Saturday, 2013-06-15

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gry <-- zypper dup00:45
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xavinuxsledges: hi, I have Nemo VM running ok and connect to the network ok :)01:22
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ericcc@xavinux  hi   where  nemo sdk  you  down?02:06
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azadpakihi there02:18
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azadpakiI installed nemo mobile image n900 april 2013 today, when update via finger term ; in Settings Cellular + Bluetooth + GPRS functions are missing02:20
azadpakiany help?02:20
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gryazadpaki, they're present in latest image again02:57
grywhich image did you use? I used nemo-armv7hl-n950-0.20130411.1.NEMO.2013-04-26.1.tar.bz2 yesterday and it doesn't have this problem02:57
azadpakigry I use the same one but after update I got problem03:07
gryok, I didn't update it yet, just got the image and zypper dup says and I don't know how to proceed03:09
azadpakiyes same happened to me03:10
azadpakifirst I update via terminal "zypper ref" and zypper "update"03:11
azadpakiafter this I got settings problem03:11
azadpakibut when I do zypper dup it gave me the problem same as yours03:12
grysomeone gotta help us out to do a proper zypper dup, then; they told me it's preferred over zypper up03:13
gryit's mostly sleeping time in few major countries so we may have to idle a few hours03:13
azadpakiyes thats the reason no other one is replying03:16
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ericccinstall armv7?how about  install nemo-i586-vm.iso03:24
ericcci  like  iso03:24
azadpakiiso is for i586 architecture and armv7 is different03:29
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grysledges, w00t : made a call, the phone didn't pick it up; it doesn't seem to know the sim card is there08:13
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sledgesgry__, did the phone sound, notified?08:19
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juicemesledges, ubiboot requires the APE algo when flashing the kernel image, and for that you usually need the FIASCO image.09:06
juicemewithout that the flasher will not be able to write the kernel image to flash.09:06
juicemeactually I have not tried to use just the APE extracted from the FIASCO but that should work too... It's a lot smaller so if it's doable I could include the APE kernel to the ubiboot download set :=)09:08
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sledgesis ape the same across different firmwares?09:11
sledgesjuiceme, ^09:11
gryhi, saw the paste ?09:12
sledgesgry__, nope09:12
sledgesgry, nope09:12
sledgesdidnt get your answer to my q either :) gry :09:13
sledgesgry__, did the phone sound, notified?09:13
gryare you asking whether the phone made sounds when I called it?09:14
sledgesand whether incoming call windoe appeared09:15
gryno, it didn't make sounds, incoming call window didn't appear; paste was about another question:
juicemesledges, actually I don't know if it's tha same. I use onlu PR1.309:16
juicemebut it can be checked if you have different PR level FIASCOes09:17
sledgesjuiceme, dont forget firmwares are different across parts of the world too09:17
juicemethe older flasher (the maemo one, not the harmattan one) can unpack also Harmattan FIASCOes09:17
sledgesgry, did you hear calling signal when you called i. your phone?09:18
juicemesledges, hmm yes, but I'm farly sure the APE's are same09:18
grysledges: no, it was an auto-reply about the number being unavailable09:18
sledgesso your sim card doesnt work on nemo, soz gry09:19
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gryno driver then I'm taking?09:19
juicemeAFAIK, the APE is just a kernel+initramfs that knows how to verify signatures of images and handle the flash filesystem.09:19
sledgesphako, or phaeron are next ppl to talk to gry09:19
gryok, will wait for them to appear.. what can I do with the paste (zypper dup) for now?09:21
sledgesgry, check Nemo/Updating wiki09:23
sledgesssu in red gives you answer09:23
sledgesadded it yesterday :)09:23
gryI see. what does 'rnd level' stand for?09:24
sledgeswritgen below09:25
sledgessame article :)09:25
sledgesadded it before yesterday :)09:25
gryo O (what is OBS?)09:26
sledgesour cross build platform09:27
gry looks ok?09:44
sledgesyes gry very much so!09:51
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stephgmorning folks10:41
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stephgcan anyone point me at instructions for upgrading the latest nemo snapshot (0.20130411.1.NEMO.2013-04-26.1) to current, the repos are all the old meego ones so can't install ssu etc. as per the wiki10:48
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stephg... or can I just ditch all of the repos and hack together a repo entry that points at
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sledgesstephg, ^11:11
sledgeswhenever you cannot downloaf a package11:11
sledgesget its rpm package manually from * merproject org11:12
