Monday, 2013-10-28

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alteregoThere's a place in California called La Jolla, apparently has a nice killer whale population. I should watch more wildlife documentaries :)00:33
alteregoAlso thinking about how cool it'd be, to have a hybris system on my tablet with the android compatibility layer from Jolla phone. But then, why can't we just use the Android that is already installed.00:36
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zbenjaminmorning guys06:29
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stephg(and a windy one it is)07:11
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Morpog_N9locusf, can you try my latest PR in lipstick-colorful-home?07:31
Morpog_N9and comment there?07:31
locusfMorpog_N9: not right now, maybe laters07:33
Morpog_N9great, thx07:34
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faenilmorning people! o/08:02
zbenjaminhey faenil08:05
Morpog_N9 hi08:08
fk_lxfaenil: hi08:10
faenilhey guys :)08:10
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Morpog_N9I hope Jolla announces something today :D08:32
jussipfffft, itll never happen :P08:32
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faenilqwazix, yo12:36
qwazixwhat's up?12:37
faenilall good ;)12:38
faenilbeen thinking about how to move the toolbar to appwindow12:38
qwazixsorry for disappearing yesterday, but you left before I could say I'd go :P12:38
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qwazixdid you come up with a sane way of doing it?12:40
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faenilqwazix, well I just have to try moving it inside appwindow and see how it goes using the "topofstackchanged" signal12:47
qwazix:nod: sounds sane12:48
qwazixbtw the page PR LGTM otherwise12:48
faeniloki thanks12:49
faenilI took some time to make sure that for example the page instantly set the correct orientation when starting the app12:50
faeniland not things like changing from default orientation to the actual one, even if the user doesn't notice12:50
faenilthe dev will, when creating apps12:50
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faeniland that requires some tricks and ordering in initializations12:50
faenil(see stackInitialized property)12:50
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qwazixyeah, I saw it and I think it's very important12:52
qwazixdouble firing of events on startup is a PITA, especially for sizes12:53
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faenilqwazix, yeah, agree13:00
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Sfiet_Konstantinmorning faenil, qwazix13:03
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guoyunhebraveis there detailed description about lipstick?13:27
Sfiet_Konstantinguoyunhebrave: not really13:35
Sfiet_Konstantinbasically it is a library to make homescreens13:35
Sfiet_Konstantinit is also the name of some implementations (lipstick is the binary that is run for lipstick-colorful-home in nemo and for "lipstick-jolla-home" in Jolla)13:36
Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: someone in JollaFr said that your proof of concept (of Sailfish on N9) was rather pointless and really not interesting technically13:36
locusfSfiet_Konstantin: true13:37
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Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: well it is not true :(13:38
Sfiet_Konstantinof cause I rectified :)13:38
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alteregoMy dedicated server has network outage, not sure why yet. And my computer didn't boot this morning. Great!13:40
alteregoGod damn UEFI ...13:40
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Sfiet_Konstantinalterego: ah, the good old UEFI13:41
alteregoIt took two weeks, from installing this machine, to it breaking ...13:41
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qwazixo/ Sfiet_Konstantin13:47
