Saturday, 2013-11-09

sandy_lockealthough at first I thought it was funny ;)00:00
sandy_lockeyeah, last time I checked they didn't00:00
sandy_lockeactually in #harmattan they told me I did my flash wrong the first time00:00
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sandy_lockeI had to flash the openmode kernel *just* after zeroizing, w/o reboot or the like00:01
sandy_lockeor it creates OOM problems00:01
sandy_lockenice folks there :)00:01
sandy_lockeabout nemo, why not do something along the line of NITDroid ?00:02
sandy_lockecopy the system in /home/nemomobile for instance, and call kernel from ubiboot ?00:03
sandy_lockeit would get rid of MOSLO and the repartitionings...00:03
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sledgeswe like to go native i guess :))00:08
sledgesthere are some intricacies im sure00:08
sledgesat any rate, we help out with moslo problems manually now on this channel00:09
sledgesand the cases are not frequent enough to gain momentum on the moslo effort00:09
sandy_lockeyeah, I understand00:10
sledgesiirc, moslo loads its kernel, and then kexec()s nemo kernel00:10
sledges(same with ubiboot)00:10
sledgeswhich does also introduce some overhead00:10
sledgesthere were plans to go more native in that direction too00:10
sledgesbut that was a long long time ago :)00:10
sledgesnow it's all about bringing nemo live up asap and using as glacier dev phone ;)00:11
sandy_lockebut what brings 'nativeness' in the end ?00:12
sandy_lockeI mean, NITDroid seems perfectly capable as I heard00:13
sledgesit's all about minimising OS overhead00:13
sandy_lockeI don't understand 'overhead'00:13
sandy_locke(I sound like good old text adventures ;) )00:13
sledgesyes, as i said, now i don't see how nemo would underperform nitdroid way00:13
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sledgesso everything's an experiment away ;)00:14
sandy_lockeyeah ofc00:14
sledges'overhead' - extra cpu cycles which slow your system down00:14
sandy_lockethat's what's good in it ;)00:14
sledgesbut the reason why nemo went its own partition might hide in long meego heritage matters00:15
sledgesyet again these days lack of past experts would impose us experimenting to prove such theories :)00:15
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sledgesnite time, have a good one!00:16
sandy_lockehave a good night then00:16
sledgescheers, you too00:16
sandy_lockesee you tomorrow then00:16
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Denommusis there a doc on how to install nemo on N9?00:30
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Denommusoh, found it00:33
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faenilmorning :)08:58
sledgesahoj :D09:03
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faenilsledges, :D09:08
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sledgeshows the wrather in tampere?09:59
sledges(it can be wrathy ;))10:00
sledgesnoe' italia :D10:00
sledges*non e'10:00
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dm8tbrgood moaning10:03
dm8tbrit's grey10:03
faenilsledges, haven't been seeing the sun for a while now :D10:04
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sledges:)) welcome to my world10:07
sledgesgrey here too10:07
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sledgesvery productive atmosphere10:26
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sledgesin italy i couldnt work, always staring out the window into sunny cloudless mountain scape :D10:27
sledgescolleagues always going, facciamo una passeggiata dai :D10:28
faenilsledges, ahhaahaha10:30
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piggzwhat is the repo list for nemo/mer ... im gonna switch back from jolla repos, but all my repo info is gone13:13
locusfbtw I was wondering Nemo as Free Software VS just Open Source, what do you guys think?13:25
locusfI think that Nemo quite nicely reflects the ideas of Free Software as a whole13:26
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile13:30
locusfyeah, that too13:36
sledgespiggz: ^13:37
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piggzsledges: thx .. (kernel panick'd :/)13:54
*** artemma has joined #nemomobile13:57
sledgessomething tells me that zypper in -f ssu-vendor-data fixes your repos13:57
sledgesbut for that you need to have nemo:mw repo already in ;) and it'll do the rest13:57
sledges`zypper in -f ssu-vendor-data-nemo`13:57
sledgescheers :)13:58
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piggzwhy do apps display in the correct orientation, but the homescreen doesnt?14:54
sledgespiggz: because two zbenjamin's PRs were still not accepted by jolla team :(14:55
*** DarkSim has joined #nemomobile14:55
sledgesthey are hesitant probably thinking it might break their stuff14:55
piggzsurely the jolla team doesnt run nemo?14:55
