Saturday, 2013-08-17

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drachensunstskeeps:  So I was wasting your time, in case you were curious.  It was another problem with the initrd left over from the tizen experiment.  Its booting now, working on the startup now05:57
ericccsailfishos app  run on tizen?06:09
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drachensunok, so I got a flash of the nemo splashscreen during boot06:41
Stskeepsgood, probably doesn't start up that much further06:42
drachensunso how do I start up wayland?06:43
drachensunor I guess look for a log as to why it didn't start06:44
Stskeepsdo you get a console on serial? it was ttyS0 ?06:44
drachensunyup, I've got the serial console, it was ttyS006:45
Stskeepsok, with login:06:45
drachensunI've got virtual consoles as well now06:45
Stskeepsah, ok06:45
Stskeepsnemo/nemo login06:45
Stskeepsand su -> nemo06:45
drachensunsu -> nemo doesn't work06:46
drachensunbut I can log in as root06:46
drachensunwith the password nemo06:46
drachensuneh weird06:47
drachensuntrying to switch the virtual console on f2 froze things, I'll stick the serial06:47
drachensunbut anyway, I've got access as nemo or root06:48
Stskeepsyou booting off a sd card?06:48
Stskeepsor where06:48
Stskeepsok, so not a terribly lot of space there? what file system?06:49
Stskeepsand how big?06:50
drachensunI've got 800mb06:50
Stskeepsso this is about the time where you'd need to do an android build06:50
drachensunI've got another partition I can mount as well, its got a few gb06:50
drachensunI did that06:50
drachensunah hell06:51
drachensunI made a second rootfs with the permissions fixed06:51
drachensunand didn't copy the android /system06:51
drachensunI need the /system folder right?06:51
Stskeepsyeah - a build that has a specific patch applied to it06:51
drachensunI followed vgrades guide, he had a patch in there06:52
drachensunwow that system folder is 200mb zipped06:54
Stskeepsyou can probably drop /app and /media06:54
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drachensunyou mean I can't run all this apk files under nemo?06:58
Stskeepsnot with public technology06:58
drachensunok, it didn't like the timwarp but I have a system folder06:59
drachensunand I've got my build of libhybris from sb2 on here as well07:00
Stskeepstry to run test_egl as root then07:01
drachensuntest_egl: test_egl.c:50: main: Assertion `eglGetError() == 0x3000' failed.07:01
Stskeepswell, that's a start07:02
Stskeepstry EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev test_egl07:03
drachensunsame thing07:04
Stskeepsok -- cat /sys/class/graphics/fb0/bits_per_pixel07:04
Stskeepsokie then07:05
Stskeepsmkdir -p /dev/graphics07:05
Stskeepsln -s /dev/fb0 /dev/graphics/fb007:05
Stskeepstry again07:05
drachensunsame thing07:06
drachensunwell one thing, when I copied libhybris07:06
drachensunI copied all the /usr/local folder from the sb2 build root to my flashed root07:07
drachensunwould that have missed anything?07:07
Stskeepswell, it might be using the wrong libEGL drivers07:07
Stskeepscan you do a libhybris build with --prefix=/usr ?07:07
Stskeepsneed to make clean07:07
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Stskeepsldd test_egl07:09
Stskeepsand rpm -qf /usr/lib/
drachensunhaven't done my new build yet, getting setup07:11
Stskeepstry EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev test_glesv2 while you're at it07:12
Stskeepsthis was an SGX?07:12
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drachensunyeah, powervr right?07:13
drachensunPowerVR SGX54407:13
Stskeepsfirst: check if there's kernel modules to be loaded, 2) /system/bin/pvrsvrinit07:14
drachensunok, that is going to take some doing, "disagrees about version of symbol module_layout"07:24
drachensunI think this only appear with the Android kernel build07:24
Stskeepsthey should ideally be open source kernel modules so you can build against your kernel07:27
drachensunwell it looks like there is a setup here to build them for Linux07:29
drachensunI'm guessing its just not being called yet07:29
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faenilmorning o/07:39
drachensunwhat do you know, the pvr module build for Linux07:40
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drachensunok with the pvr drivers I'm still getting the error07:56
drachensunI guess there is no reason not to just build libhybris right on the device right?07:57
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Stskeepsran pvrsvrinit08:06
drachensunI haven't08:06
drachensuncan't seem to find it08:07
drachensunoh, hold on08:08
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drachensunwe have a pvrsrvctl08:09
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drachensunlink_image[1891]:   483 could not load needed library '' for './pvrsrvctl' (load_library[1093]: Library '' not found)CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE08:12
