Wednesday, 2013-01-09

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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7614 waiting for review at
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jhancock69I'm interested in prototyping someone completely new.  Is it possible to run NemoMobile on an N900 on headless mode?  I want to boot it as a server and write a UI directly to the screen buffer.06:31
wmaroneyou could build an image that omits Xorg and drops you at the shell...06:34
wmaronebut you might want Xorg for the graphics support06:34
jhancock69cool.  thanks.  does NemoMobile expose events and APIs at the OS level?  such as "phone call incoming" event or "disconnect call" API?  or is that stuff embedded in the various UI components?06:36
wmaroneIIRC that information is relayed by dbus06:36
jhancock69I'm hoping I could use a framebuffer lib and bypass needing the xorg stuff.  Is that possible?06:36
wmaroneit is possible but significantly slower I imagine06:37
w00tnot easily06:37
* wmarone defers to w00t06:37
w00twhen things are ported to qt 5 in the future, then there will be more possibilities for doing things06:37
jhancock69ok, thanks...just to give you some context, I"m trying to prototype a new UX for people with poor vision.  My goal is to create well formatted text to the UI without all the x and other framework bagage and constraints.06:40
jhancock69I've seen some frame buffer libs that allow me to use nice true type fonts and write direct...would like to start there.06:41
jhancock69this is just a first step...if my ideas pan out, I'll need a custom device made to fit the requirements of screen and such.06:41
jhancock69I figrued I would start with an N900 just to work through some of the basic stuff with nemo.06:42
w00tjhancock69: have you experimented with qml in the past?06:44
jhancock69w00t: a bit, with qt406:50
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w00tjhancock69: ok.. just a bit curious what you're after that it doesn't allow you to do06:51
jhancock69but for desktop stuff.  on nemo, will qt use all the bagage of X?  I would greatly like to avoid the overhead of the x client/server stuff.06:51
w00tit does, but it's plenty fast :)06:52
jhancock69using qt would probably be a great thing, but I don't want a ton of bagage that assumes I'm trying to do a traditional windowed desktop UI.06:52
jhancock69does it suck battery?06:52
jhancock69I mean the X part?06:52
w00tsome more focus on battery would be nice, but the display server isn't really part of that problem - usual things like minimising wakeups etc06:53
jhancock69hmm, where would I start to use qt to take full control of the screen?06:53
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cxl000jhancock69 you may be able to use Qt5 has a number of platform options07:12
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jhancock69cxl000: is qt5 working on nemo on an n900 or some other device?07:19
cxl000I dont have a n9x0 device but have run both qt5 apps and qt5 qml through platform eglfs and had them display on other devices07:22
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chriadamgood morning07:43
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Sagetimoph: got access for the new server for nemo yesterday so I can finally push stuff to ne place :)07:46
Sagenow only the subdomain needs to be decided and we can start publishing stuff. maybe
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timophSage: great07:55
timophreleases. sounds sane and intuitive enough07:56 already points there07:56
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SageStskeeps: it points to wrong dir btw :)08:01
Stskeepsthat's up for discussion, i guess08:01
Sageas now and show same content :P08:02
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Sagelbt: ^ comments?08:09
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7615 Rejected promotion request08:31
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7616 waiting for review at
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sledgesSage, Nemo on Pandaboard wreaks havoc: launching any app from lipstick (accounts-ui e.g.) kills Xorg:
sledgesat "Jan 09 12:44:07" accounts-ui launched, seconds later everything dies10:53
sledgesPVR accel issues?10:53
sledges(voicecall disabled btw)10:55
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Sagesledges: can you get /var/log/Xorg.0.log11:36
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tadzikis there a way I can debug battery status on the N900?11:45
tadzikthe battery on the toolbar is always empty11:45
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7616 Accepted promotion request11:51
Sagedeztructor_: ^11:52
sledgesSage, Xorg.0.log, nothing spat out:
sledgesand here's the one after restart:
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deztructor_tadzik: fremantle bme has different bme ipc (comparing to hermattan one), so somebody should create specific version of power contextkit provider for fremantle12:16
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tadzikI assume by fremantle you mean "a fremantle device"12:17
deztructor_e.g. based on existing provider for n950/9, it has bme ipc impl inside, comparing it with openbmeipc (impl of bme for fremantle)12:18
