way is to add a dialog "are you sure you want to close this app?"08:17
SageVenemo: that is too complex again if you want to close 3 of 5 apps for example08:18
Venemorozhkov, reflash, then run the upgrade process inside 'screen' -> the screen will go blank for about half an hour before the upgrade is finished. then do a force reboot.08:18
VenemoSage, true.08:18
Sagew00t: btw, what I noted as well, the battery indicator isn't updating on n900 with lipstick ux08:19
rozhkovVenemo: well, actually I run `zypper ref; zypper up; reboot` inside a screen session08:20
w00talso a known bug, the status menu only redraws itself in certain conditions08:20
w00tI don't think we have that one filed08:20
rozhkovSage: seems reboot doesn't help08:20
Venemorozhkov, perhaps you didn't wait long enough for it08:20
Sagerozhkov: can you login and provide some info?08:20
rozhkovVenemo: i run it yesterday and went home :)08:20
w00tSage: filed as NEMO#35508:20
Venemow00t, Sage, that is
MerbotBug 340: normal, Undecided, ---, need-triage, NEW, Status bar: subscribe for damage events08:20
rozhkov.xsession-errors is full of08:21
rozhkov"/usr/bin/mdecorator" Connection timeout when waiting for packet 3 Retrying.08:21
Venemow00t, MUHAHA! our first duplicate bug :)08:21
* w00t resolves duplicate08:21
Venemorozhkov, well then, you need someone smarter than me08:21
alteregoIs there a way to test xdg autostart .desktop files?08:21
Sagerozhkov: ps aux | grep Xorg, and systemctl status uxlaunch.service08:22
*** jukkaeklund_ has joined #nemomobile08:24
Sagerozhkov: hmmp... first 200 lines of /home/nemo/.xsession-error08:26
alteregoSage: where would I but a .sh file that is executed by an xdg autostart .desktop?08:26
alteregoNot sure it's really one for /usr/bin, though I guess it could go there.08:27
alteregoMaybe /usr/share/telepathy-ring or something08:27
*** norayr has quit IRC08:27
Stskeeps /usr/bin usually08:27
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC08:27
Sagealterego: /usr/bin08:27
Sagerozhkov: full ps aux  please08:30
Sagemthemedaemon crashes on the background maybe?08:30
rozhkovSage: N9 with latest sw boots ok, but use Nemo + our repos08:32
Sagenemo      1747  0.9  0.0      0     0 ?        Z    02:11   0:00 [mcompositor] <defunct>08:32
tukemabout closing the applications.. What happens if application shows Save-dialog when it receives close signal?08:32
Sagenemo      1750  0.8  0.0      0     0 ?        Z    02:11   0:00 [meego-pinquery] <defunct>08:32
Sagenemo      1751  0.8  0.0      0     0 ?        Z    02:11   0:00 [mthemedaemon] <defunct>08:32
Sagerozhkov: mcompositor is the one causing the problem as it causes uxlaunch to restart when it dies08:33
rozhkovSage: do you remember when it got updated? i can try to downgrade it08:35
Sagerozhkov: what got updated?08:36
SageI have the latest and the greatest on my N900 and everything works fine08:36
rozhkovSage: mcompositor08:36
SageI don't think we have updated it in a long while08:37
w00tSage: can you try upgrade lipstick from home:w00t:branches:Project:MTF:UX and see if your status bar issues improve?08:41
Sagew00t: k08:43
*** alexxy[home] has quit IRC08:43
w00tI can no longer press items under the status bar, and in theory it might be more reliable for pressing on n90008:43
*** alexxy has joined #nemomobile08:46
Sagew00t: still same issue08:48
VenemoSage, same as?08:48
w00tSage: same how?08:49
Sagew00t: no change in status bar touch thingy08:52
w00tso it still launches stuff under it? that isn't possible..08:53
Sageit is08:54
Venemodid you restart the home screen after the lipstick upgrade?08:54
Sagerebooted the device :)08:55
SageI guess that is enough  ;)08:55
w00toh hell08:55
* w00t is a flaming idiot, as always08:55
w00thint: when you create a patch for someone to test, it helps if you run "osc commit"08:55
*** rc_ has quit IRC08:57
w00tSage: update when it rebuilds08:59
w00tshouldn't take long08:59
*** himamura_ has quit IRC09:02
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile09:04
Venemow00t, where is the source for contentaction?09:06
faenilgoood morning :)09:06
Venemohey faenil :)09:06
faenilhey :)09:06
*** norayr has joined #nemomobile09:06
*** mgronbar has joined #nemomobile09:08
w00tVenemo: mlite09:08
Venemow00t, I thought it's a separate lib09:09
Venemobut ok09:09
faenilw00t, could you please share your experience with qdeclarativelist? what were you trying to do? I think I'm going to fight with the same thing09:09