drachensunI tried copying the libraries into /usr/local/lib08:13
drachensunis this a libc/bionic problem maybe?08:14
drachensunI copied them to /system/lib, seems to have started08:14
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drachensunok, so I'm installing everything to build libhybris locally, for whatever reason the install in zypper is very slow08:35
drachensunback at it later08:35
drachensunthanks for all the help08:35
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drachensunok, I lied, I had to try a few more things09:10
drachensunI managed to build it locally with the prefix /usr09:10
drachensunit said it installed to /usr/lib09:10
drachensunafterward, I get this for the rpm command09:11
drachensunwhich seems wrong as I thought I should have replaced it09:11
drachensunbut I'm getting the same error still09:11
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drachensunanyway, I'm any thoughts on things to try tomorrow appreciated09:13
drachensunI'm off I meant09:15
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faenilanyone alive? :D13:19
faenilStskeeps, you're too busy, I need someone to hack with me :D13:21
faenilyou know what, I think I'll start making the Wayland image for n950 :)13:23
faenilor maybe update my blog before13:24
faenil10 more days and it's 2 years that I haven't written anything on there13:25
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Morpoghow wpuld you call a button that you can press? pressable?14:30
locusfits was 4 years for my blog :)14:30
Morpogfaenil, writing blog entry to explain icefox concept a bit14:31
faenilMorpog, good :)14:31
Morpogso any idea how to call such a button in english?14:32
Morpogpressable doesn't seem to be an english word :)14:32
locusfit is14:33
Morpogah great :)14:34
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faenilyeah it is :D14:38
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zetazHello everybody14:45
zetazI am back at trying to port HeliumReborn to Qt5 (and learning Qt5/QML2 at the same time...)14:45
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zetazI have the Sailfish SDK already installed. What I can read from the wiki page of Nemo is that it needs a mer SDK. As Sailfish also provides the mer SDK, is this enough, or are there some specifics things for Nemo ?14:47
zetazI have errors concerning imports of in QML, and don't know how to fix them.14:47
zetazfaenil :  in your patch to port other applications, you kept them. What is the trick ?14:48
faenilzetaz, hi man nice to meet you :)14:49
faenilps. note that in the meanwhile we discovered that Cutefox-qt5 is already ported to nemo by Jolla :)14:50
faenilit's got a very basic UI though ;)14:50
faenilzetaz, anyway, if you want to keep on porting Helium, feel free to ;) what kind of error do you get?14:50
locusfthere will be a plethora of them14:50
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faenilzetaz, anyway, I wouldn't advice using the same MerSDK used for SailfishSDK as it's in a VM, and it's not tested with Nemo14:51
zetazfaenil: yeah, I was out only a few days, but a lot happens. However, as I have started the port, I will try to finish it. It may give a bit more choice (if it works...), and I learn a lot doing so !14:52
faenilsure ;)14:52
faenilzetaz, I wrote a tutorial, I recommend following that and asking for help if you get stuck ;)14:52
zetazfaenil : the C++ part compiles, it builds and deploy. At run time, I have a QML error for the imports : "module "" is not installed  => import 1.0 "14:53 is now part of
faenilso you can just get rid of the import, iirc14:54
zetazfaenil : sorry, only copied the first line, second is : "module "" is not installed =>  import 2.0 "14:54
zetazand thank for the advice to get the separate Mer SDK. I will download it14:55
faenilzetaz, did you modify the spec to require qt-components-qt5?14:55
faenilthis is an example of Qt5 port14:56
faenilit is a simple app, so you should be able to see the common bits14:56
zetazfaenil : thanks for the links. I will stop doing hybrid Nemo/Sailfish work here, and install properly all the Nemo/Mer SDK, then will continue my work refering to your examples.14:59
zetazwill be back when it's clean !14:59
zetazthanks !14:59
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faenilzetaz, np :)15:05
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Morpoghmm, while explaining the concept, I got an idea, how to simplify the concept in one are, damn15:06
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faenilsledgeSim, ping when you're back ;)15:56
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faenilMorpog, any chance you can slice the PSD from Hurrian into graphics pieces I can use for the components?16:05
Morpogwell, thats hard to do when I don't know how exactly you need them sliced.16:06