tadzikiirc w00t says that the battery status works on the N900, so I'm curious in discovering why it doesn't work for me12:18
deztructor_tadzik: basically n900 is the only official fremantle device :)12:18
tadzikright :)12:18
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w00tthere was a binary-only provider which worked just fine12:18
w00tif it stopped working, good luck figuring out why it doesn't12:18
w00tand people should totally stop hilighting me so I can go sleep12:18
deztructor_w00t: should you? ;)12:19
tadzikwell, I have an unlucky device then, it seem s:)12:19
w00ttadzik: it'd be nice to see an open implementation of an n900 provider, based on the other n900 bme work if you're up for it12:19
deztructor_sun is shining... somewhere :)12:19
deztructor_tadzik: you can just take n950 provider and look what is the difference (it is subtle) with openbmeipc12:20
sledgessun's here (a rare case :))12:20
deztructor_so, open impl. for n900 will be available. i just have not time in the nearest future, sorry :(12:21
deztructor_we have snow falling (finally) and temperature is going below zero (fuf)12:21
Sageok, so when did the settings stop opening on the wetab i586? :)12:29
kulvewhy does Nemo Base config include postscript? That's n900 specific and now it's added to all configs12:35
Sageneed to fix that as the whole thing is broken12:41
Sageshould be removed completely actually and fixed in other place12:41
Sagespecial: w00t:
Sagewhen starting controlpanel from cmdline it starts fine but when with lipstick it fails on x8612:41
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Sagespecial: w00t: it seems that invoker is broken actually12:49
Sage--type=e seems to launch app12:53
Sagebut q type segfaults12:53
Sagealso when running without --type it segfaults12:54
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kulveSage: humm, how should I add that Nemo Complete pattern into the .ks?12:59
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sledgesSage, on the similar not: what package provides invoker?13:02
Sagekulve: Groups: - Nemo Complete13:02
Sagesledges: mapplauncherd13:03
kulveSage: did that but it doesn't change the rootfs size one bit..13:04
kulveIf I typo that, if will complain so it does find the group but doesn't seem to include anything13:04
Sagekulve: so you should do rootfs size in the adaptations/n7.yaml or so13:06
Sage    PartSize: 300013:06
Sage    FileSystem: ext313:06
kulveSage: it creates just a directory for me, no images or tarballs. So I just "du -sh /path/to/rootfs"13:07
Sagekulve: ah, so you should use raw instead of fs when creating the image13:07
Sagemic cr raw (not fs)13:07
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Sageraw has also partition table in it fs is just the files and without --pack-to it puts them to the output dir without tarball13:08
kulveI do want just a directory as I can't flash a filesystem image13:08
kulvewell, actually I could. But I guess the image would be 14GB for 600MB of files so it would be just too slow..13:09
kulvebut the point is that adding @Nemo Complete to .ks doesn't include any files to my build..13:10
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Sageah, --pkgmgr=zypp13:11
Sagethe yum is broken as hell and if the mic doesn't work out of the box take this
Sagenot sure when it ends up to the sdk13:16
kulveI get a python traceback with --pkgmgr=zypp13:16
Sageyes, so you need to update your mic13:17
Sagefrom the Mer:Tools:Testing13:17
* Sage hopes that these steps are soon merged all in the sdk and stuff13:17
kulveMy sdk is a bit old already, so I'll upgrade that first13:18
Sageah ok13:18
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kulveafter upgrade I don't get the traceback anymore, but it just stops after printing "Info: zypp architecture is <armv7hl>"..13:26
kulveand I have mic-0.14-mer1.10.1.noarch13:33
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7617 waiting for review at
kulveand now I can't create the image at all anymore:13:40
kulveNameError: global name 'ksconf' is not defined13:40
Sagehmmp... lbt phaeron: ^ what is the right mic version to have atm.?13:42
sledgesSage, Pandaboard: managed to reproduc same crash on top of mer-qmlviewer (added missing packages): report of flickr-qml and duicontrolpanel being launched from lipstick, showing their first screens then killing Xorg on Pandaboard:
Sagecheck if the controlpanel launcher from cmdline without invoker13:43
sledgesI believe if I'll install any other opengl-enabled app it will kill all, too (xterm works fine, since it just blobs itself on top of lipstick)13:43
sledgesflickr-qml launched from cmdline segfaults13:43
sledgessomehow noticed that things do improve if I let Xorg die once, then cmdline invokation runs fine13:44
sledgesdon't know why I'm getting the oom_* spits in dmesg (check the log)13:44
Sagethat oom_ is reported thing I think13:46
Sagesomeone was looking it but he didn't have the hardware to reproduce at the end so not sure if it was verified working13:47
sledgesI thought that the 'offending' app goes Out If Memory, hence the bit13:47
sledgestried `DISPLAY=:0 duicontrolpanel.launch` - Xorg shot themselves in the head the same way13:48
sledgeskernel upgrade from upstream springs to mind..13:48
sledges(also tried to upgrade pvr-omap4, to 1.9.., no luck)13:49