sledgesand install it with zypper in RPMFILE11:12
gryI did upgrade per the red wiki text but settings window has fewer entries now than usual. "Connectivity" section has only wifi category without the rest (cellular, gprs (sp?), something else was  there) Is that intended?11:14
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stephgsledges yeah that's the problem, can't even get any of the ssu stuff11:15
stephgI've disabled all of that (apart from the mer one that works) and added a temp repo so now doing a dup on that11:15
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sledgesstephg, get ssu and its bits manually installed via rpm11:25
sledgesor the way you do now11:25
sledgesfollowing that mail you will get your repos sorted11:26
sledgesgry, yes intended11:26
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Venemo_aside from the status menu, what do we have that still relies on MTF?11:40
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sledgesDunno Venemo_11:50
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sledgestry ldd ? ;)11:51
sledgesfaenil, ! \o11:51
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Venemo_sledges: ldd in what way?11:53
sledgesfind /usr/lib -type f -name "*.so*" -exec ldd {} \;11:57
sledgesfind /usr/bin -type f -exec ldd {} \;11:57
sledgesand grep them outputs for mtf11:57
sledgesor meegotouchframework, can't remember11:58
sledgescan also be done just for grepping qml imports too11:59
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GentSirsledges, what in the world are those symbols?12:06
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grysledges: do you think installing meego on the thing could help? I mean it would surely have all the proper drivers, right?12:11
gry(installing temporarily, just to test)12:11
Sfiet_Konstantingry: defines meego12:12
sledgesgry, harmaytan12:12
gryprobably that12:12
sledgesgry, you should have it12:13
sledgesand cant reuse its drivets as is12:13
grythere was some slightly less open version which could possibly have more drivers, but I have no clue where to download it to check12:13
sledgesyour nokia has meego harmattan12:14
sledgesdoes simcard work there?12:14
sledgesyou're dual booting i ubderstanf12:14
gryno, single boot12:15
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sledgeswhetrs meego then?12:15
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gryit shipped with meego, and if I can download it somewhere I could check whether the issue is present there12:16
grysorry, I may sound a bit thick (I haven't really used the 'harmattan' name before, and I don't know which OSs it applies to, where it originates from, etc)12:17
stephggry you want to know where to get the harmattan images you mean>12:20
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grysorry, I'll ask somewhere else. I don't know proper name for what I'm looking for.12:23
stephgno you can ask here. You have an N9 right?12:25
stephgI don't know whether the n950 had exactly the same harmattan as the n912:26
stephgI expect not12:26
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stephggry it looks like the original images are different to the N912:33
stephgbest I can find is this:
grywhere can I download them?12:33
stephgbut that link is dead :(12:33
stephg(well the nokia one is)12:33
stephgyou may be able to find that12:34
stephgyeah you're looking for DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LEGACY_RM680-OEM1-916_ARM.bin12:35
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sledgesgry,  how did you get your phone?12:39
gryfrom nokia by post (from the Maemo 2012 competition)12:40
grydo I do the same thing as I did to install nemo, except use that bin instead of moslo-something.bin -- or are there some other instructions to follow?12:41
gryah, there I go, the page has instructions on it12:42
xavinuxericcc: Hi I download the VM iso from here
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sledgesso when you tirn your nokia on now you have only nemo? gry12:52
sledgesgry, you will have hard time finding orig images through navifirm :(12:56
sledgesnokia closed their servers12:57
ericcc@xavinux me too  and  the  nemo sdk  is  too interting12:57
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sledgesmaybe meego is stoll in your phone somewhere13:00
sledgesin a psrtition13:00
sledgesmeego for n9/950 is called harmattan13:01
sledges(its version)13:01
gryI'm pretty sure I formatted the entire thing.13:01
sledgescheck with mount | grep mmc13:03
gryempty output13:04
sledgesas root13:06
sledgesdo fdisk /dev/mmcblk013:06
sledgesas root13:06
sledgesthen press p13:06
sledgespastee it pls13:06
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sledgespaste df -h13:14
sledgesperform these:13:16
sledgesmount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt; ls -l /mnt; umount /mnt13:17
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sledgesmount /dev/mmcblk0p2 /mnt; ls -l /mnt; umount /mnt13:18
*** teve has joined #nemomobile13:19
sledgesmount /dev/mmcblk0p3 /mnt; ls -l /mnt; umount /mnt13:19
sledgesend :)13:19
grywhat would that do?13:20