faenilMorpog, give a look
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Morpogwill have a look after i finish my wall of text :)16:10
faenilok thanks :)16:12
faenilmy blog post is taking ages to complete16:13
faeniltoo many things happened since last time I wrote16:13
faeniland I hate writing xD16:13
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faenil(only File dialog and Color dialog in QtQuick.Dialogs)16:27
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faenilWARNING: missing ButtonRow, ButtonColumn, and any kind of Picker (DatePicker, TimePicker)16:47
Morpogdoesn't sound like fun16:47
faeniljust means we have to make those :P16:47
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faenilSo, components that we will have to create for sure: Switch, BusyIndicator, Dialog, QueryDialog, SelectionDialog or whatever...DatePicker, TimePicker...ButtonRow, ButtonColumn17:09
faenilwell, if Glacier UI needs them, that is17:09
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Morpogdoes anyone want to read it before I publish? qwazix?17:18
*** araujo has joined #nemomobile17:19
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Morpogor someone else with a grog account?17:21
MorpogsledgeSim, tweet? :)
Morpogthat was alot of text, lol17:33
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locusfgood post17:57
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Morpogfaenil, ping18:45
*** SfietKonstantin is now known as Sfiet_Konstantin18:54
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faenilMorpog, pong19:12
Morpogso, you need these graphics in the exact same size?19:13
faenilactually, I don't know, there's no "reference" for doing such things19:14
faenilbut I'd say least we have an example19:14
Morpogbecause I started with the arrows and run into the first problem then :)19:15
Morpogif i keep the aspect ration of hurrians arrows, they will be smaller in height than the ones from there19:15
Morpoghave you watched these components on a device yet?19:16
Morpogmaybe they are too small/big?19:16
faenilno idea19:16
faenilthe touch gallery uses custom style19:16
Morpogmaybe you can do a small app which shows the components?19:17
Morpogalso, it's hard for me to change those graphics without knowing what tehy are for :)19:17
faenilyeah I understand, the problem is we should work hand in hand step by step19:18
faenilbut that's not possible because we all code in different hours :/19:18
Morpogand I think you will need to alter the qml styles too19:18
faenilof course19:18
faenilMorpog, but I can't do that if I don't see any "photoshop components gallery" with sizes and pixels19:19
faenilwe need a mockup of all components19:19
faenilwith sizes19:19
*** nodevel has joined #nemomobile19:19
faenilwell, default sizes of course19:20
Morpogwell, I'm clueless about components at all, the names don't tell me anything how they will look like19:20
Morpogshall we do something simple like those arrows?19:20
faenilfor what19:21
faenilthose are for buttons19:21
faenilwell, the > arrows19:22
Morpogi thought those are for lists that you can cick?19:22
faeniloh yeah sorry, I was thinking list items and saying buttons :)19:22
Morpoglol, see I wouldn't have searched them in a button component19:22
faenilnah it was me ;)19:22
Morpogso such a list item has only this graphic, or?19:22
faenilthey're for list items, I mistyped buttons19:22
Morpogand qml style which say background is black or something?19:23
Morpogand maybe a border or so19:23
faenilMorpog, read the styles, those arrows are for scrollbars19:24
Morpogoh wtf, lol19:25
Morpogso there are no listitem arrows at all?19:25
Morpogare we having scrollbars like that at all?19:25
Morpogoh, I see, there is no listeitem.qml :(19:27
faenilwell, listitem is a very simple item..19:27
Morpogso which existing style is easy to do and usable for us?19:28
Morpogso we can do one together as example to find out a workflow19:28
faenilbutton? :)19:29
Morpogbuttonstyle.qml then19:29
Morpogso lets see whats inside19:30
Morpogbutton.png and when pressed, button_down.png19:30
Morpogand focusframe.png as border, when it's active?19:31
faeniland that one has public API19:31
faenilso first of all19:31
Morpogand arrow-down too19:31
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faenilyeah that's for when you attach a menu to the button I think19:32
Morpogwhy has a button a arrow-down image?19:32
Morpogah ok19:32
faenilanyway, first of all, we have to decide how to handle the Nemo styles19:32
faenilas in -> packaging19:32
Morpogwell, ur alone there :)19:34
faenilso, help me see which controls don't have styling API available19:36
faenilread qml files of the controls (not styles) and let's which ones don't have the "style" property19:36
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faenilbutton has it19:40