sledgesis just the way mcompositor rapes opengl I think,13:49
sledgesas I could successfully run flickr-qml as stand-alone app13:50
sledgesbut still whole Xorg should not go tits up, as mcompositor works fine on other devices (I might start doubting myself having said that eventually very regretfully)13:51
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7617 Accepted promotion request13:57
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kulveSage: I created a new sdk to get to a knows state I updated it. E.g "zypper info mic" segfaults. I did manage to create my rootfs by addind the @Nemo Apps etc. groups invidually14:31
phaeronzypper segfault probably means you need to move to mer next14:33
kulvewhen mer next will be mer latest?14:36
kulve(and sorry for typos, I'm trying to irc from a train)14:37
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phaeronkulve: I don't know14:42
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Sagekulve: zypper segfaults means that zypper+libzypp+libsolv trio aren't proper versions atm.14:51
Sagekulve: you need to downgrage libsolv0 or upgrade zypper and libzypp14:52
kulveso current sdk is broken14:52
Sageapparently something is preventing of libzypp update (needs recompile) and libsolv is updated (abi break) and that causes segfault14:54
kulvewell, I'm happy that I got my image built.. :)14:54
Sagehehe :)14:55
kulvebut in general having broken sdk will annoy many..14:55
Sageit is mainly broken thing in mer core actually14:55
Sagebecause that case can be caused also by users themselves by adding repository that has something that was built against old libzypp14:56
* Sage takes a task to update those three components again14:57
phaeronSage: no it's python-zypp in mer:tools Ithink14:57
Sagephaeron: well, I mean that if users have extra repos installed that requires old libzypp it doesn't allow libzypp update14:57
phaeronyes and it's python-zypp from mer:tools causing that iirc14:58
Sagein kulve's case it was broken mer sdk but in my case it was something in my own repo14:58
sledgescould help `/lastlog zypp` on #mer14:58
Sagephaeron: the point being that it shouldn't allow that update in any case in mer core level14:59
Sageit should say that can't install because of invalid deps or so14:59
phaeronin my case it did15:02
Sageih my case it didn't :/ it just ignored the deps that couldn't be satisfied. Maybe difference between zypper up and zypper dup?15:04
kulveactually I think I saw a message that libzypp (iirc) won't be upgraded. But based on the comments above I think something else was still upgraded and hence the segfaults?15:04
Sagekulve: yes that is the problem as zypper wasn't upgraded15:04
kulveand now it's so broken that I can't even try to fix it manually :)15:05
Sagewell, you can fix it manually15:05
Sagedowngrade libsolv0 to older version or update zypper and libzypp to newer version15:05
Sagewith rpm that is15:06
kulveI guess I'll do that before using the sdk more15:08
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Sageif you update you need to get also python-zypp that matches the version of libzypp or remove it (and mic with it)15:10
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phaeronSage: why is python-zypp needed in mer-tools , I thought zypp-bindings in mer core produces that15:11
Sagephaeron: I have no idea about that15:14
Sagephaeron: there is no zypp-bindings in mer core15:14
sledges(whoops, #mer -related talk ;))15:14
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phaeronSage: hmm , will check15:17
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rabitafter successfully booting nemo on my n900 yesterday, i'm getting errors booting today15:50
rabitfirst it was the "unable to read bootmenu.scr" message. i rewrote the image to the sd card, since i thought that the image might have been corrupted.15:50
*** frals_ is now known as frals15:50
rabiton the next boot i could select the sd card again, but the boot process froze after the blue mer logo screen appeared.15:51
rabitturned the device off again, and now i'm back to "unable to read bootmenu.scr".15:51
rabitwhen booting into maemo, i cannot format the sd card, with a "memory card unsupported error". what should i do next? the sd card is new and seems to be ok.15:53
sledgesbad sd card? rabit15:53
sledgesright, you could try comparing it file-by-file contents (using e.g. meld tool) to ensure data is written15:54
sledgesneedless to say, sync is in order15:54
rabitsledges: i'm going to test the sd card and make sure it's not corrupted.15:56
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rabitsledges: how can i mount the n900 .raw image file to compare the files in the image with the sd card content?16:10
sledgesyou probably will fail in `mount image.raw /mnt/ -o loop`16:11
sledgesbut you can do `fdisk image.raw -l`16:11
sledgesto figure out the offset for the rootfs partition16:11
sledgeshere's how:
sledgesrabit, ^16:13
rabitsledges: thanks, will try that. :-)16:14
sledgescheers :)16:17
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7621 Rejected promotion request16:45
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean16:51
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7622 Rejected promotion request16:52