*** himamura has joined #nemomobile09:10
Venemow00t, would it be fine for you if we also used some qt-components in the home screen?09:10
specialwasn't it qt5, or going to be qt5, or something like that?09:10
specialeh, nevermind09:11
specialthinking of something unrelated09:11
*** himamura has quit IRC09:11
w00ti am lagging, please wait for any answers from me09:11
specialwhat do you want components for?09:11
Venemospecial, whatever there is and I don't feel like reinventing the wheel for. eg. textfield09:12
w00tcontentaction probably is seperate yes, i forget, been a while since i looked09:12
w00tqdeclarativelist: i have no idea what you're talking about right now09:13
w00tqt-components: probably fine, keep an eye on RAM impact though, as i imagine it'll increase a fair bit09:13
sledgesmorning all!09:14
Venemohey sledges :)09:14
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile09:15
sledgeshi Venemo, how did your update go? :)09:15
Venemosledges, it was successful this time09:15
sledgesgood, glad to see you happy :)09:16
VenemoI'm now once again happily hacking on the home screen09:16
sledgesyou mean lipstick?09:16
Venemothat too09:16
sledgesgoody :)09:17
w00tSage: can you retry now?09:17
niqtwoot: can i build qmlcontact with QtSdk or i need obs?09:17
w00tniqt: I don't use the SDK, so I don't know, give it a try?09:18
w00tmake sure you build/install nemo-qml-plugins first09:18
Sagew00t: still same issue09:18
w00tSage: ?!09:18
niqtwith qtsdk have "/tmp/qmlcontacts/src/ error: Unknown test function: packagesExist" because myquestion09:18
Sagesledges: ah, need to fix those09:19
w00tniqt: you need Qt 4.8 or above, so I guess the answer is "no" then09:19
*** rcg-work has joined #nemomobile09:19
sledgesSage, cheers, probably just appending to your infinite TODO list, but we're with you for the repo revamp!09:19
Sagesledges: err... that should be ok09:20
w00tSage: it did give you an update to install, right?09:20
Sagew00t: yes09:20
w00tI really don't understand. the patch is there, it's presumably applied and built fine, and works for me - how can it not work for you?09:21
faenilhey sledges :)09:22
Sagew00t: lipstick-0.3.0-3.1.Project.MTF.UX and lipstick-colorful-home-0.0.1-2.3.Project.MTF.UX09:22
sledgesehi la faenil ! :)09:23
w00tInstalling: lipstick-0.3.0-3.1.Project.MTF.UX [done]09:30
w00tInstalling: lipstick-colorful-home-0.0.1-2.3.Project.MTF.UX [done]09:30
w00tlet's see09:30
w00tSage: I think I understand why: can you be *very* precise and make sure you're pressing the status bar? (stylus, pen, whatever)09:33
w00tVenemo: seems your tab bar is also not blocking mouse presses to launcher items underneath09:33
* Venemo is checking09:34
w00tyou need a MouseArea  on the Rectangle09:34
*** VDVsx has quit IRC09:36
Venemow00t, plain mouse area with anchors.fill: parent will do?09:38
w00tshould do at least09:38
faenilSage, ping09:39
*** M13 has quit IRC09:40
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile09:43
Venemow00t, oh, it's not needed.09:44
Venemow00t, I already set clip: true on the path view09:44
Venemothat should do it09:45
w00tVenemo: it doesn't09:45
Venemow00t, it's not pushed yet.09:45
w00tah, ok09:45
Venemow00t, or have you tried too?09:45
w00tno, I haven't09:45
w00tI assumed it was already done09:45
Sagew00t: oh, it works09:47
Sagevery precise touch works on n90009:48
w00tok, it should be better with Venemo's fixes too09:49
w00tVenemo: do you have patches to go into lipstick release? I'd like to tag v0.3.1 to push now that the statusbar C++ fixes are done09:53
Venemow00t, I do!09:53
Sagew00t: the icons are still started behind status bar btw09:54
Sagebut status bar can be clicked with very precise click09:54
VenemoSage, that's gonna be fixed by the home screen itself09:54
Venemow00t, pushed my changes to lipstick09:54
Venemow00t, there aren't many, but the homescreen already depends on the empty launcher icon path fix09:55
w00tdepends how, out of interest? :-)09:55
Venemodepends on the behaviour of launcheritem09:56
* lpotter boots nemo on his "new" n90009:56
faenilSage, ...09:57
w00tVenemo: ah09:57
Venemow00t, and the app launcher is no longer behaving sluggish09:58
Sagefaenil: ah, pong09:59
faenilSage, :P09:59
faenilSage, found the cause of the mess09:59
Sagefaenil: permission mess?09:59
faenilSage, yep09:59
w00tv0.3.1 tagged09:59
faenilSage, it happens that you accidentally start apps while scrolling lipstick10:00