dm8tbrthey use a _lot_ of nemo directly14:56
sledgesPR in lipstick14:56
sledgesthey use it14:56
dm8tbrnobody wants a regression right before they ship a product14:57
* dm8tbr personally prefers this over a situation with private branches and private development14:57
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specialit's also fairly likely that they were forgotten.15:00
piggzthere we go, in theory i should be running a bog-standard nemo again15:04
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piggzseems like a few icons are missing15:05
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sledgespiggz: nemo is wip15:09
piggzi know15:10
piggznot complaining15:10
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC15:10
sledgesbut those 2 missing icons are alspndue to sailors busy :D15:10
sledges*also due15:10
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sledgesspecial: whom should we poke for forgotten PRs? (in that order :D)15:11
specialwhomever should be reviewing that particular PR15:12
specialwhen in doubt, whoever seems like a maintainer of that repository, or 'git log' / 'git blame' on the particular area being modified15:13
sledgesoki will do15:14
specialand then if it still goes nowhere, apply pressure :>15:15
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sledgesuntil breaks :))15:26
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sledgesspecial: pls accept maliit-plugins pr in nemomobile-packages :D15:39
sledgescontains glacier kbd15:40
specialwas it updated since my last comment?15:40
* sledges hides and goes to enable notifications15:40
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piggzhmm, i broke the user session from starting ... how do i start it?15:46
sledgeslocusf: couls you pls adjust url of that pr15:47
sledgessha is a fine match though15:48
sledgespiggz: systemctl ? dunno..15:48
piggzsledges: yeah, but im not sure what target/service it is15:49
sledgesa wild guess15:49
sledgesdepending on what you broke ;)15:49
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locusfsledges: ?15:53
locusfwhich pr?15:53
locusfah that pr15:56
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC15:57
locusffixed now16:06
sledgesgreat \o/16:08
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piggzfinally, i got the bubble to bounce around the asteroid properly!!!16:24
*** sandy_locke is now known as sandy_locke|away16:24
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artemmawith all the love to Jolla can't they branch out the release stuff if they do not want regression now?16:32
Stskeepsit may shock you that we aren't just dumping code into the open, the development branch of sailfish, for the parts that are nemo:mw, are 1:1 on source level16:35
*** louisdk has joined #nemomobile16:47
Stskeepsbut yeah, branching practices etc16:47
Stskeeps't mean it makes sense to blow up developer's devices too ;)16:47
mikhasbut if you *did* blow up devices, michael bay would produce a blockbuster about sailfishos16:50
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piggzwhy does this happen:19:00
piggzsystemctl start lipstick.service19:00
piggzFailed to issue method call: Unit lipstick.service failed to load: No such file or directory. See system logs and 'systemctl status lipstick.service' for details.19:00
Stskeepslipstick.service is under user session19:01
piggzStskeeps: when i try to start i get the same19:02
faenilpiggz, systemctl-user start19:04
piggzsystemctl-user start lipstick.service19:04
piggzsystemd user session is not running19:04
faenilthen start user session19:05
faenilsee Stskeeps' comment19:05
faenilUID is 100000 in Nemo's case19:05
piggzsystemctl start user-session@100000.service19:05
piggzFailed to issue method call: Unit user-session@100000.service failed to load: No such file or directory. See system logs and 'systemctl status user-session@100000.service' for details.19:05
piggzsystemctl status user-session@100000.service19:06
piggz          Loaded: error (Reason: No such file or directory)19:06
faenilsystemctl-user ?19:07
piggzjust says the session isnt runnign19:08
piggzi must have uninstalled something...19:10
faenilah right doesn't make much sense to systemctl-user if the session isn't running :D19:10
faenilso you're startin systemctl start user-session as root, right?19:11
piggzthe contents of
*** sandy_locke|away is now known as sandy_locke19:14
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faenilpiggz, so, let's start from the beginning, what's your issue19:17
*** martyone has joined #nemomobile19:17
piggzno gui loads :)19:17
*** itbaron has quit IRC19:18
sledges`systemctl start user-session@100000.service` works fine here as root19:18
sledgespiggz: journalctl -f19:18
sledgesand try to launch that command in other window19:19
dm8tbrmeh, I always need to chose stuff that is way over my head... but then I want my metawatch to work on Nemo and Sailfish.19:19
