Tuesday, 2013-09-03

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niqtis possible to create raw image file with rnd ks file?07:18
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Sfiet_Konstantinhi RzR, Anssi|| and mric_ :)10:01
mric_Sfiest_Konstantin, how is development going with friends ?10:04
Sfiet_Konstantinmric_: you managed to misspell my nick and I did not got underlined :D10:11
Sfiet_Konstantinmric_: how is dev?10:11
Sfiet_Konstantinit is nice10:11
Sfiet_Konstantinbut right now I'm having fun with making a language translator10:11
Sfiet_Konstantin(computer language)10:11
Sfiet_Konstantina sort of "compiler" let's say10:11
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mric_Sfiet_Konstantin, ok sounds fun and complicated10:14
Sfiet_Konstantinit is ok10:14
Sfiet_Konstantincomplicated though10:14
Anssi||Sfiet_Konstantin, using google apis?10:19
Anssi||we made one language translator some time ago.10:19
Sfiet_KonstantinAnssi||: from C-+ to C++ :D10:21
Sfiet_KonstantinAnssi||: https://sfietkonstantin.wordpress.com/2013/08/18/thoughts-and-experiments-c/10:22
Anssi||lets see10:22
Anssi||Ah, ok :)10:25
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mric_locusf, Hey I have just seen your video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Js9BePSwPKs where did you get this image of nemo10:44
stephgmric_, he's been making them10:52
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mric_stephg, ok do you know where I could find the last image of Nemo under wayland ? I'm trying to update the wiki page about the wayland status: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Wayland_status_matrix10:54
Sfiet_Konstantinmric_: need to ping faenil10:55
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stephghe posted a dropbox link a few days ago of an image10:55
Sfiet_Konstantinmric_: maybe there are also in ml archive10:55
stephgbut it wasn't as functional as that was10:55
stephg(in the video)10:55
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mric_Sfiet_Konstantin, Stephg, thanks I will ping faenil tonight10:56
sledgesmric_, build your own? https://github.com/faenil/NemoWaylandKickstart/blob/master/nemo-armv7hl-n950-rnd.ks11:02
sledgeskimju, no .ks for that beagle, just a resurrected repo from COBS11:03
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sledgesi just saved it, original maintainer: bfederau11:04
sledgesah, he's on #mer11:05
sledgesniqt, just ignore those packages for now11:05
mric_sledges, could you help me building it tonight ?11:05
sledgesif you need wl connectivity, you'll be able to trace needed packages from n900 x11/qt4 repos via patterns11:05
sledgesmric_, i can build it now11:05
sledgesand tell how it went, but i don't have n9xx here :{11:06
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mric_sledges, ok even better :)11:06
sledgesso i will upload it, and hope for the best11:06
niqti'm build the image11:06
sledgesbut it can be very broken11:06
niqtbut tonight i'll try it (n900+wayland)11:06
sledgesn950+wayland is in a very hacky state atm11:07
sledgeswhere active developers ( locusf and faenil ) have so many hacks in place of their devices11:07
sledgesto make them work nice11:07
mric_sledges, right now the only thing really working is the calculator and the possiblity to reviece phone calls.11:07
sledgesthat it will take time for them to be polished and land to the KS files11:07
mric_sledges, ok ...11:08
sledgesso always better to ping them for status (and also kick a$$ so they push their hacks for us to test ;D )11:08
mric_sldges, btw in my image I don't a terminal which is quite annoying11:08
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sledgesjust saying, you're doing great :) keep pinging them and the wiki matrix will flourish :)11:08
sledgesmric_, no fingerterm ? just install it11:08
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sledgesdo you have other apps there?11:09
Sfiet_KonstantinI need to resurrect my N950 I guess11:09
mric_sledges, yeah fingerterm is there but not usable ;)11:09
sledgesmeans some hacks still missing :))11:10
mric_sledges, I think fingerterm itself is working fine but it is half on the screen and the other half is out11:10