faenilSage, yesterday, it started Mad-Developer10:00
faenilnothing happens, but you get the permission mess as soon as you start it!10:00
SageStskeeps: ^10:00
faenilI discovered it with some luck10:01
faenilI was giving a look at the icons, noticed MadDev, and I started it, and noticed lipstick suddenly started lagging10:02
*** dionet has joined #nemomobile10:04
Venemofor those of you who thought that I'd make a tab bar for only two tabs:
faenilis MadDev essential?10:04
Venemofaenil, mad developer doesn't even work (at least it didn't last time I checked)10:04
faenilVenemo, <310:04
faenilVenemo, MadDeveloper bricks your Nemo...that's what it does10:04
faenilstart it once, and you're f***ed :D10:04
VenemoI'm not even sure why we ship it10:05
Venemosame is true about a few other things as well10:05
faenilVenemo, it resets the owner of /home/nemo to 500 :/10:05
faenilVenemo, X doesn't start, and you're stuck on Nemo's bootscreen10:06
Venemoplease file a bug for it to be removed10:06
faenilyeah I was asking here, if that was the case10:06
Venemothere is no point of having it at all10:06
faenilwhy are we shipping it? :)10:06
alteregoIs boss broken?10:07
Sagealterego: no it is my job in that part :/10:08
alteregoAh, m'kay10:08
sledgesfor the poweroff quick-fix, what dsme version should I blob next? OBS says (by Markus Lehtone) rel 0, upstream debian/changelog says 0.62.1. I think Markus should've written 0.62.1-1 (i.e. rel 1) and my turn would be to write in -210:10
Sagealterego: that should also depend on telepathy-mission-control after that.10:10
Sagesledges: release numberings are not currently looked from .spec files so those do not matter atm.10:11
Sagesledges: also we will not follow debian releases numbers10:12
alteregoSage: okay.10:12
*** dcthang has quit IRC10:13
sledgesSage, so I can rename it to 0.62.1-2 at will10:13
Sagesledges: so that is in purpose. As at times debian packages change actual code in releases and we can't follow them.10:13
*** Xruxa has joined #nemomobile10:13
Sagesledges: thus the .110:13
w00tis something flaky with COBS?10:14
sledgesso I'll blob on then :)10:14
w00tI've been sitting waiting for an osc commit for like, 5 minutes10:14
sledgesor just leave it10:14
w00tand it's not a big commit10:14
Sagesledges: if you add patch the version is the same and doesn't matter if you change Release or not as OBS handles it anyway. Version should change only when tarball changes.10:15
faenilVenemo, are the icons for the topbar from iconsweets? :D10:15
w00tok, now it seems to be working10:15
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile10:15
Venemofaenil, yes.10:15
faenilVenemo, sexy :)10:16
Venemofaenil, they allow to use them for any commercial and noncommercial use, so I didn't see any reason for not using them10:16
faenilVenemo, yeah :)10:16
sledgesok Sage thanks!, means Philippe misnumbered this one:
Sagesledges: well, yes and no :)10:17
sledgesnow I'm getting confused10:17
Sagesledges: we don't care what comes after - in .changes :)10:17
Sageok let me try to explain it better10:18
Sageso OBS has to variables that are used in nemo. <Change count>.<Build count>10:18
Sagewhich together make release number and replaces anything that is in Release: field of .spec file10:18
SageChange count is increased by 1 every time change is pushed to package in obs and then bulid count is reset10:19
Sagebuild count is increased when ever package is rebuild without changes e.g. dependency causes rebuild10:19
SageSo currently we don't have any control what ends up to release of <version>-<release> in rpms10:20
SageThus we (or I) don't care what reads in .changes file after the - mark if there is one10:20
SageThere is bug about it and you can take 1 week course with lbt about the matter if you are interested ;)10:21
* lbt smelled the conversation from 4 tabs away10:21
* w00t puts lbt back in his cage10:21
* Sage run far far away10:21
w00tlbt: btw, can you take a look at COBS? I think it's a bit unhealthy10:22
Venemolbt, seen the new homescreen?10:22
lbtVenemo: no10:22
lbtw00t: OK10:22
w00tI had an 'osc commit' hang for ages before erroring, and now my builds are taking forever to publish10:22
lbtVenemo: nice10:23
sledgesso it means uploading tarballs with x.x.x-x versioning is angering the beast in the cage10:23
lbtw00t: nothing obvious10:24
sledgesnice Venemo , nagyon szep! :))10:24
Venemolbt, by the way, did you notice that "latest" is no longer the latest?