sledgesSage, a quick look at why this might16:53
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7623 waiting for review at
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7624 waiting for review at
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kulvewell, I got the nemo booted, but I guess the vkb just blanks the screen so it's hard to do anything with it17:33
kulvenot sure if an USB keyboard would work17:33
* sledges never had problems with USB keyboards, even on arm devices17:33
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sledgessafe to kill maliit ;)17:34
sledgeskulve, is it on N7 ?17:34
sledgesblanking was an issue on x86, with mesa llvmpipes17:34
sledgesbut I think it resurfaced recently on arm (might be different cause)17:35
sledgesis N7 -- a usb host ?17:35
kulveby default it's slave but I think I heard that somebody had keyboard working with it too17:36
kulveI haven't tried17:36
sledgesmaybe it's otg - so good to go :)17:36
kulveyeah, it should be otg17:42
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rabitsledges: managed to mount the root partition within the .raw image file with 'sudo mount -t ext4 -o loop,offset=512,ro,noexec nemo-handset-armv7hl-n900-0.20121101.1.NEMO.2012-11-08.1-mmcblk0p.raw ~/mnt'17:42
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sledgeshurrah! :)17:43
rabitsledges: thanks for the hints to the solution!17:43
sledgesanything to make it work ;)17:43
sledgesyou're welcome :)17:43
rabitsledges: For the raw image file, 'fdisk -lu' lists the partitions with the offsets for each partition. The offsets have to be multiplied with the sector size of 512 byte.17:46
sledgessmashing :) just what the website said, I'm happy that worked17:47
kulveThe .ks is here, if somebody wants to try:
kulvebut do note the keyboard issue17:47
sledgesnice, if only I had a N7 :)17:48
kulvealso I'm not sure how the moslo kernel is supposed to start the real kernel, so I flashed the real kernel with fastboot after copying the rootfs17:48
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Sagekulve: what is the issue with nemo keyboard on N7?18:15
kulveblack screen18:18
SageI think that is because of the graphics system thingy18:19
M4rtinKkulve: could that be related to the black screen in the VM ?18:19
kulveM4rtinK: could18:19
M4rtinKbtw, whole screen black or just the par occupied by the keyboard ?18:19
M4rtinKIIRC in VM the whole screen went black18:20
M4rtinKwell, that could be similar18:20
Sageyes, it was fixed when adding the mesa swrast driver there, but for N7 that probably makes a bit harm as it doesn't use mesa in the first place ;)18:20
Sagekulve: try adding QT_DEFAULT_RUNTIME_SYSTEM= to /etc/sysconfig/nemo-mobile-hw18:21
kulveI have it18:22
Sageso empty value for it?18:22
Sageok, well then nothign :)18:22
kulveah, well, I can try that later18:22
Sagemeego is the only one that work properly but that requires some egl extensions18:23
kulvetegra should have all the needed ones18:23
*** rcg has quit IRC18:23
Sagekulve: zypper install eglext-tests and check18:23
kulvealthough it would be nice to have an exact list :)18:23
Stskeepssome of them might be stupid nokia ones..18:24
Sageyup :)18:24
kulvedoes that eglext-test test that the correct ones are found or only list them?18:24
Sageit tests them18:26
*** rabit has left #nemomobile18:27
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7623 Accepted promotion request18:28
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile18:29
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7624 Accepted promotion request18:34
*** noch is now known as norayr18:37
*** Jake9xx has quit IRC19:05
*** furikku has quit IRC19:10
*** Jake9xx has joined #nemomobile19:11
*** arturo182_ has joined #nemomobile19:14
*** arturo182 has quit IRC19:16
*** lbt_ has quit IRC19:17
*** smyows has quit IRC19:22
*** cypa has joined #nemomobile19:32
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:44
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile19:44
*** cristi has joined #nemomobile19:58
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile20:04
kulveyeah, doesn't look too good realted to those extensions. At least EGL_NOK_image_shared, EGL_NOK_swap_region2 and EGL_KHR_lock_surface2 missing. There is EGL_KHR_lock_surface though20:08
kulveEGL_NOK_image_shared seems to be even in the spec but I couldn't find EGL_NOK_swap_region2 in there20:10
kulveany plans in supporting something more widely supported extensions?20:10
*** cypa has left #nemomobile20:12
kulvehmm.. EGL_NOK_image_shared seems to be used in Qt20:13
kulveOr not: "State changed from New to Rejected"20:13
rcghey kulve20:15
rcgmessing with nemo on nexus 7?20:15
rcgwas also messing with opengl stuff in emumaster recently20:16
rcgdo you require those extensions?20:16
kulveit seems that Mer(?) or at least Nemo is kind of expecting those. Maybe. Nobody really knows20:17
rcghmm.. are they using custom shaders?20:17
rcgor at least something20:18
kulveI guess most of those are related to swapping/sharing buffers in Qt/X11 environment using acceleration20:18
*** cristi has quit IRC20:19
rcgwas reading that about an hour ago20:19
sledgesrcg hi, hope you're in the field: any idea why everything dies after launcing any opengl-related app from lipstick on Pandaboard?