mric_it's more a graphic problem11:11
sledgesorientation prolly..?11:11
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mric_sledges, yeah,  on my image nemo is stuck in landscape mode and I think that fingerterm is in portrait mode creating a little problem11:12
mric_just got it to work :)11:13
mric_you need to lock the screen then unlock it directly on the app11:13
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mric_sledges, see you ... btw if you are bored feel free to update: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Wayland_status_matrix11:19
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sledgesi wish i was bored and i wish a had my working n9 :}11:19
kimjusledges, ok, I'll try to make one myself then11:22
sledgeskimju, ask him on #mer11:22
kimjusledges, I try, but he has been idle for a while.11:24
sledgesfair enough11:24
sledgeskimju, do you know11:24
sledgesthat 3 diff beagle boards11:25
sledgesuse 3 different chipsets?11:25
kimjusledges, yes. and I just got couple of xm's in addition to older beagles11:26
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sledgesand that repo is for...? pls remind me :)11:29
sledgesi think BB Rev C4 and for xM11:30
kimjusledges, at least there is adaptation-xm kernel package11:30
kimjuand you said in june that it's for xm :D11:31
Hurrianhey, guys.11:31
sledgeskimju, thanks for refreshing :)) true11:31
Hurrianso, microsoft practically bought Nokia.11:31
sledgesHurrian, #jollamobile is having a hot discussion on this now :))11:32
Hurrianis Microsoft finally deciding to do an Xbox Phone?11:33
Hurriansmells like it - copying after Apple.11:33
sledgeshttps://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Community_Workspace look at BeagleBoard resources11:38
sledgesyou might piece together some nice .ks from the past11:38
sledgesalso worth checking existing other repos (from harbaum )11:38
sledgestake my words back, harbaum repo died with COBS :)11:39
sledgesso just check the .ks11:39
sledgesmind its soft-float armv7l11:39
sledgeskimju, ^11:39
kimjuok, I'll check. thanks11:42
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situAnyone runs Nemo on Nexus 4 here ?11:52
sledgeskimju, you can learn how to create bare images (and generate kickstarts): https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Creating_Releases#Images11:54
sledgesalso you need to decide now11:54
sledgesare you going first for mer-only (recommended)11:54
sledgesor already with nemo11:54
sledgessitu, nearing the top of my TODO list11:54
sledgeswe had attempts to run mer kernel there, but failed so far11:55
sledgesi'm soldering a audio-UART cable for n411:55
sledgeseasier to debug11:55
situohh I thought you already support Nexus 4.11:55
sledgesStskeeps would be happy to help with libhybris there11:55
sledgessitu, to name things more correctly: we have nemo running on n711:56
situWas just wondering if I could use Nemo on Nexus 4 as my primary phone.11:56
sledgessorry to take the wind out of your sails :))11:56
sledgesbut nemo is far from daily phone OS11:56
situHow good is call support for other models ?11:56
sledgesbecause is now under heavy development transition to wayland11:56
alteregoDoes anyone still get crackling from the speaker after an audio event?11:57
sledgessitu, alterego , what hardware do you mean?11:57
situsledges: So let's say N90011:59
sledgessitu, https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Status/Matrix11:59
sledgessitu, but this for x11/qt4 image which is not maintained anymore12:00
sledgesyou can download it, but you won't get fixes for those12:00
sledgesnemo took a leap, and will take some time to arrive to a workable wayland/qt5 state12:00
sledgesif you're an enthusiast, you can have wayland image on12:00
sledgesand try to receive calls12:00
sledgeseven if you need to pick them up via command line :)12:01
sledgesand then define your "daily phone" vision12:01
sledgesand contribute to that12:01
sledges(by testing, poking developers around here, getting involved yourself)12:01
sledgesthat's the way(land) now :D12:01
sledgesand we'll arrive there ;) cherry-topped with an awesome glacier/breeze UI ;)12:02
sledgesin the near future12:02