Venemosledges, thanks :)10:24
lbtVenemo: ;(10:24
Venemolbt, it actually tricked me into thinking it's latest, yesterday.10:24
AardVenemo: is that hacked meegotouch-home, or qml?10:24
VenemoAard, it's qml10:24
lbtI look up at my backlog and glimpse infinity10:25
w00tAard: that's lipstick, which will be hitting devices RSN10:25
VenemoAard, it's the new home screen which builds on top of lipstick10:25
sledgesVenemo, your pix might be hyping the next jolla phone concept :))10:25
lbtwho's got libnice?10:26
AardVenemo: is that system-ui on top, or rewrite?10:26
VenemoAard, unfortunately, it's just good old systemui10:26
VenemoAard, we haven't had the time to rewrite it yet10:26
Venemosledges, I don't see a problem with that10:26
lbtends with "wait"10:26
*** Juhi24_ is now known as Juhi2410:26
*** jpetrell_ has joined #nemomobile10:27
sledgesme neither Venemo :))10:27
lbtqemu: uncaught target signal 5 (Trace/breakpoint trap) - core dumped10:27
AardVenemo: oh, no problem there. I was more worried the old systemui might make problems with lipstick10:27
lbtw00t: I doubt that's your problem but I'll blame Sage anyway10:27
AardVenemo: for systemui it's useful to keep some compatibility apis, so I prefer not doing a hasty rewrite ;)10:27
Sagelbt: :headdesk:10:28
w00tVenemo: pressing a launcher icon under the tab bar is still launching it10:28
Venemow00t, meh.10:28
Sagelbt: fixed10:28
lbtSage: quick :)10:28
VenemoAard, actually, all I needed to do is implement a mechanism for retrieveing the shared pixmap and calling a d-bus interface when clicked. the rest just works. :)10:28
*** jpetrell has quit IRC10:28
lbtSage: you know you have 6 jobs like that?10:29
Venemow00t, clipping should've fixed it. meh.10:29
Venemow00t, please add a MouseArea then10:30
Venemoanyway, I'll grab something to eat and will be back a bit later10:30
lbtw00t: please yell when you have something I can look at - I take it your publish has happened?10:32
w00tlbt: yeah, it just took like, a while10:32
Sagelbt: sry10:32
w00tjobs stayed in "finished" for a few minutes which i'd never seen before when things were healthy10:32
*** niqt has quit IRC10:32
lbtSage: no problem at all - just FYI10:32
lbtw00t: yeah, it's not stunningly busy either10:33
lbtwell, it is now10:33
sledgesok, poweroff problem fixed; waiting: :)10:38
*** smyows has joined #nemomobile10:38
*** smyows has joined #nemomobile10:38
sledgeswho is the best person to talk about future of dsme in Nemo, and if has one - it needs all runlevels call deps replaced by systemd ones10:39
Venemotoday is a busy day in Nemo bugzilla10:41
MerbotBug 361: task, Undecided, ---, need-triage, NEW, Please remove Mad Developer10:41
Venemofaenil ^10:42
sledges(although /me still cannot find any confirmations that systemd is dropping runlevel[0-6].target`s , since they still do the job even if Mer's policy not to use runlevels10:42
Venemosledges, how about asking in #systemd10:43
faenilVenemo, I was waiting for someone to confirm that MadDev could be removed, but you created it ;)10:43
Venemofaenil, in my professional opinion, it should've been removed a long time ago10:43
sledgeswell Stskeeps just said "we don't have runlevels" yesteday, no more information.. Sts? ;)10:43
faenilVenemo, wonder why it hasn' shouldn't be a big task10:44
lbtsledges: systemd10:44
lbtit uses targets, not runlevels10:44
sledgeslbt, yes, but has legacy runlevel targets10:44
sledgeswhich are used by telinit, which dsme uses10:44
lbts/has/can have/10:45
faenilbbl :)10:45
sledgeslast time i checked Mer:origin on OBS, systemd had those lbt :)10:45
Venemofaenil ++10:46
w00tSage: zypper up and try again? (lipstick 0.3.1, lipstick-colorful-home v0.0.2)10:46
Sagew00t: moment10:48
* Sage feels like a test robot10:48
w00thehe.. sorry.. just since you reported it, it's nice to have verification it's fixed on n90010:49
w00tit's fixed for me locally10:49
*** KaIRC has joined #nemomobile10:50
VenemoI don't even have an N900 to test on.10:51
w00tme either10:52
*** phaeron has quit IRC10:53
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6042 waiting for review at
Sagew00t: feels nicer much nicer actually10:55
w00tSage: good :)10:55
SageI can't stat apps by accident and scrolling seems better10:55
Sagemuch faster10:56
Sagestatus bar is still hard to open but a bit better maybe, not sure. It might be just that I know how to click it now :)10:57
VenemoSage, status bar opening should work exactly the same as it did on meegotouchhome10:58
XruxaVenemo: looks lovely. And the snowflake background is gone too :)10:59
*** trancongly has quit IRC11:00
w00tSage: any other showstoppers? :)11:00
VenemoXruxa, yup. :) thanks :)11:01
VenemoXruxa, later on, background will be customizable, right now it's hardcoded11:01
XruxaVenemo: I'm wodering about the app icons mix - where do they come from?11:03
VenemoXruxa, what do you mean by app icons mix?11:04
XruxaVenemo: the icons for apps - they do not seem to come all from Darko, but neither do they come all from Base theme. Just wondering where they come from.11:05