Sfiet_Konstantinalterego: haha13:47
Sfiet_Konstantinqwazix: how are you ?13:47
qwazixfine, fine, resting today :-)13:47
Sfiet_Konstantinat least exam period is finished13:48
Sfiet_KonstantinI will come more often13:48
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locusfah sfiet left14:14
locusfwell the jollafr guy was right, it was not technically a large leap as it was just copying over rpms and installing them on device14:15
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locusfoh yeah Morpog_N9_ had the PR14:39
locusfI'll coffee up first14:39
locusfMorpog_N9_: what was I supposed to see?14:44
Morpog_N9_still your image14:44
Morpog_N9_i removed the z14:44
Morpog_N9_and rearrabged rectangle and image14:44
Morpog_N9_according to w00t's comment on github14:45
locusfah ok14:47
locusfwell it surely works the same14:47
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Morpog_N9_i really need a build env here :)14:48
Morpog_N9_thx for testing14:48
locusfnp :)14:49
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sledgesgreetings! finally \o/ moved `,:)15:03
sledgesone hell of a weekend15:03
sledgesMorpog_N9_: great finding; and last time i looked into homescreen's qml code was last year ;P15:03
sledgesno idea what communist blobbed a red rectangle over the wallpper :D15:04
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sledges(i.e. member of the community :)15:06
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faenilsledges, ahahah15:12
zbenjaminsledges: you moved too? lol15:14
zbenjaminsledges: we are currently moving my gf's stuff from her second place back home15:15
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Morpog_PCthx sledges, that background wallpaper almost drove me nuts15:31
Morpog_PCuntill I watched the lockscreen code again and it fell off my eyes :)15:31
Morpog_PCI was like WTF :D15:31
Morpog_PCI wonder how that ever worked or who made it like that15:32
Morpog_PCcongrats for finished moving btw15:32
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Morpog_PCsurely a lot of work such a move (well my last one was)15:32
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sledgesmain pita is disassembling, removing, assembling huge ikea wardrobe :D15:40
locusfmoving house sucks15:40
sledgesbut living in a nicer house is nice :D15:40
Morpog_PCikea stuff assembling always sux :)15:40
alteregoGod, you think a wardrobe is bad, you should try moving my bed ... -__15:40
sledgesMorpog_PC: but non-ikea stuff is even harder to putting together/apart :)15:41
sledgesalterego: i raise that up to 3 beds ..15:41
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Morpog_PCbtw can any of you look at w00t's comment? I don't get what he wants :)15:42
sledgeshere in UK everyone seems to love DIY, so everyone loves IKEA heh15:42
alteregosledges: I'm in the UK, and I don't have any ikea :P15:42
alteregoAm a fan of DIY though ;)15:42
sledges:D and you don't like di...ah15:42
sledgesprobably you're not an amateur DIYer (unlike the rest of us :D)15:43
alteregoHeh, we're all amateurs ;)15:43
sledgesprolly you're an amateur professional15:43
Morpog_PCnon amateuers make their furnitures by themselves :D15:43
sledgesi'm amateur beginner (i.e. ikea level)15:43
alteregoOr a professional amateur :P15:43
sledgesalterego: yea, bumped into my grammar blockages :D15:43
locusfMorpog_PC: he wants to check wether anchors.fill: parent is needed, also the rectangle should be red15:44
alteregoMorpog_PC: my grandad and dad and myself have made our own furnature.15:44
sledgesalterego: that's called carpenter15:44
Morpog_PClocusf, well, OK, I did understand that, but it anchors.fill was there before15:44
* sledges removes oxford hat off15:44
alteregoWell, my grandad was the carpenter.15:44
alteregoMyself and my father just like making things.15:44
sledgesbtw, what does it have to do with carpets? ;)15:45