rcgnope sorry.. am only an "interested amateur", so to speak20:26
Stskeepskulve: stuff like theme, i think20:27
sledgeswell, probably due to the same EGL extensions... mcompositor makes PowerVR go nuts in that setting20:27
rcgsledges, does it work on other devices?20:28
*** sledges has quit IRC20:28
rcgwhat app is it?20:28
*** sledges has joined #nemomobile20:28
rcgsledges, what app is it20:28
*** sledges has quit IRC20:28
*** sledges has joined #nemomobile20:28
rcgsledges, i could give it a try on an archos g9 and an nexus 720:29
sledgesany app20:29
sledgesduicontrolpanel, flickr-qml20:29
sledgesis all Pandaboard related20:29
rcghmm ic20:29
sledgesg9 is sgx20:29
sledgessounds good20:29
* sledges currently porting to linux-ti-omap4-3.4.23 and pvr-omap4-1.9..20:30
sledges^ the pandaboard Mer HA that is20:30
sledgesit works on N9 :)))20:31
sledgessame .ks (as long as mer and nemo is concerned)20:31
rcgsledges, just tried it on archos g9 and flickr qml works20:31
rcgits an ti omap pvr20:32
sledgesso if it's nothing Pandaboard-specific, I could take g9 kernel+pvr adaptation and hope for best20:32
rcgsledges, hmmm.. don't know how much had been changed in the archos kernel20:33
rcgbut on launchpad there are at least two different ubuntu kernels20:34
rcgfor panda, i.e.20:34
sledgesI'm taking from here: nothing panda specific:;field.status_filter=published&amp;field.series_filter=precise20:34
rcgyeah, there you have for precise and oneiric20:35
sledgesok, same source20:36
sledgesbut still nothing pandaboard specific, so I think they bet safe on omap4 kernel20:36
sledgesI'm just re-using the .config from Sage20:36
rcgi thought this is the stuff for the ubuntu pandaboard adaptation?20:37
sledgesrcg, have you got a link to a .ks for g9 you're using ?20:37
rcgbut the pvr driver for the g9 is pretty old and the image is armv7l not hl20:37
sledgesok, using hl here though20:38
sledgesanyway, I got packages building, but lost building pof omapdrm_pvr.ko (got deprecated?)20:38
sledgesso trying to sort this out atm; thanks for the link!20:38
sledgeswell, that link is probably mainly intended for pandaboard, but see no reason why it wouldn't run on any other omap4 (haha :)), still nothing pb-specific on file naming20:39
rcghonestly, this whole omap stuff is a real pain20:39
sledges:) "nobody said it was easy" :))20:39
sledgeswelcome to our world!20:39
rcgtried to update pvr drivers for archos g9 and to get hw-accel video to work but only thing i am really getting from this is gray hair :D20:40
* sledges goes and counts grey hair.. amounts to 0. /me touches wood and tries to carry on :)20:40
Sagespecial: ping :)20:44
specialSage: pong20:44
Sagespecial: there is also another bug in invoker that causes segfault20:44
Sagetrying to launch invoker --type=q /usr/bin/duicontrolpanel.launch segfaults on exopc for me20:45
Sageand when running just /usr/bin/duicontrolpanel.launch it works fine20:45
specialis it invoker segfaulting, or the boosted process?20:46
Sagealso --type=e works20:46
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:46
Sageduicontrolpanel is only one that is using --type=q20:46
specialwhat about invoker --type=q on anything else (say, qmlcalc)20:47
*** SKonstantin_tab has joined #nemomobile20:47
Sageseems to work20:48
Sagemaybe it is the fact that duicontrolpanel is mtf based?20:48
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile20:48
specialit's strange, because the q booster is very simple20:48
specialall it does is load Qt, nothing is created or initialized20:49
specialalso, --type=q duicontrolpanel.launch does work fine on n95020:49
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #nemomobile20:50
Sagemaybe invoker fails to load the environment things properly?20:50
Sageor something?20:50
specialthen e should have the same problem20:51
*** nsuffys_ has joined #nemomobile20:52
specialthat is very strange. So there's a problem setting up egl when launched via the Qt booster, but not when launched via other boosters, and it's only happening on duicontrolpanel (or meegotouch?)20:53