jukkaeklund_apps themselves?11:05
jukkaeklund_for the "3rd party" ones11:05
XruxaLike Browsers seems to have Darko icon, Accounts-UI base-theme one. Would have to look at the desktop files probably.11:06
Venemoum, yeah. the theme searching logic is a bit buggy at the moment11:07
w00tXruxa: code for icon searching sucks, which probably isn't helping11:07
w00tI think I'll work on that tonight11:07
Venemothe truth is, I could hack on this thing forever11:08
VenemoSage, so you're sayin that the app launcher is no longer laggy crap, right?11:09
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6042 Accepted promotion request11:10
w00tVenemo: I have some fixes which will probably help launcher a bit more too11:10
Venemow00t, awesome11:10
SageVenemo: it is not that crappy anymore yes :)11:11
Venemow00t, well, most of the thing was caused by the way gridview works - trying to reload them every time. also, they were not loaded asynchronously11:11
*** kallela has quit IRC11:11
VenemoSage, so, still crappy, but not that crappy?11:11
SageVenemo: well, there is at times small lag, but not sure where it comes11:12
VenemoSage, hm. I'm not sure either11:12
* w00t hacks launcher11:12
VenemoSage, but thanks a lot for testing :)11:12
Sageerr... it might be just that I'm launching apps accidently constantly11:12
Venemow00t, maybe you figured out by yourself already, but if you haven't: add DEFINES+=DEBUG_LAUNCHER to debug the launcher11:14
w00tVenemo: hm?11:14
w00tno, no11:15
w00tthis is QML11:15
w00tI'm making a few improvements11:15
SageVenemo: couple of feature requests. Reordering of icons, groupping icons,11:15
w00tSage: bug for reordering already filed11:15
w00tplease file one for grouping11:15
*** jluisn has joined #nemomobile11:17
Venemow00t, k11:19
*** rcg-work has quit IRC11:24
*** kallela has joined #nemomobile11:25
*** rcg-work has joined #nemomobile11:25
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #nemomobile11:31
Venemo_N950chatter still works :)11:31
Venemoby the way, is there any way to get an mp3 decoder plugin on Nemo?11:33
w00tVenemo: see top two commits on lipstick-colorful-home11:33
Venemow00t, why did you remove the column?11:33
VenemoI wanted to put something in there :P11:33
Sagenote to self: take food out of the oven before going to meeting11:34
w00tthe more objects you construct, the slower things are (both to construct and draw), if you have a purpose for it, add it back in when you add something to it :)11:34
Sageturning it off isn't enough :P11:34
w00tthe LauncherItem change has more of an impact, anyway11:34
Venemobtw, that would've been the place for "favorite apps", had you not deleted it11:35
Venemoother than this, I like your changes :)11:35
w00tso the starred page wasn't for that?11:35
w00tas that's the impression I got from the icon11:35
Venemothe starred page is for widgets11:35
Venemoyeah I wasn't quite sure what icon to choose11:36
Venemoneither am I sure whether favorite apps should be in the app launcher or on the starred page11:36
VenemoI thought I'd pick an option and see how it works out. then change if people don't like it :)11:37
Venemothis is QML - meaning very easy to change. and also fun11:37
* w00t rolls another release11:37
w00tI think we're ready to push this one11:37
w00tSage: ok by you?11:38
VenemoI dislike the default font11:41
Venemoany way to get rid of it?11:41
Sagew00t: my n900 went mute so didn't have time to test it more :/11:42
Sagenot sure what happened to that poor phone :P11:42
w00tSage: no functional changes past what you already tested, just optimized the launcher items a little11:43
Sagew00t: I would say good to go then.11:45
VenemoSage, don't believe him. latest code has this in it: if (userName == "Sage) brickHisPhone();11:45
Venemoeh, missed a quotation mark11:46
w00tso it'd fail to compile in obs, damn!11:46
* w00t fixes the patch ;)11:47
* Sage prepares reject button11:47
Sagelets see who has the last laught ;)11:47
* w00t makes sure to encrypt the javascript11:48
Sageoh, come on is charing broken on N900 or what11:53
*** Think has joined #nemomobile11:53
VenemoSage, new home screen does not update the status bar11:53
SageVenemo: yes, but I have cable attached :)11:53
Venemothis is actually lipstick's fault (as it doesn't register for damage events)11:53
Venemow00t, are you still planning to fix our X server?11:54
w00twell.. yes, but it's quite a job, so I'll need to find a few solid days to set aside to look into it11:55
Venemook, I didn't mean to be pushy about it11:55
w00tI don't know when I'll find time, at the moment11:56
w00tSage: keep an eye on
MerbotBug 340: normal, Undecided, ---, need-triage, NEW, Status bar: subscribe for damage events11:56
w00tI guess we should fix that ASAP11:56
Venemow00t, there is a link to MTF code which shows how to do it11:56
ThinkHi. I am trying to gather some information about black screen bugs using applications in VirtualBox (298, 347). Applications where VKB is launched it causes the black screen.12:00