Morpog_PCor was that related to the black rectangle?15:45
alteregosledges: don't you mean carp?15:45
sledgesah, not carpeter :D15:45
alteregoHrm, carp-enter just sounds wrong now ...15:45
* sledges burns his non-existing oxford hat15:45
sledgesit stems from carriage maker... &) who would have thought15:46
locusfMorpog_PC: yes15:47
Morpog_PCoh, ok, well red sux :)15:47
sledges:D maybe it sux so much that a developer seeing it immediately tries to fix wallpaper functionality :D15:48
Morpog_PClocusf, I'm not sure if it's needed can you try without anchors.fill: parent ? It worked well without on my testpage on sailfish emulator :)15:49
locusfMorpog_PC: sure15:50
Morpog_PCelse somebody (tm) should setup me a webhook :)15:50
Morpog_PCah great15:50
Morpog_PCno need to penetrate sledges then :)15:51
sledgesi just penetrated webhook admin system - it looks like my password isn'Ã…taccepted anymore :p15:53
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locusfMorpog_PC: theres also a syntax error15:55
alteregoWhat's the webhook?15:55
alteregoI can do it.15:55
locusfyou need to remove the closing brace on the 1015:55
locusfline 1015:55
alteregoMorpog_PC: what project and package name do you wnat?15:56
alteregoOh, wait, I can only do it for me :P15:56
Morpog_PClocusf, can't see a bracket on line 1015:57
sledgesalterego: the user field doesn't mean anything. you can do it for anyone15:57
Morpog_PCerr brace15:57
locusfMorpog_PC: Image {} }15:58
alteregosledges: oh, okay.15:58
alteregoMorpog_PC: what project/package? :)15:58
locusfMorpog_PC: and also anchors.fill: parent is needed15:58
locusfI just tested and it looks horrid15:58
Morpog_PCmind a screenshot? :)15:58
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sledgeseh, ignore me :}16:00
zbenjamini _hate_ postgresql !16:01
Morpog_PCnope you are right16:01
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sledgeslocusf: this looks exactly like the broken landscape wallpaper on my harmattan :D but all good when flipped to portrait16:02
Morpog_PCso with that anchors.fill parent it looks ok on landscape?16:03
Morpog_PCtrue sledges16:03
locusfMorpog_PC: no, it doesn't work at all with anchors.fill: parent16:03
Morpog_PCerm, wait? what? now I'm confused16:04
locusfMorpog_PC: it loses the lockscreen functionality all together, I can't slide it open16:04
locusfwill retry16:04
locusfactually the entire lockscreen rectangle becomes the desktop16:05
locusfso the entire reparenting mumbo-jumbo just makes it non-functional16:05
locusfprobably confused you even further16:06
Morpog_PCok, so we remove it and give you a landscape wallpaper16:06
Morpog_PCI remember we have already set the keys?16:06
locusfwhat keys?16:06
*** louisdk has quit IRC16:07
locusfthe rectangle -> picture parenting does not work at all16:07
locusfso I made an erraneous remark earlier16:08
Morpog_PCsecond locusf16:08
Morpog_PC2 gconf keys16:10
Morpog_PCthen SCP those 2 PNG files to that path:
*** blam has quit IRC16:12
Morpog_PCafter that you should get a wallpaper for each orientation (hopefully)16:13
*** artemma has quit IRC16:16
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Morpog_PCproject is home:Morpog16:27
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Morpog_PChmm, seems that rectangle came from special while porting to qt516:40
*** lbt_ has quit IRC16:41
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile16:42
*** jpetrell has quit IRC16:47
alteregoMorpog_PC: qt5 branch ?16:47
alteregookay, try it :)16:48
*** fk_lx has joined #nemomobile16:51
Morpog_PCalterego, hmm, doesn't seem to work16:53
Morpog_PCI'm sure I need to add some repositoried first, but it seems I can't anymore :(16:56
alteregoare you logged in?16:57
alteregoYou need to create an empty packaged called "lipstick-colorful-home"16:57
alterego~package ..16:58
Morpog_PCcannot add anything there16:58
alteregoweird ..17:02
Morpog_PCalterego oh what the hell17:06
