Sunday, 2013-09-01

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piggzto get a working wayland qt5 setup on n950 is it nescessary to use the new image, or will zypper-dup be enough?  i just dup'd and booted to a black screen10:40
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Morpog_PCimage will work, though it's far from usable10:44
RzRpiggz, tune your bootloader too10:48
piggzRzR: ive installed nemo-mobile-session-wayland ... and now booted to a trippy pattern :)10:50
RzRtested it yesterday too10:53
RzRI finally unpacked the 3rd link at
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faenilpiggz, I can help you with troubleshooting, if you want to use wayland without flashing the iamnge11:57
faenilcan't guarantee though ;)11:57
faenilI should be available in the evening (europe time)11:57
piggzfaenil: ok, i'll take you up on that11:59
faenilpiggz, remember most of the stuff doesn't work in wayland12:04
faenilincluding virtual keyboard12:04
piggzthats fine, its a play device12:05
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piggzfaenil: what is the correct way to start lipstick?  just running it gives a seg fault12:11
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locusfif I understood correctly, the compositor doesn't handle overlay categorized windows very well17:22
locusfif I'd just figure out if its a qml problem then it'd be an "easy" fix17:22
locusffaenil: ^17:22
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locusfyay keyboard in the same window :)17:57
faenillocusf, yes I already added that17:58
faeniloverlay handling was the first thing17:58
locusffaenil: oh17:58
faenilI posted the screen on twitter17:59
faenilwith the keyboard and black screen17:59
locusfhaven't been on twitter much :D18:00
locusfyeah found it18:00
faenillocusf, sorry I thought you were up to date18:00
locusffaenil: np :)18:00
faenilwe need to understand why maliit window doesn't have transparent background18:01
faenilStskeeps suggested to use apitrace18:01
faenilbut I get 8888 from there18:01
faenilso it should be setting alpha correctly18:01
locusfI got that same black window btw with keyboard18:02
faenilgood ;)18:02
locusfso I guess we treaded the same paths18:02
faenilI don't think I will have time to go on today, need to keep studying in evening as well18:02
Stskeepsfaenil: show me the api trace first ~50 lines18:02
faenilbut I'll keep an eye on IRC18:02
faenilStskeeps, sure wait18:02
faenilI kept only useful stuff18:04
locusffaenil: do you still get the warnings about stencil and depth buffers?18:06
locusfas I see it the are both 018:07
locusfso if the drawing doesn't have a sized stencil in which it would draw the alpha, then ..18:07
locusfdraw the alpha == draw the transparency18:07
locusftbh I have no clue how EGL is supposed to work :)18:09
faenillocusf, pvuorela said it should be ok18:11
locusffaenil: ok18:11
faenilStskeeps, see anything weird?18:11
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locusfor is this just an issue with topmostwindow18:17
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Stskeepsalso, api trace of the app18:25
Stskeepsthat the buffer that matters18:25
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faenilStskeeps, yeah I thought maliit would be the owner of the window..I took trace of maliit18:26
faenilit's maliit which creates the QQuickWindow where the keyboard is shown afterall18:27
faenilStskeeps, so the first 50 calls of the app are enough, even if it doesn't show maliit?18:29
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faenilStskeeps, looks okay to me18:43
Stskeepsit does18:44
Stskeepswtf on the viewport though18:44
faenilStskeeps, it could be because I had window decorations enabled18:45
faenillet me try without18:45
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faenilStskeeps, yes it was window decorations ;)18:50
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faenilI have a dirty hack in mind, which would fix this issue, but this will only work for the keyboard19:07
faenilnah don't like it...we need something more reliable19:08
qwazixfaenil, Morpog_PC, Hurrian the header evolved into the headerDock:
faenilreplied on twitter :)19:12
faenilI absolutely love the idea19:12
faenilbut I don't like the gradient top bar at all :D19:12
faenilthe dock is gorgeous :)19:12
Stskeepsfaenil: window decorations removed solved black?19:13
qwazixthanks, maybe we could allow solid color top bar depending on usage?19:13
faenilStskeeps, nope, solved weird viewport size19:13
qwazix(anyway most on the time will be black on black so no gradient)19:13
qwazixwhen it's black-over-image ( it doesn't look awful19:14
faenilmm yeah it's better...though I'm not convinced :D19:15
faenilqwazix, I loved your colourful mockups from devaamo summit19:15
faenilbut I don't think they match glacier's style, which seems to be flat19:15
qwazixfaenil, it seems that people like the less extreme Glacier19:15
faenilI see19:16
qwazixup to now I don't see a reason we can't do both, time permitting, they are pretty much the same as far as functionality19:17
qwazixis concerned19:17
faenileh, well, that would be awesome, I doubt we'll have time though :D19:17
faenilfreaking maliit, argh :D19:19
qwazixanyway, I'm off for a while19:20
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locusfwhy can't I use setUse20:21
locusffrom qml20:22
locusfit should have LipstickCompositorWindow, which is a QWaylandSurfaceItem20:22
locusfand by defaulty QWaylandSurfaceItem does not use texture alpha20:23
faenilnice find ;)20:25
locusflemme compile and test if it works20:26
faenilthat's it that's it .D20:26
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locusfnope, wasn't it20:29
locusfunless I'm doing it wrong20:30
faenilouch :/20:30
faenilthat was a nice idea20:30
locusfin constructor of LipstickCompositorWindow20:31
locusfhmm its true when debugging20:36
locusfanyways, gotta stop for tonight20:40
locusfgood night folks20:40
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faenillocusf, good night20:53
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RzRhi locusf thx for releasing wl image21:00
RzRi installed it21:00
faenilI think he's sleeping already ;)21:01
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Morpog_PCqwazix, I really like the idea of extended header and even more dockstates, which is a bit like puilley menu. It could also use audio and haptic feedback.21:15
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qwazixMorpog_PC, good! I think it enables pc-like productivity for large smartphones where space isn't too limited21:23
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Morpog_PCcould be even customizable in app settings21:24
qwazixor on long-tap21:25
qwazixbut let's leave this for 2.021:25
Morpog_PCto move them around?21:25
qwazixit adds coding overhead, better have a working app and this can come later21:26
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Hurrianqwazix: nice, although devs will need to put some thought into app design before they use it ;)21:43
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qwazixHurrian, for those who don't, they can still use the classic listview. We will make it the easy default21:44
qwazixand here it is how it would look like if we manage to finish breeze too
Hurrianentire thing's themeable, right?21:57
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qwazixNow entire thing is non-existent21:59
qwazixbut we intend to make it themeable21:59
qwazixand I am also trying to meld Glacier and Breeze to something that even though looks entirely different, it boils down to clever theming22:00
faenilbot themes look awesome22:00
faenilI may be more breeze oriented, but I like flat style as well22:00
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qwazixgn everyone! o/22:07
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