Monday, 2013-09-02

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locusffaenil: you fixed it !10:02
faenilyeah well, thanks to few people :)10:02
locusfwhat was the issue?10:03
faenilthe issue is in qtwayland it seems, and we have a workaround for that10:03
locusfoh ok10:05
Anssi||great, faenil was it big issue10:10
mikhasfaenil, nice10:22
mikhasbut of course the VKB should be hidden when the HWKB is open ;-)10:23
faenilmikhas, stfu :D10:24
faenilmikhas, yeah, one step at a time :)10:24
sledgesand it should be landscape as well10:24
locusfit is, just not the apps :)10:25
sledgesi'm joking guys10:25
faenilmikhas, how should that work? (the hw keyboard thing)10:25
mikhasfaenil, by default it tries to guess the HWKB status via udev10:28
mikhasbut contextkit would be more reliable10:28
mikhasfaenil, check MImHwKeyboardTracker class10:30
mikhas(in Maliit framework)10:30
mikhasit's ugly code because it tries to work on different platforms10:30
Anssi||i guess it can be little hairy if user boot devices and plays with keyboard opening or closing it, or something between.10:35
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mikhasyeah, the udev hack doesn't work in that case10:37
mikhasbut contextkit notifies maliit in case of changes10:38
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faenilmikhas, ok thanks :) so where do you expect to be failing in wayland?11:11
faenilmikhas, ok read your tweet, so modifying the CONFIG should be enough?11:13
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faenilif anybody has time, next steps:11:14
mikhaswell, would be good to try11:15
faenil- Gestures in homescreen are not working properly on n950/n9 (swipe out of apps)11:15
Morpog_N9nice faenil, now exchange those vkb theme files :D11:15
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faenilMorpog_N9, I'm leaving11:16
faenilI could be back this evening11:16
faenilI'm going back to studies home11:16
Morpog_N9no prob, I'm at work anyway :-)11:16
faenilsee you this late evening! (hopefully)11:17
faenilhave fun11:17
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cxl000Sage, w00t What is the preferred method to fix the cor build issue? Add new package tut or remove tut as a build require?12:39
w00tcxl000: set up a webhook, and trigger it to build12:42
cxl000Who can add a webhook to nemo:devel:mw?12:44
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w00tfaenil, me (if you ask tonight, bit busy with work atm), sage, etc12:44
w00tlocusf should probably ask lbt to set his access for it up too :)12:45
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cxl000w00t thanks. I'll be back latter.12:50
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alteregoIs there a .ks for nemo with qt5+wayland?12:57
alteregoAh, found it.12:58
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locusfw00t: yeah I probably should13:23
niqti m working on ks for n90013:24
niqtbut have a error13:24
niqtUnable to find package: udev-rules-n90013:24
niqtbut i have repo --name=nemo-adaptation-n900 --baseurl=
sledgesniqt, they are modularised:
sledgesneed to add all of those instead13:28
sledges(maybe this is enough ^)13:29
sledgesyes, so just rename udev-rules-n900 to udev-rules-nokia-n90013:30
sledgesno need for netbooks in n900 :D13:30
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niqtsledges and this?13:34
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kimjusledges, hey, do you have a working .ks using the packages from somewhere?14:18
kimjuI just got couple of beagle xm's to play with14:18
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mricdoes anyone know where I can find the last image of nemo ?16:56
mric*with wayland16:56
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mriclocusf, thank you, will use it to complete a wiki page17:00
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XeNhi guys. can someone give me a link to the latest wayland image for the n950?17:55
alteregoThere's a link to an image in "Related links"17:57
locusfoh its in the wiki too, cool :)17:58
qwazixMorpog_PC, Hurrian, around?18:06
qwazixI wanted to brainstorm a bit about the selectBox, or dropDown, however you wanna call it18:07
qwazixI'm not really happy with the solutions I've seen until now18:08
qwazixiOS solution is ugly, android looks like it came straight from the 90's18:09
qwazixharmattan and bb fare a bit better but meh...18:10
qwazixbb opens the selectBox inline pushing other items down18:10
qwazixharmattan pops up a nice and clean modal window18:10
qwazix(btw harm does not have a qml control for this, one has to combine a button with a selectionDialog)18:11
qwazixAny better ideas?18:11
Morpog_PCwhy not  inline and toilet paper roller comined? :D18:11
qwazixinline is not bad, but I can think of some situations that would make the developer's life hard...18:12
Morpog_PChave you checked the sailfish os combo box page?18:13
qwazixhmm, no. Got a link handy?18:13
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Morpog_PCerm, in the emulator18:13
qwazixhi fk_lx!18:13
Morpog_PCcomponents demo app18:13
qwazixah, don't have it installed on the lappy, if you have it there care to send a screenshot?18:14
fk_lxqwazix: hi18:14
Morpog_PCwell, it has two options for that18:14
Morpog_PCone inline for some options18:14
Morpog_PCand one that opens a new page for more options18:14
Morpog_PCwhich as you select an option gets destroyed18:15
qwazixseems ok18:16
Morpog_PCshall i do a qiock video?18:16
qwazixif it's not too much of a hassle, go ahead18:16
Morpog_PCit's just 6mb18:21
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qwazixyeah, it's pretty good like that. The new page might work even with few options, when inlining is impossible18:26
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cxl000morning w00t20:38
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NeeDforKillhey all20:40
cxl000I had created an SR for tut
NeeDforKillfaenil good job20:40
NeeDforKillso wifi from setting working?20:46
specialcxl000: that shouldn't happen via SR. Talk to Aard20:47
Aardset up webhook20:53
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cxl000Aard The git repo is and the target project is nemo:devel:mw so I dont believe I can set up the webhook20:57
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#417 Rejected promotion request21:08
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cxl000Aard, thanks.21:21
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niqthow can i use (install) a rnd image?21:49
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mrichey everyone, I'm trying to install moslo but after flasher it I'm having this error: "ERR: Re-partitioning failed! No partiotion created"22:09
NeeDforKillu need reflash phone22:10
NeeDforKillwith emmc erase22:10
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mricNeedforkill, Do I need to flash back with harmattan and erase or can I just flash the moslo and erase ?22:11
NeeDforKillu need22:11
NeeDforKillclear flash22:11
NeeDforKillu need flashe firmware and emmc22:11
NeeDforKillwith erase22:11
NeeDforKillthen after flash22:11
NeeDforKillwith erase22:11
NeeDforKillu need flash nemo moslo22:12
mricNeeDforKill, ok thank you very much22:12
mricNeeDforKill, do you know where I can find a light to download emmc ?22:12
mricNeeDforKill, super :) thank you22:14
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