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Morpogtrue, something must have been gone wrong19:41
*** mric_ has quit IRC19:43
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #nemomobile19:44
Morpogthats it19:44
faenilnot sure though things like MenuBarPrivate are public..19:46
faenil(which is the components that has the style property for MenuBar)19:46
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*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile19:50
faenilMorpog, I'll start forking the repo19:50
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC19:52
faenilMorpog, we're missing packaging for the components galleries :(19:54
faenilthe one sledgeSim did is only for the "touch" gallery19:56
faenilwhich already uses custom styles19:56
faenil(android styling)19:56
Morpog(which isn't that far away from glacier)19:56
faenilyeah I noted that too19:57
Morpoghmm, we could base on those :)20:00
faenilbasing on Tizen? :D mmm20:02
Stskeepswell, at least the guys are reasonable20:02
Stskeepsie, qt-tizen20:03
Morpogyeah and they seem to have done lots of stuff which is needed for mobile use20:03
faenilStskeeps, yeah I meant it might not suit our UI20:03
faenilit has to be looked into20:03
Stskeepsjstaniek and co are cool at least20:03
faenilMorpog, yes I have already looked into their components ;)20:04
Stskeepsworth a shot20:04
*** furikku has quit IRC20:05
faenilI don't think those can help...we can reuse the components they added, but about the rest, those have to be restyled in any case20:07
faenilnot sure it's useful20:07
Morpogsure, but the ones missing sounds great20:08
faenilall in all, styling is not difficult, it doesn't make much sense to take tizen controls and restyle them once more20:08
faenilbut of course reusing the ones they already added is useful :)20:08
*** asterismo has quit IRC20:11
*** asterismo has joined #nemomobile20:12
faenilStskeeps, have you seen the latest demo of tizen components? quite laggy20:16
Morpognope, link?20:17
Morpogdoesn't look accelerated20:18
faenilit is, GLES20:18
Morpogstill, doesn't look like it's accelerated :)20:19
Morpogsee, there it's smooth20:20
faenilyes I've seen it already20:20
faenilthat's why I pasted my tweet20:20
Morpogstill, not 60 fps though20:20
Stskeepsnote that videos are typicaally not recorded with 60fps20:22
faeniland youtube also limits it to 30 iirc20:22
Stskeepsbbl sleep20:22
Morpogok ok, i forgot :)20:22
faenilStskeeps, cya20:22
Morpogcya Stskeeps20:22
faenilMorpog, so, let's go on :D20:27
faenilchecking one thing wait20:30
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile20:32
faenilMorpog, sledgeSim's repo is from stable branch20:33
faenilI think I'll clone dev branch20:33
*** amizraa has joined #nemomobile20:35
faenilnah, I'll use stable, not sure dev is okay to do what we need20:37
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #nemomobile20:39
*** n9mx has left #nemomobile20:44
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faenilMorpog, I have to setup repo for qtquickcontrols-example :(20:50
faenilbecause the official one is one that android custom style20:51
Morpoggo on :)20:52
faeniltrying to build touch gallery locally21:02
*** fk_lx has left #nemomobile21:08
faenilMorpog, still working, don't worry :)21:08
Morpogwell, I wait till I see the Hexchat icon blinking ffrom far away on my couch :)21:09
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zetazfaenil: I setup a clean MerSDK+Nemo Image, and I am trying to compile the rpm in the clean environment. I faced some errors which I managed to fix, but I don't really understand the one I have now.21:16
faenilgo on21:16
zetazIt compiles, then launch install to copy files to the location from where it creates the rpm21:16
zetazso far is ok. then it appear to launch "/usr/lib/rpm/brp-strip /usr/bin/strip"21:17
zetazand it fails with several pages of "/usr/share/misc/magic, 1514: Warning: No format string for `, contains[@0x%x]: ' with description `indirect' " or other errors from this magic file21:17
faenilzetaz, are you building with mb?21:17
zetazfinally it ends with the message : "file: File 5.4 supports only version 7 magic files. `/usr/share/misc/magic.mgc' is version 10"21:18
faenilI scp the .rpm and then zypper install .rpm21:18
zetazfaenil:yes, I use mb. I tried to follow as possible what is on the wiki21:18
faenilso, are you copying the rpm to the device and then zypper install the rpm?21:19
zetazfaenil: the rpm is not built, it fails during the creation21:19
faeniloh ok :P21:19
faenilthen please copy the full log on pastebin21:19
zetazfaenil : sorry, it's a bit hard to explain something, when half a day before you didn't know it exists ;)21:20
faenilno problem :)21:20
zetazfaenil : give me a minute21:20
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*** araujo has joined #nemomobile21:22