Morpog_PCI seem to have two users17:06
Morpog_PCmorpog and Morpog17:06
Morpog_PCMorpog is the right one :)17:06
Morpog_PCI guess you created the hook now for the wrong one17:07
alteregoNope, made it for the right one.17:07
alteregohome:Morpog lipstick-colorful-home17:08
Morpog_PCso I need to create an emoty package? Didn't needed to do that last time when sledges did it17:08
alteregoHrm, hang on17:08
Morpog_PCthere it is17:09
alteregoThere you go17:09
Morpog_PCmaybe because there wasn't a tag last time17:09
Morpog_PCthx, now to find out out what repositories I need :)17:10
Morpog_PCor maybe it builds just fine17:10
Morpog_PCit did, yay17:10
*** rcg has quit IRC17:11
*** FlameReaper has joined #nemomobile17:11
locusfMorpog_PC: I needed to boot to windows to preload bf4, so will take another look tomorrow17:19
Morpog_PClocusf, no matter, got a webhook now :)17:19
locusfMorpog_PC: okay17:19
Morpog_PCyou are right, with anchors it doesn't work at all17:19
Morpog_PCI think I get rid of that damn rectangle at all17:21
*** martyone_ has quit IRC17:22
*** martyone_ has joined #nemomobile17:22
sledgesor have it as a fallback in case no wallpaper graphics exist17:25
Morpog_PCsledges, wouldn't be the page black anyways?17:31
Morpog_PCthat rectangle was introduced when porting to qt5, I'm sure it's just for testing because no image was set. Would also explain the red color of it :)17:32
Morpog_PCwow, without that rectangle it's even more cool, it gets fade out when moving up17:33
Morpog_PCstill it ignores my gconf keys :(17:34
*** Xruxa has joined #nemomobile17:35
*** Eztran has quit IRC17:39
sledgesah nice, i remember that fade since thp harmattanised x11/qt4 nemo early this year17:44
Morpog_PCerr I just read that and I'm not sure if that is right:17:44
Morpog_PCjust add "file:///" before "/Pictures/img_0000.jpg"17:45
Morpog_PCafter you register main.qml into qrc list17:45
Morpog_PCevery image you load will prepend "qrc://" so the program would17:45
Morpog_PCassume the image is located inside your binary17:45
Morpog_PCprepend "file:///" could tell the program "this file do not reside in the binary"17:45
sledgesMorpog_PC: if it ignores your gconf keys, does it display black (when no rectangle?)17:45
Morpog_PCyes black17:45
Morpog_PCIs that guy true with file:/// (3?)17:45
sledgesMorpog_PC: file:///wallpap.png17:45
sledgesmeans your wallpap.png is on your file system at / folder17:45
qwazixanybody got a clue why we got the swiping bug back?17:46
Morpog_PCsledges, tahts what I thought, with 2 //17:46
sledgesqwazix: regression qtwayland/base/and Co.. :{17:46
sledgesMorpog_PC: http://www.... rings a bell :)17:46
sledgessame uri notation17:46
Morpog_PCsure, that guy just made me go nuts lol17:46
sledgesonly noticed now (it's when reading fast, not seeing the typos :D)17:47
qwazixsledges, is it reported somewhere? Can I go back to the working version or sth?17:47
Morpog_PCI still wonder why it doesn't show the images :(17:47
sledgesMorpog_PC: what's the path to theme's graphic?17:49
sledgesqwazix: we mentioned it here with faenil, to w00t ; he was not responding (naturally busy last week)17:49
qwazixsledges, :nod:17:50
sledgesqwazix: revert and recompile, but to my fear all depending apps will also need to recompile (worth at try without recompiling others, if explodes, start with lipstick*)17:50
sledgesMorpog_PC: obviously with file://17:50
sledgesin front17:50
Morpog_PCso file:// + /usr/share/themes/glacier/meegotouch/icons/wallpaper-portrait.png should show my image17:50
sledgesor how does it look in qml?17:50
sledgesit should17:50
Morpog_PCsource: "file://" + wallpaperSource.value17:51
sledgesit used to work a year ago :D don't forget it's the time when i abused it :D17:51
sledgesMorpog_PC: why don't you go theme way and remove file:// ?17:52
sledgessource: "wallpaper-portrait"17:52
sledgesor how is the theming done17:52
sledgeslol can't remember, please look up17:52