StskeepsThink: the issue is in mesa, ximage backend in gallium/llvmpipe doesn't do texture from pixmap12:00
ThinkYes, that it is stated in bug reports.12:01
Stskeepshow much do you know about libX11? :)12:02
ThinkAnd that issue is shown with VKB when it is launched and for example with Maps, Flickr, Music Shelf etc. also without VKB.12:02
w00tSage: SR 6043/604412:03
Stskeepsthere is already an implementation for this, for GLX12:03
Stskeepsbut not for EGL12:03
Sageas my device went down almost burning I need to trust w00t about those final SR's :P12:04
w00tthat's a lot of responsibility12:04
* w00t prepares to evacuate to columbia12:05
mgronbarregarding #107, I have submited request in obs and also created pull request in github, what to do next  with the bug? When it will be resolved Bugzilla.12:05
w00tmgronbar: i'll try find time to look at it after lunch12:07
w00tI have a bit of a backlog of reviews to tackle12:07
Stskeepsmgronbar: generally when we submit a pull request or a gerrit merge or SR, we mark as resolved12:07
Stskeepsthen after time it'll be marked released, or repened12:07
mgronbarw00t, StsKeeps: thanks.12:08
Sage"We're sorry but the system is currently not able to handle your request in a reasonable time. Please try again later." w00t might take some time :)12:08
Sagelbt: cobs acts up12:08
mgronbarStsKeeps, so as I have done the pull request I can mark it resolved.12:09
*** jukkaeklund_ has quit IRC12:11
lbtSage: I see nothing generic12:13
lbt"Error: Group 'bossbot' not found."12:14
*** neochapay has joined #nemomobile12:17
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6046 waiting for review at
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6047 waiting for review at
*** niqt has joined #nemomobile12:23
*** Think has quit IRC12:26
w00tSage: you didn't accept 604312:28
faenilwonder why onClicked is called, but onDoubleClicked isn't...mmm12:29
faenilhas anyone of you use onDoubleClicked in some Nemo app?12:30
*** cxl000 has joined #nemomobile12:30
Sagew00t: umm... Why doesn't OBS show that ot me anymore12:32
w00t isn't there for you?12:33
w00tah, now accepted12:33
Sagew00t: <- I accepted it and forwarded already :)12:33
Sagew00t: refresh your browser ;D12:33
w00tit says "now" accepted, so I guess OBS was practicing weird caching voodoo12:33
*** neochapay has left #nemomobile12:33
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile12:50
*** tanuk has joined #nemomobile12:51
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC13:03
*** Andy80 has quit IRC13:07
*** kllp_ has quit IRC13:13
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6046 Accepted promotion request13:13
*** ronoc has quit IRC13:16
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6048 waiting for review at
*** veskuh has quit IRC13:19
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6047 Accepted promotion request13:20
*** kllp has joined #nemomobile13:23
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile13:24
*** VDVsx has quit IRC13:25
*** mgronbar has quit IRC13:30
*** Venemo has quit IRC13:31
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC13:33
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6048 Accepted promotion request13:35
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile13:43
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC13:49
*** dionet_ has joined #nemomobile13:51
*** dionet has quit IRC13:52
faenilfocus issues...hack coming, don't want to waste days debugging qml's focus fights13:58
*** niqt has quit IRC14:02
Sageyey, lipstick in nemo repos. Use normal updates to get it to your own images.14:14
Sagew00t: works fine14:16
*** himamura has joined #nemomobile14:16
w00tSage: :)14:16
Sagew00t: filemuncher should use invoker14:17
w00tdefinitely likely14:17
faenilso should qmlgallery14:18
Sageas well as qmlgallery14:18
*** ronoc has quit IRC14:20
*** danielcbit has joined #nemomobile14:20
Sagew00t: on n950 also when clicking status bar it appears quite slowly14:22
Sagethere is ~2s delay when it appears after you clicked it14:22
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile14:22
w00tSage: I have about the same delay in the settings application14:23
* sledges can't wait to try out14:23
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6050 Rejected promotion request14:23
*** norayr has quit IRC14:25
*** dionet_ has quit IRC14:26
*** ronoc has quit IRC14:29
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile14:29
Sagew00t: should the appliation thumbnails be all in portrait mode even when closed in landscape mode14:30
Sageor minimized in landscape that is14:30
w00t"even when closed"?14:30
w00tnot a new bug14:31
w00tbut I just realised I didn't file it14:31
* w00t does that now14:31
w00tqt components forces everything to portrait when minimised14:31
w00t(and yes, that is very bloody irritating)14:31
Sagee.g. Open photo in gallery in lanscape mode -> minimize app -> application thumbnail in portrait14:31