zetazhere it is :
zetazfaenil : this is the output of "mb build -t mer-target-i486 rpm/heliumreborn.spec"21:25
zetazit is quite long, but all errors must come from the same problem which may be a package missing, or a command that should not be run, I think21:26
zetazfaenil, now that I think of it, it is only showing warnings, not errors, so it may be the "find-docs" that is breaking the build. But there is still something wrong with the magic thing...21:28
faenilthose are just warning21:28
faenilyes, what I was about to say21:28
faenildon't know about the magic stuff thouh21:29
zetazfaenil, thanks for the link ! there is that much on the wiki, I am missing a lot of things...21:30
zetazI try it and get back with the result21:30
faenilno problem, I've been there :P not long ago21:30
zetazfaenil : thanks a lot, it fixed the issue. It is breaking a bit later, but it is my fault, and the error message is clear this time.21:32
faenilMorpog, I have a problem with qtquickcontrols packaging...I just cloned sledgeSim's repo, but it seems it wasn't enough :(21:32
faenilzetaz, good :)21:33
zetazfaenil : working on nemo has a stiff learning curve from what I can see, but it has a lot of promises ! Thanks again. I will continue to fight with it, but I will probably not win today...21:34
faenilzetaz, yeah well, it's Nemo :)21:34
faenilzetaz, keep me updated ;) I won't be here tomorrow though, just a bit in the morning21:35
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC21:36
zetazfaenil: ok, I will. Hope I can do it without disturbing you again for silly errors21:37
faenilzetaz, you have no idea how many questions I ask Jolla guys ;)21:37
faenilMorpog, fixed :)21:38
cxl000zetaz, install meego-rpm-config21:38
zetazcxl000 : thanks. I have done it and it fixed my issue. It was described in the wiki link about troubleshooting faenil gave me.21:39
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile21:39
faenilcxl000, I wonder why it's not included by default, it's been bothering people for ages :D21:40
zetazfaenil (or other) : in this patch you removed the ressource file and deployed qml file directly. Are there any guidelines or reasons to prefer one to the other ?21:42
*** M13 has quit IRC21:43
faenilzetaz, that I can fix the .qml from ssh on device without having to recompile :)21:43
zetazfaenil : I though of this, but wanted to make sure there was nothing else to take into account like performance issue. Thanks21:44
faenildon't know about performance21:44
faenilprobably loads faster if qrc?21:44
faenilsince it's already in the executable21:44
faenilwell actually I think slower at startup, but faster when loading new qml files21:44
faenillike new pages21:45
faenil(but it's all my opinion)21:45
zetazfaenil: It makes sense. When it works, I may try with qrc if there are performance issues.21:47
faenilzetaz, don't think it would really make a difference, but yeah, could be worth benchmarking :)21:50
faenilMorpog, we're ready!21:51
faenilMorpog, hey :P did you fall asleep? :D21:53
*** alien_ has quit IRC21:55
Morpogmonitor went standby faenil :D21:59
faenilzetaz, do you have any experience with QtQuick2?22:07
zetazfaenil : now I have a rpm ! (I forgot to copy some files that were not added to git, so they were not in the patch....)22:07
faenilI see :)22:08
zetazfaenil : no. I only used widget and Qt4.822:08
zetazfaenil : Qt5 was on my todo list for a while, but I only started looking at it through Sailfish/Nemo22:09
faenilyeah same here22:09
zetazfaenil : I would like to help you here, but I am some (a lot?) steps behind you. I even had to launch a "find" command to search where the rpm had been built ;)22:10
faenilzetaz, well, you couldn't just guess that :) I just read it from the "Wrote:" line in the end of the mb log :)22:11
zetazI am taking note of what I had to do to, and will put all in a blog post (and maybe some things will go to the wiki?)22:11
faenilsure :)22:11
zetazok, now trying to put that in the virtual machine to see where it breaks ! :d22:12
faenilis it using qtcomponents-qt5?22:13
zetazfaenil : I am fine with the terminal for now, but is it possible to integrate all this withing QtCreator like Jolla did ?22:14
faenilzetaz, nothing is impossible :)22:14
faenilit's about manpower22:14
zetazfaenil : sure! :D, my question was not the good one. Do some people do it now with the current state of  QtCreator ?22:15
faenilno idea22:15
zetazI have done integration with some toolchains (like STM32 cross-compiling), but here with the need to enter the mersdk before launching command, I have no idea how to do it.22:16
zetazwill take a look when I am tired of console ;)22:16
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faenilMorpog, good night :P22:27
faenilto all people still awake:
*** faenil has quit IRC22:30
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