sledgesalso, the fact that you havent tried harmattan brforr, you dont know if your sim  card eorks ther either13:21
sledgesmaybe hw is broken or sim tray or your microsim positioning13:21
sledgesthat would mount your flash partitions and show their content13:22
sledgesgry congrats you sttill have yout meego there13:26
sledgesnow how to get it back?... :(13:26
sledgesto boot into13:26
sledgesalso, take note of my last three statements13:26
gryyes, it could be a hardware problem, not only software13:27
gryI didn't intend to use the phone for phone calls originally so I just put another OS without checking the hardware, like I should have13:28
xavinuxsledges: Hi, how are you today!13:29
sledgesa way to bring meego bsck is of course to refhlash from scratch13:29
sledgesbut we cant get hold of fir13:30
sledgesware i13:30
sledgesfirmware images13:30
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sledgesso, maybe juiceme can help :)13:30
sledgesor ask someo.e who has a copy of n950 image13:30
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gryok, thanks, off for now13:40
sledgesok, me too, welcome!13:41
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ZogG_laptopsledges: what firmware images are you lokking for?14:13
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gryZogG_laptop: original nokia-authored firmware for n95014:16
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_h3anyone have a guide on porting nemo to new hardware?14:41
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ZogG_laptopgry: i have pr1.3 for n950 only14:43
_h3ok, how about the hardware stack on an LG l5?14:44
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_h3it has the prerequisite chipset qualcomm msm7225a, an ARMv714:45
ZogG_laptopit seems i already killed nemo :)14:48
ZogG_laptopit took me few hours :)14:48
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_h3how so?14:49
ZogG_laptopand i wouldn't be able to chroot into it right if i mount altos partition14:49
ZogG_laptopactually i can chroot from harmattan ( thank good for dual boot :)14:49
ZogG_laptop_h3: updated it14:49
ZogG_laptopnow i have nemo bottlogo screem14:50
_h3ZogG_laptop: what hardware is it on?14:50
ZogG_laptop_h3: n95014:51
ZogG_laptopi did zypper dup and got some error related to camera, set it as "remove it" solution14:51
ZogG_laptopit started to updte14:52
ZogG_laptopat some point terminal closed ( i ran in screen as was adviced)14:52
ZogG_laptopgave it about 15 mins and rebooted(long press power)14:52
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sledgesZogG_laptop, check Nemo/Updating wiki, ssu in red gives you answer15:00
sledgeson camera15:00
ZogG_laptopsledges: i saw that after i did it :)15:00
sledgesa solution, to still have it working afterwards15:00
ZogG_laptopit wouldn't matter now would it?15:00
ZogG_laptopi need to reinstall or try to fix it from chroot15:01
sledgesgry, that firmware is original nokia firmware, latest version. ask nicely ZogG_laptop to put it online somewhere for you :)15:01
sledgesZogG_laptop, i think it will solve the dangling dependency15:01
sledgesat least it will provide one that will make cam work again15:02
ZogG_laptopthe problem is not camera, the problem i can't boot (can't pass blue nemo logo screen)15:03
sledgesssh in and run that red wiki command15:04
sledgesit will remassage the whole distro anyhows15:04
sledgesif you csnt get eifi, youll need to use connman-test package helps :)15:06
sledgesto go online again15:06
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ZogG_laptopsledges: the question is if i can ssh into thru usb? as if wifi doesn't work it wouldn't help and if sshd is tarted or usb networking would work at all :)15:11
sledges ZogG_laptop are you at the point that you can ssh via usb?15:11
sledgesits one of the first bits that come up15:11
ZogG_laptopi dunno15:12
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #nemomobile15:12
ZogG_laptopi booted into harmattan to try chroot15:12
sledgesplug usb, on host perform ifconfig usb0
sledgesthen see if you can ping
sledgesnever chrooted so dunno if update will go as smooth fromchroot15:16
ZogG_laptopsledges: i installed funtoo on n950 from chroot15:16
ZogG_laptopthough i was stuck with no display working15:17
ZogG_laptopas it wouldn't autorefresh itself15:17
ZogG_laptopbut not sure if i did it from laptop or harmattan itself :)15:18
sledgesanyhow, booting back to nemo splash screen os first thing now15:18
sledgesif i were yoi15:18
sledgesif you are experimental type, chroot from within harmattan and try updating from there15:19
sledgesbut many updates will fsil15:19
sledgesdue to dbus not running15:20
sledgesdont know how fritical is that though15:20
sledgessoz for typos, typing from a shopping round wihth my missus :D15:21
*** nodevel has joined #nemomobile15:23
*** stephg has quit IRC15:24
ZogG_laptopsledges: :)15:25
ZogG_laptopsledges: i'll try all i can and back report later15:25
sledgessuper :)15:29
sledgeshave fun!15:30
*** zhxt has quit IRC15:33
ericcc_you are a good man15:33
ericcc_have a nice sleep15:33
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC15:33