w00tfiled as #36214:32
Sagethat flickering image of old window is annoying14:35
w00tyeah.. the things I wouldn't do for an X expert to throw at that problem14:36
w00tI'm confident I could fix it, given sufficient time, but I doubt I'll have time anywhere in the near future14:36
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC14:37
*** DocScrutinizer05 has joined #nemomobile14:38
*** ronoc has quit IRC14:39
crevetorw00t: hey, remember you had problems getting the camera on your N950 to run ?14:39
w00tcrevetor: yes14:40
w00tstill do14:40
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile14:40
w00tit is apparently working now14:40
* w00t wtfs14:40
w00tI suppose I can't really complain about bugs that solve themselves :)14:41
faenilSage, thanks14:43
*** Ionakka has quit IRC14:44
*** mike7b4_work has quit IRC14:45
*** mike7b4_work has joined #nemomobile14:45
Sagehmmp... haven't noted earlier. But to me it seems funny that the application has rounded corners on top even when there is status bar present14:49
*** ronoc has quit IRC14:50
Sagesame in harmattan but still14:50
w00tSage: hm?14:50
w00tall four corners are rounded14:50
w00tit's intentional14:50
Sageyes, well I was meaning that top corners could be 90 degrees not rounded as there is status bar on top of those14:51
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile14:51
w00tyes, but my point is the rounding is intentional14:51
SageI know :)14:51
w00tthe status bar isn't part of the application UI, it's part of the "device", at least I guess that's the justification14:52
w00thonestly, I'd like to see us get rid of the status bar14:52
crevetorw00t: well I had the same lens cover thing when I switched to lipstick. After restarting meego-handset-camera it worked14:52
w00tespecially in landscape mode, it takes up screen realestate for no real purpose14:52
w00tcrevetor: I restarted it, rebooted it a few times, etc, it made no effect - and at the time, I hadn't switched14:52
Sagew00t: true14:52
crevetorw00t: weird14:53
Sageeven the launcher/switcher view bar could be gone or somewhere hidden. Landscape view is a bit crowded14:53
w00toh, i'm sure we'll improve things14:54
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6051 waiting for review at
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6051 Accepted promotion request15:04
*** beford has joined #nemomobile15:14
crevetorw00t: where can I find the sources for lipstick ?15:24
w00tnemo github15:25
crevetork thx15:25
*** ronoc has quit IRC15:27
faenilwe need someone to take care of heliumreborn...15:29
faenilany volunteer? :D15:29
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile15:30
w00tif you mean the review, I already said I'll get to it15:31
sledgesmgronbar was looking at its pinch zoom15:31
*** kallela has quit IRC15:31
crevetorfaenil: what do you mean by taking care of 615:31
faenilcrevetor, 6?15:32
* w00t is currently poking around lockscreen guts15:32
crevetorfaenil: I meant "?"15:32
faenilw00t, nono, take your time ;) I meant an active contributor :)15:32
faenilcrevetor, ^15:32
sledgesis helium poorly?15:33
faenilit hasn't been updated in the last 6 months, and it's a critical app :)15:33
w00tit has surprisingly few bugs filed15:34
w00tso I hope if you're noticing problems, you're remembering to file them15:35
faenilw00t, yeah...we're mostly ignoring it :/15:35
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile15:35
w00tI file everything that needs to be done, you should be doing the same :)15:35
w00totherwise nobody will notice that it could be improved15:35
faenilw00t, you right ;) I only remember it is slow at the moment :)15:36
faenilw00t, haven't played with it much, I'll file bugs when I have a better look at it :) but in my quick look I noticed it wasn't very usable because of the lag15:37
crevetor"Copyright (c) 2010 - 2011 France Telecom" huhu, I would never have thought I'd look at source code copyrighted by France Telecom (especially QML code)15:37
faenilit should be from Orange Labs15:38
faenil\o/ focus issues fixed...TODO list gets shorted :)15:39
crevetorfaenil: orange is part of France Telecom15:40
faenilcrevetor, oh, who knew :)15:40
crevetorfaenil: french people ;)15:40
sledgesjust like tmobile is all deutsche telekom :)15:40
*** situ has joined #nemomobile15:42
faenilw00t, have you tried webkit2 in qt5?15:44
faenilit should be a huge step forward in terms of lag15:44
*** ggoebel has quit IRC15:46
faenilweb content lives in a separate process, that says everything :)15:48
faenilUI thread can paint in freedom \o/15:48
faenilwatching ScarletMotor's live presentation by Julien :)15:50
faenilJulien Fourgeaud, for those of you who know him :)15:51
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6052 Rejected promotion request15:52
crevetorfaenil: where are you watching it ?15:52
crevetoreasy enough ;_15:52
crevetorDammit fingers.15:53
faenilhe's doing great :)15:56
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6053 waiting for review at