sledgesessentially, everyone's help will bring the vision closer12:03
situRoger that :)12:03
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locusfcalls work both way btw12:04
sledgesyay \o/12:04
sledgesdaily phone it is then ;D12:04
locusfjust no ringtone :p12:05
sledgessitu, you need to follow niqt , he's making a kickstart file for n900 . but remember it's an old hw12:05
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sledgesputting nemo on n4 sounds really tempting12:05
* sledges glances on n4 on a table12:05
sledgesright, the n4 crew is (chronologically): dm8tbr , me , zmc , and now situ ;)12:06
sledgescome aboard pirates :D12:06
alteregopa config is such a mess.12:07
locusfhmm could also be that the ringtones just aren't there and I don't know how to configure them12:08
situsledges: Anyways even if I buy, I will buy N4 in couple of months.12:08
situI hope it would be at least bootable by then.12:09
sledgesaye aye sir :DDD12:09
sledgessitu, in bit over than couple of months jolla phone is out ;P12:09
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situYeah, but i don't know when would it be avaialbel in India.12:09
situAlso not sure how would they handle customer support requests.12:11
sledgesJolla is available in india12:11
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sledgesbut i might confuse early phone pre-orders vs ODM/carrier contracting12:12
sledgeshence the timescales..12:12
sledgesw00t, could you create empty nemo:devel:mw qtquickcontrols so we can then webhook it?12:17
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sledgesi'll then update the pattern12:18
sledgesand test12:19
locusfI'll do it12:20
locusfah empty package12:21
sledgeslocusf, first the package needs to be created on BMO12:21
locusfand you got webhook already12:21
sledgesyes, will need only to redirect it minimally12:21
sledgesSage could also do it...12:22
sledgessadly no-one else is in charge: https://build.merproject.org/project/users?project=nemo%3Adevel%3Amw12:22
sledgesso all a bit stagnant now12:22
sledgesStskeeps, ? ;)12:22
Stskeepstravellin too12:22
sledgeswe'll have lots of patterns to define for n9xx wayland images12:22
sledgeswhere too? ;)12:22
sledgesHam Electronics League?12:23
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Mric_sledges, did you had time to make the image ?13:19
* sledges hides13:20
sledgeswill do soon13:20
Mric_sledges, hehe np :) Is it possible to build an image under Windows ?13:21
sledgeswe need people like you, with good kicking abilities :D13:21
sledgeserm no..13:21
sledgesyou need mersdk13:21
sledgescould try luck via sailfish sdk but i never tried13:21
Mric_sledges, ok I'm going to ask on #mer13:24
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sledgesMric_, did you try zypper ref/dup in your n950 instead?13:28
Mric_sledges, well wifi is curently broken ....13:29
sledgesunderstood :)13:30
Mric_sledges, currently downloading sialfsh sdk but ping me when the image is ready ;)13:32
sledges;) hope it uploads itself fast as well :)13:33
Mric_sledges, yeah can't wait to test it13:35
Mric_faenil, did you fixed the orientation problem under wayland ?13:35
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mric___sledges, I'm running sailfish sdk :) and according to the guys in #mer I should be able to build a nemo image. Do you have any time to help me build my first image ?13:44
sledgesmric___, is just two commands13:44
sledgescheck if you have mic tool13:44
sledgesunder sailfish sdk command line (when you find one ;))13:45
sledgesmric___, https://www.dropbox.com/s/d1alps0t784e6q5/nemo-armv7hl-n950-rnd-20130903.tar.bz213:45
mric___sledges, ok it that already the image ?13:46
mric___sledges, nice :)13:48
sledgesfingers cross(compil)ed13:49
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locusfmric___: the video is not about image, its just conjured with a hack14:11
* sledges ^ what he said14:11
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mric___sledges, haah14:13
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alteregoWow, so MS bought Nokia mobile phones unit ..14:39
alteregoWell I didn't see that coming ... heh14:39
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