StskeepsSage: -next crashes with settings for me at least20:53
specialthat "forcing native graphicssystem" part could explain why it doesn't happen for non-meegotouch20:53
Venemo_N9special, mtf booster was removed afaik, and maybe that has something to do with this20:54
kulvercg: ^20:55
SageStskeeps: on x86 ?20:55
*** nsuffys_Nemo has quit IRC20:55
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:55
StskeepsVenemo has a point20:55
StskeepsSage: yes20:55
Sage <- special20:55
MerbotNemo bug 599 in .Other "invoker segfaults when using --type=q for duicontrolpanel on x86" [Normal,New]20:55
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:56
specialVenemo_N9: yes, but there's no reason for that to make the Qt booster not work when the E booster does20:58
specialthe only difference between the two is that the Qt booster links to Qt.20:58
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:58
Sagespecial: another thing is this assertion error that I've seen on other devices as well that do not have modems setup
rcgkulve, i saw a similar black screen on keyboard prob once21:01
rcgi could solve it by tweaking some qml stuff21:01
rcggimme a sec21:01
rcga no.. the keyboard was displayed but with a black background covering the app...21:02
*** nsuffys_ has quit IRC21:03
Sagespecial: not sure what kind of bugs should be filed about that as not sure if that is error in dbus, tp-ring, contactsd or something else21:03
rcgbut you could give that patch a try anyhow21:03
*** SKonstantin_tab has quit IRC21:04
specialSage: huh.21:06
specialSage: the assertation is tp-ring, at least21:06
specialI'm not sure what contactsd is trying to do21:06
Sagespecial: want to file bug about that ?21:07
SageI've seen it on couple of different devices without modem at least. That one is from exopc. Probably in x86 vm same thing21:07
specialwhy is ring installed if there's no modem?21:08
kulveif somebody happen to have all mer/nemo codes in an opengrok or something, he could find out if those Nokia EGL really are used somewhere (and write them to the wiki)21:09
sledgesSage, does Setting app appear at least on screen and then dies, or dies before showing up? (out of curiosity)21:09
Sagesledges: dies without showing anything21:09
sledgesok ta21:10
Sagespecial: well tp-ring is dragged in by voicecall and that is there because it is one of the default apps in nemo. :)21:10
specialmm, that isn't ideal21:11
rcgkulve, it's a pretty long shot but could you give that patch a try?21:11
specialif ring is installed, it will set up a telepathy account for itself, which means it'll be trying to connect at least occasionally21:11
Sagespecial: maybe ring should check if there is any modems on ofono before setting up the account?21:12
*** nsuffys_Nemo has joined #nemomobile21:13
specialpossible, if that can be done with a simple dbus call/signal21:13
specialwhich I think it can21:13
rcgthe keyboard on nemo is powered by maliit, right?21:15
specialrcg: yes21:15
rcgalright, then it might be really worth to give that patch a try21:16
rcgstill remains a pretty long shot though :)21:16
specialwhat issues are you having? and this is nexus7, right?21:17
rcgkulve, has problems with the keyboard21:17
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC21:18
rcgbtw, any hint on this one:
rcgunfortunately, there doesn't seem to be an easy way for accessing the nexus 7 hspa chip :/21:19
Jake9xxsledges: (poked you on #mer")21:25
sledgesJake9xx, I'm on hunting a .ks file for ya ;)21:25
Jake9xxsledges: d**n this keyboard, so I was looking for latest ks for nemo on panda21:25
Jake9xxsledges: sweet :)21:25
sledgesintensive work in progress there from my part, welcome to hell21:26
sledgesbleeding issues: pvr-omap4 adaptation:
sledgesopengl qml apps kill Xorg once launched from lipstick21:26
Jake9xxsledges: kill or lock?21:27
sledgesnothing in Xorg log file (see pastie)21:27
*** nsuffys_Nemo has quit IRC21:27
Jake9xxyou could run Xorg with strace ?21:28
sledgesI referenced Sage's HA for Pb, with 3.0.4 kernel and 1.7..pvr-omap4, currently updating to 3.4.23 (from Precise's launchpad) and to 1.9.. pvr-omap4; packages ready will test tomorrow on HW (don'ŧ have here)21:28