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*** xavinux has quit IRC15:43
Sagephaeron: ping15:50
Sagelbt: ping15:52
Sageerrors in the SR's could one of you have a quick look what is wrong there? Or point how I could debug it a bit.15:52
StskeepsSage: see conversation in #mer backlog :P15:53
SageI know how to get boss logs but not sure where those error logs are really15:53
Stskeeps(i think)15:53
lbtI think phaeron was going to redo the SRs15:53
lbthe may not have had time yet15:53
Sageah, ok.15:55
*** rikanee has joined #nemomobile15:56
StskeepsSage: btw, we should schedule to switch nemo:devel:mw over to mer:qt:devel by tuesday morning/monday late evening\15:58
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SuperpelicanHello everyone18:12
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile18:12
SuperpelicanI found my lost microSD again today18:13
SuperpelicanThat means that I've been trying to run the latest Nemo Mobile version on my N90018:13
*** ljp has joined #nemomobile18:13
SuperpelicanUnfortunately it complains about boot.scr missing18:13
Superpelicanand then the kernel panics18:13
SuperpelicanIs this a known problem?18:14
SuperpelicanI've tried flashing 2 times18:14
SuperpelicanI mean flashing the microSD18:14
SuperpelicanHas the image been corrupted while extracting or downloading?18:15
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile18:21
SuperpelicanIs it necessary to add the bs=4096 parameter?18:42
SuperpelicanRedownloaded, reextracted and reflashed with bs=4096 param still the same error18:47
SuperpelicanStskeeps: Is this a known problem?18:48
SuperpelicanStskeeps: There certainly are system files on the microSD, so I'm sured I flashed the right device18:48
vgradeSuperpelican: things have been moving around recently since the move from meego OBS18:49
Superpelicanvgrade: Is there away I can obtain the boot.scr?18:50
Superpelicanvgrade: and add it manually?18:50
vgradewhat command are you using to write to sdcard18:50
*** Frye has quit IRC18:50
Superpelican"sudo dd bs=4096 if="nemo_image" of=/dev/sdb"18:51
SuperpelicanI'm 100% sure I've written the image to the right card18:51
SuperpelicanIt does say it's loading the Nemo 2.6.37 kernel18:51
SuperpelicanAnd the microSD has plenty of Linux system folders and files on it18:52
SuperpelicanThe n900 says: "Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel..."18:52
vgradeso yes , looks like missing boot.scr which would set kernel command line18:53
vgradelooking at n900 adaptation repo now,
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC18:55
Superpelicanvgrade:But shouldn't the 26 April image be unaffected from the move to Mer OBS?19:00
Superpelicanvgrade:Could I download an older image and extract the boot.scr from that image and use it for the 26 April image?19:01
vgradevgrade: maybe not. do you have a link to the image19:01
SuperpelicanMaybe this is helpful:
SuperpelicanMaybe we can find whether or not the boot.scr was copied into the 26 April image19:03
Superpelican*find out19:03
Superpelicanctrl+f "boot.scr" doesn't list anything19:03
SuperpelicanBut maybe that log isn't suppose to tell that boot.scr was also copied19:04
vgradeit only gives packages installed19:05
vgradeand you run using run noloboot command19:05
Superpelicandoesn't "run noloboot" boot Maemo?19:06
vgradeits been a while since I run up n90019:06
Superpelicannoloboot boots maemo kernel image19:08
SuperpelicanI wish I weren't right :(19:08
SuperpelicanHave to leave :(19:10
SuperpelicanWill be back tomorrow19:10
SuperpelicanOne last question: I can generate boot.scr myself, right?19:11
SuperpelicanI'll have to learn it anyway19:11
vgradeim looking at adaptation packages to see where its generated19:11
SuperpelicanAs I'm planning to try to get Nemo Mobile running on a cheap Chinese Android tablet (sunxi-4i Allwinner A10)19:11
SuperpelicanI'll probably never succeed19:12
SuperpelicanBut at least I'll have learned a lot about Linux19:12
vgradeSuperpelican: there is hope19:12
Superpelicanyou mean for sunxi or N900?19:12
SuperpelicanI really have to leave now :(19:13
*** Superpelican has quit IRC19:13
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vgradeSage, did boot.scr get removed from u-boot package in n900 adaptation?19:20
*** Frye has quit IRC19:35
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#346 Rejected promotion request20:07
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xavinuxuauu...can access via SSH to the Nemo Virtualbox Machine! :)20:21
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sledgesvgrade, i remember peeps on here flsshedthat image successfully on their n900s..21:15
sledgesstrange why superpelican lost their boot.scr21:15
*** nodevel has joined #nemomobile21:16
sledgesZogG_laptop, could you upload your n950 harmattan firmware somewhere?21:22
sledgessince navifirm* locked out, they are as good as gold now :)21:23
ZogG_laptopsledges: i'm not sure if it's legal as it's leaked one21:23
sledgesas in leaked through navifirm?21:24
sledgesbut if we cant get a hold of it otherwise?..21:25
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