Morpog_PCsledges, arent theme graphics cached17:52
Morpog_PCso if we set a new gconf key you would need to restart liptsick to show the new wallpaper?17:53
sledgesthere might be some magic, but if they are, any change should trigger cache miss17:53
sledgesa right now i remember17:53
Morpog_PCbut uncomfortable for wallpapers I huess :)17:53
Morpog_PCI still wonder why locusf got an Image shown :)17:53
Morpog_PCmust have been some Jolla Magic leftover from his lipstick adventures17:54
*** Xruxa has quit IRC17:54
*** stephg has joined #nemomobile17:55
sledgesso have you tried specifying key (/desktop/meego/background/portrait/picture_filename) instead of filename Morpog_PC ?17:55
stephgevening everyone17:55
sledgesMorpog_PC: under source: ?17:55
Morpog_PCsledges, that way:
sledges(without file:// ofc)17:56
sledgesMorpog_PC: in qml17:56
Morpog_PCerm, no17:56
Morpog_PCI try that now17:56
sledgesoki :)17:56
Morpog_PCsledges, but I still need the file:// or?17:58
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile17:58
sledgesthen not17:58
sledgesim still looking into old code17:58
sledgessource: 'image://theme/wallpaper-landscape'17:58
Morpog_PCsure? QML files are in QRC17:58
Morpog_PCsledged wouldn't that be in QRC?17:59
sledgesMorpog_PC: this is a valid theme request to a themedaemon17:59
sledgesit will look into active theme (glacier)17:59
sledgesand provide first match via inheritance17:59
sledgesthat's how all graphics are requested from a theme, in any qml file of nemo17:59
sledgesyou can have local graphics in qrc (they will get incorporated into your binary), or somewhere in the package, but neither is a good practice in a themed environment18:00
*** martyone_ has quit IRC18:01
*** martyone_ has joined #nemomobile18:01
*** Xruxa has joined #nemomobile18:01
Morpog_PClets see18:01
Morpog_PCMaybe I should close that PR, lol18:02
sledgesyou can always reword your PR18:02
sledgesbut i think you will be asked to squash your commits ;)18:03
Morpog_PCthink I will hard reset when I'm done and push a fresh new commit18:03
sledgesas the grain is too fine18:03
sledgesyes, Morpog_PC , but you can push into same PR18:03
Morpog_PCyep, did that before18:03
sledgesgreat, hard reset ftw! ;)18:03
Morpog_PCalready hard reseted yesterday :)18:04
Morpog_PCyay an Image!18:04
Morpog_PCbut very distorted lol18:04
Morpog_PCseems like landscape and portrait is mixed up?18:05
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile18:05
Morpog_PCah my fault18:05
*** Xruxa has quit IRC18:05
Morpog_PChmm, no it really thinks it's landscape18:07
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile18:07
Morpog_PCI'm an iodiot again :)18:07
*** sababa has quit IRC18:08
Morpog_PCnow it looks fine :)18:10
*** sababa has joined #nemomobile18:11
Morpog_PCnow, thats a bit hardcoded isn't it?18:11
*** panda84kde has quit IRC18:11
*** piggz has quit IRC18:16
sledgesyou need to see where wallpaperSource comes from and investigate that18:18
sledgessince that tries to read orientation18:18
* sledges off home18:18
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Morpog_Mobilesledges: as soon as i try to use wallpaper source it stops working23:02
sledgesbut it's just a variable23:03
sledgesyou can hardcode things23:03
sledgessee where it breaks23:03
Morpog_MobileI tried23:03
Morpog_MobileI deleted that other 20 commits already :D23:04
*** Xruxa_ has joined #nemomobile23:04
Morpog_MobileI dunno why23:04
*** Xruxa has quit IRC23:04
*** artemma has joined #nemomobile23:05
Morpog_PCsledges, I even hardcoded in mainscreen.qml the orientation, so that it's using portrait key23:07
Morpog_PCand removed fefault key23:07
Morpog_PCdefault value23:08
sledgesMorpog_PC: dunno, needs diggqing23:09
sledgesbut first - sleep ;)23:10
Morpog_MobileSame here23:10
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC23:15
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