Jake9xxor attach to it with strace -p <pid of Xorg>21:28
sledgeshope updating will work21:28
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:29
Jake9xxone q: are you on Pandaboard ES or std ?21:29
sledgesfrom logs I believe it's pvr issue (all other rootfs elements are equivalent to e.g. updated Nemo on N9xx21:29
Jake9xxok, me too so we can work together21:29
Jake9xxjust need the ks and it's rock and roll time21:30
sledgesone more thing: it pays off to get rid of Nemo's stuff and build minimal lipstick on mer-qmlviewer ks instead21:30
sledgesthat's what I'm doing currently21:30
Jake9xxthat would work as well21:30
sledgesas full Nemo spits oom problems21:30
sledges(in addition, and randomly ;))21:30
Jake9xxright now I have angstrom based poky running qt521:30
Jake9xxso I'm pretty much on different track ;)21:30
sledgessure ;)21:31
Jake9xxbut that setup is from time I did not work on Mer21:31
* Jake9xx is blowing dust off from PandaBoard21:31
sledgespoky on snowball you mean?21:32
Jake9xxno, panda21:33
Jake9xxit's a long story21:33
sledgesah, but managed to dust since :))21:33
sledgesok, first of all ref kernel had to have CONFIG_CGROUP_SCHED injected, otherwise nemo's dbus won't start21:36
sledgescant remember exactly21:36
sledges(.ks coming up ;))21:36
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #nemomobile21:37
Jake9xxCGROUP stuff we saw late last year too in some other project. It was funny because only like 3-4 days before the ks produced a bootable image and nothing had changed and then bang, boot halts21:37
*** VDVsx has quit IRC21:37
*** arnaud1 has quit IRC21:38
sledgesJake9xx, .ks:
Jake9xxsledges: excellent, ty21:48
sledgeshad to recreate some bits from memory, shout if any errors (btw I do recommend going mer-bare way, if you bump there, can help too; don't have the notes now here with me, but will remember if you bump same stuff as I had to :))21:48
*** arnaud1 has joined #nemomobile21:50
Jake9xxCGROUP stuff we saw late last year too in some other project. It was funny because only like 3-4 days before the ks produced a bootable image and nothing had changed and then bang, boot halts21:55
Jake9xxthis keyboard is so toast21:55
Jake9xxanyway, I did not touch that ks , let's see what will be outcome21:56
sledgesthis _SCHED should be reflected in
*** arturo182_ is now known as arturo18222:01
Jake9xx/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/99-pvr.conf is missing but I got an image22:03
Jake9xxlet's see22:03
sledgesignore that; it's about mouse cursor22:03
sledgeswhen shown, makes screen flicker ugly (add to your bag of issues ;))22:03
sledges(are you dd'ing it directly to SD card?)22:05
Jake9xxyes, what other options are there in panda?22:05
Jake9xxin snowball you can flash it with riff22:05
sledgesI had to take Pb's SD card instead (partitioning myself did not work, as first partition starts at sector 32! even parted did not render it bootable), and overwrote its contents (namely using /boot partition only, as I run rootfs from a USB hardrive)22:06
sledgesdid not try raw .img though, so I'd just envy if dd'ing just worked for you Jake9xx :)22:09
Jake9xxdd worked :-)22:28
Jake9xxXorg dies of course22:28
Jake9xxran the mic inside Mer SDK if that's for any value22:28
Jake9xxI'll strip the ks a bit and run it again22:30
sledgesJake9xx, Xorg does not die on every boot, reboot and retry22:31
sledgesi couldn't think of any other way of running mic :)22:31
Jake9xxactually Xorg restarts and remains open..22:33
Jake9xxbut my hdmi monitor tells me "out of range" on the screen params22:33
sledgesI know, and then you can starts such things as `DISPLAY=:0 flickr-qml`22:33
sledgeshmmmmm that does not happen to me, I am using HDMI->DVI adapter for my non-hdmi monitor22:34
Jake9xxlipstick's open as well :)22:34
sledgeshow'd you know that?22:34
Jake9xxand mcompositor22:34
Jake9xxthere goes mcompositor22:34
*** norayr has quit IRC22:34
*** Xruxa has joined #nemomobile22:36
sledgesI stripped out these: @Nemo Middleware Shared  @Nemo Apps  @MTF Handset UX22:39