faenilkeynote finished :) great guy Julien :)16:21
alteregoDamnit, missed it16:43
*** blizzow has quit IRC16:48
*** lizardo has joined #nemomobile17:21
*** rcg-work has quit IRC17:34
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*** tanghus has quit IRC17:52
*** tanghus has joined #nemomobile17:52
*** mike7b4 has quit IRC17:53
*** ronoc has quit IRC17:57
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile17:58
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #nemomobile18:09
Venemo_N9what's up?18:10
w00tVenemo_N9: good news18:13
w00tI think I have a reasonable plan for making us the lockscreen18:13
* w00t currently has a desktop which refuses to maximise any window as a side effect of trying that experiment, but hey, details18:14
*** Xruxa has quit IRC18:17
*** Xruxa has joined #nemomobile18:24
*** situ has quit IRC18:25
rozhkovSage: SR#6049 got stuck?18:28
*** dionet has joined #nemomobile18:37
lpotterwho wants maximixed windows anyway18:43
*** Xruxa has quit IRC18:43
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile18:51
*** furikku has quit IRC19:01
Sagerozhkov: hmmp19:02
Sagelbt: can you check the SR 6049 why it doesn't go forward?19:02
Sagerozhkov: did you test that on N900, iirc there was problem with n900 and that part of sgx19:03
rozhkovSage: yes, installed on n900 today. works ok even if i plug tvout in19:04
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6049 Rejected promotion request19:06
*** ronoc has quit IRC19:06
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6018 Rejected promotion request19:07
*** beford has quit IRC19:07
rozhkov No dsc file found? wth :)19:09
Sagethat is not the error the error comes later :)19:11
lbtany others?19:11
rozhkovah.. i see19:11
Sagexorg-x11-drv-fbdev-sgx-207-notv.patch, xorg-x11-drv-fbdev-sgx-245-disable-xf86XVFillKeyHelperPort.patch, xorg-x11-drv-fbdev-sgx-245-last-notv.patch. are in obs but not listed as patches or sources19:11
Sageso will not be included to src.rpm's thus a problem19:11
rozhkovok, got it19:11
lbtthere's no filter so I have 15 (slow) pages to check - not good if they're not blocked19:12
SageI don't know any other19:12
lbtOK ... ta19:13
lbtoh, systemd queston19:13
lbtI have a bunch of 4 services which I'd like to occasionally start/stop as a group19:13
lbtthey're individually part of the default.target19:14
lbtwould I need to remove them from that and make a and make that part of default?19:14
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC19:16
*** Venemo has joined #nemomobile19:18
Sagelbt: well, create own target and add requiring that?19:21
*** lizardo has quit IRC19:24
VenemoSage, out of curiosity, who is responsible for deciding what's added to nemo and what's removed from it?19:40
*** Venemo has quit IRC20:03
*** smyows has quit IRC20:07
*** Venemo has joined #nemomobile20:10
SageVenemo: common understanding with the community I would say. E.g. feature request from community to bugzilla and who ever decides to implement them.20:18
VenemoSage: so who has the power to eg. remove mad-developer from Nemo?20:19
SageVenemo: anyone who makes the request doing do.20:19
SageI'm reviewing the requests and then it is there pretty much :)20:20
Venemofaenil and myself filed a bug about removing it20:20
SageI saw it yes, planning of the removal just didn't have time to do it yet, so anyone is free to do so atm. :)20:22
Venemohow do I do that?20:22
SageVenemo: I'm getting CC from every nemo bug atm. so if it is filed I'll see it.20:22
SageVenemo: submit fix to pattern including the package and submit removal request of the package20:23
VenemoI'm not sure what "pattern including the package" means, nor do I know where I should file a removel request20:24
SageVenemo: see package called pattern-utils in CE:Utils and osc help deleterequest20:25
* Sage updates the notes in pattern git a bit20:31
Venemohonestly, I have no idea about the whole thing now, but I'll try to look at it in a few days20:32
Sage <- very quickly done README so might contain errors :)20:37
Venemothanks :)20:37
Sagein case of errors feel free to submit fixes towards those as well ;)20:37
Sageok, time to try to sleep. And yes I mean try. My throat hurts like hell still so probably very hard to get sleep. Should probably go to doctor tomorrow if this doesn't get any better.20:39
Sagegood night all20:39
Venemogood night to you too Sage :)20:40
*** flocke has quit IRC20:40
Venemo+ speedy recovery!20:40
*** flocke has joined #nemomobile20:40
*** beford has joined #nemomobile20:46
*** wicket64 has joined #nemomobile20:48
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:53
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:01
faenilI'm back :)21:22
Venemohey faenil  :)21:39
*** himamura has quit IRC22:06
*** tukem has quit IRC22:24
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC22:41
*** MohammadAG has joined #nemomobile22:41
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile22:48
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