*** buntubuntu has joined #nemomobile19:19
* dm8tbr slowly patches his way through qt4.x code 19:19
piggzsledges: nothing .. no logs19:19
piggzthere is a message when i logged in19:20
piggzbut nothing when trying to start the session19:20
piggz(just a load of batter warnings that are coming every few seconds)19:21
sledgesis there /lib/systemd/system/user-session@.service ?19:23
piggzno, there is user@.service19:24
sledgesthat too19:24
piggzls /lib/systemd/system/u19:24
*** martyone has quit IRC19:24      upower.service     usb-moded.service  user@.service19:24
sledgesbad :D19:24
sledgeszypper se nemo-mobile-session-common19:24
sledgeszypper in -f nemo-mobile-session-common19:25
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC19:25
piggzthx :) i had already checked if it was installed, but didnt try re-instal19:26
sledgesit's the package user-session@ belongs to19:26
sledges(you can find out via rpm -19:26
sledgesrpm -qf FILE19:26
piggzi know :)19:28
piggzthe gui isnt behaving touch input working...19:28
sledgessailfish really ate up nemo19:29
sledgeswhich dev?19:29
*** furikku has quit IRC19:30
piggzyeah, thats fixed it :)19:35
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile19:38
piggzi oughta port something to it i guess ... can qt creator buid and deploy for nemo?19:39
sledgesthere's nemo target for sailfish sdk19:40
dm8tbrlatest qtc in theory supports external arm targets, but fails to add them properly19:41
dm8tbrat least last time I tried19:41
sledgessame here :)) my goal was to make it at least autocomplete nemo19:42
sledgesqml imports19:42
sledges(ah hate US kbd layout after Äworking on GB all week :))19:42
sledgesbut cmdline ftw, so qtcreator* efforts subsided :))19:43
sledgesone day (soon TM) when I'll start proper QMLing, would like to have qtdesigner capable of19:43
dm8tbrsledges or anyone, mind helping a Qt/C++ illiterate out?
dm8tbrI've been trying to piece it together reading docs and discussions19:45
dm8tbrbut seems I have some very basic mistakes in there19:45
piggzdm8tbr: first, looks like the code in the ctor should be in roleNames19:47
piggzroleNames should return a hash containing the names19:47
dm8tbrwhile I appreciate an explanation. As I said previously I'm mostly c++ illiterate and would prefer the answer thrown at me.19:49
dm8tbras it's unlikely I'll ever grok this stuff19:49
dm8tbrmhh, let me look at that feedsmodel.cpp19:50
* dm8tbr tries to mimic that19:50
*** giucam has quit IRC19:50
*** martyone has joined #nemomobile19:51
sledgeslike this:
sledgesim still baffled about 'virtual' , as C doesn't have that :))19:53
piggzvirtual just means it is being re-implemented from the base class19:54
* dm8tbr treats that all as magic and works himself through the code base one compile error at a time19:54
piggzthat should work19:56
specialvirtual is a bit more important than that19:56
specialthe 30-second explanation is: a normal method call is bound at link-time, to the specific memory address of the specific code it will call. virtual methods are bound at runtime, to the implementation in whichever class was instantiated on that object19:58
specialor: it's like an invisible function pointer, overridable by subclasses19:59
piggzspecial: lets not complicate things tho ;)19:59
sledgesinteresting :)19:59
sledgesif you explain all those things in terms of C ;)20:00
specialif you want it in terms of C, it literally is an invisible function pointer20:00
dm8tbryay, it compiles after some messing around20:04
dm8tbrnow onto the next compile error20:04
dm8tbrrinse, repeat20:04
sledgeseat sleep rave repeat20:05
faenilgood :) sorry piggz gf videocall in progress :D20:06
faenildm8tbr, are we doing something tomorrow evening? :)20:08
dm8tbrfaenil: sure, why not20:09
dm8tbrcome over to herwood forrest20:09
dm8tbrI'll show you around and then treat you to some good whisky for warming up20:10
faenilare you kidding or is that really a place in tampere ?:D20:10
sledgessounds more like harry potter or lotr20:12
dm8tbrHerwood Forrest aka Hervanta20:12
sledgesaa so Helsinki airpot name (vanta) means forest too :D20:12
faenildm8tbr, aaaahhh20:13
faenilthat place in the middle of nowhere!20:13
dm8tbrbut we can also come downtown20:13
dm8tbrsledges: that's acutally a fish called Wanda20:14
sledgesnow that's bizzare20:14
sledgesthere was a movie called like that20:14
sledgesme mum's name's Vanda, how i remembered20:15
sledgesanother name for *fish project then? :D20:15
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piggzdm8tbr: having joy?22:24
dm8tbrpiggz: stopped for today, got quite far I guess22:27
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sledgestime for movie23:46
sledgesguess which :D23:46
juicemesledges, no idea? :)23:53
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