sledgesand then once booted did this:22:40
sledgeszypper in lipstick-color-home libdeclarative-sensors qt-components mapplauncherd22:40
*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile22:40
sledgesif I did not leave anything out, this should get you going with lipstick at startup (automagically thanks to systemd), without theme wallpaper, so you should get black screen with transparent clock (lock screen)22:41
sledgesthen you install e.g. flickr-qml, reboot Pb, see flickr-qml on your homescreen, blind-click ;) on it and crash boom bang22:41
Jake9xxsledges: I'm still a bit off from getting to homescreen :)22:42
sledgesonce Xorg has restarted, can't trust it's behaviour anymore (symptoms change), so I rely on its first launch22:42
Jake9xxfor some reason I don't think the 99-omap.conf is not right22:42
*** arcean has quit IRC22:43
sledgesthat one's about SWCursor only, I presume it's talking about mouse cursor and hence ignore it22:43
sledgesthere's 99-pvr iirc instead where you can chuck that in, but doubt about it solving the havoc22:43
*** himamura has quit IRC22:43
Jake9xxlet's see. But now that it atleast boots it's time to boot to ubuntu on panda and see their xconfig22:46
sledgesI have their image handy, could tell without booting :)22:47
sledgesnothing omap/pvr related: 10-evdev.conf             11-evdev-trackpoint.conf  50-wacom.conf 11-evdev-quirks.conf      50-synaptics.conf         51-synaptics-quirks.conf22:48
sledges(12.10 oneiric that is)22:50
sledgeshow crazy, /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/{,,,,,,} - where's omap?22:51
Jake9xxis that from some script?22:54
Jake9xxI can see & in that dir22:54
Jake9xxanyways, time to zzz will look at this tomorrow morning22:54
Jake9xxsledges: tnx and let's sync tomorrow22:55
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC22:56
sledgesyup, catch up 2m ! thanks for joining the effort :)22:57
sledgesJake9xx, ^ (PS: it was on the mounted ubuntu-12.04-preinstalled-desktop-armhf+omap4.img hmmm)22:57
*** cxl000 has quit IRC23:01
*** jreznik is now known as jreznik_afk23:10
*** Martix has quit IRC23:12
*** Xruxa has quit IRC23:24
*** keithzg-mobile has joined #nemomobile23:24
*** Theorbo has joined #nemomobile23:25
*** danielcbit has quit IRC23:31
keithzg-mobileI just asked in #jolla 'cause it came up, but this is obviously the more appropriate place to ask: what's the rotation support like right now with the Nexus 7 and Plasma Active?23:31
keithzg-mobileHave a spare Nexus 7 that has a cracked corner and thus a touch deadzone.23:32
Jake9xxsledges: had to hack it a bit..23:32
*** rcg has quit IRC23:32
Jake9xxsledges: I think if we drop the bpp it should be better, plus looking at VSYNC params in kernel might help ; there's some flickering on screen when qmlcalc is used23:33
Jake9xxsledges: the issue I have is this:
sledgeslaunching flickr-qml stand alone (and non-root ;)) worked like charm and no errors23:34
sledgesI can 100% reproduce crash from within lipstick23:35
Jake9xxdo you have debug symbols from ?23:35
sledges.ko ?23:35
Jake9xxso /usr/lib..23:35
sledgescheck at my repo sledge:branches:sage... from ks23:36
sledgesshould be (under pvr-omap4)23:36
Jake9xxsledges: 10-423:37
sledgesah so y23:38
Jake9xxhmm cannot get qmlcalc to crash now23:39
Jake9xxthis is one strange device :)23:39
sledgesah Jake9xx so you want to hook onto omapdss bits?23:40
sledgeswell, somethings fishy, and yet better to work on an isolated case with 100% crash reproducability23:40
sledgeseven then one app crashes in its way, the other in another23:41
sledgesbecause in that isolated case lipstick runs crashlessly! so a good starting point23:42
sledgesisolated case = mer-minimal(qmlviewer) + lipstick and its bare necessities . will provide you an out-of-box .ks tomorrow :)23:48
Jake9xxsledges: nice! I'll figure out how to attach the board to my network so I can access it from laptop, cheers.23:56
sledgeswith that ks - sshd starts right away, and dhcp picks up ethernet23:57
* sledges zZzZ23:59

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