Sunday, 2013-11-10

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sledgesjuiceme: backlog 8 lines up :)00:23
sledgesim convinced dm8tbr knew this movie since ever, due to the actors' lineup :D00:23
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sledgesfast response :)08:22
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dm8tbrany ideas?
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faenil|o| star wars edition12:03
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Stskeepsyou're jar-jar?12:05
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faenilbrowser doesn't work anymore while iu12:06
faeniluploading videos :/12:06
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mrichey :) sledges13:56
mricDoes anyone know if there is a way to fix the accounts problem after flashing the device in open kernel mode ? (yes, I forgot to delete them and know everytime I boot the device is asking for the paswords and fb doesnt work )13:58
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juicemesledges, yes I got that :)16:55
juicemepretty good movie it is too. (been a while since I saw it though)16:56
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dmolHello! I try to flash my N950 to dual boot with Nemo, it uploads the 1st part (Suitable USB interface (bootloader/phonet) not found, waiting...), but than it waits ad infinitum the 2nd part (Suitable USB interface (phonet) not found, waiting... )17:10
dmolCould anybody help me, what to do&17:10
faenilmm I don't remember what could cause that :/17:14
dmolI have tried on two notebooks, under Linux and Windows :(17:16
faenildmol, are you starting from the suggested firmware? 39-5 or whatever its name was17:17
dmolfaenil: flasher -a moslo-rootfs-1.2011.34-2_RM680-OEM1-916_0.0.13-12.1.bin -L usr/share/moslo/moslo.img -f -R - do you mean that?17:18
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faenildmol, I vaguely remember that you were required to have a >= XX harmattan firmware17:19
dmolfaenil: system->about says I have "Meego 1.2 Harmattan, PR1.3, 40.2012.21-3_PR_005"17:20
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faenilok pr1.3 is the lastbe ok17:21
dmoldo I need to flash with with Harmattan 1.2? (I haven't tried to do that) ?17:21
faenilis the last one so it has to be ok17:21
faenilnah I don't think so17:21
faenilso that flasher command doesn't compelte?17:21
faenilI don't remember what could cause that :/17:22
faeniljuiceme maybe?17:22
dmolI break it manually, when it waits phonet17:22
faenilor sledges locusf17:22
faenildmol, you break it?17:22
dm8tbrif about says 40.x then that's PR1.3 and there was never a one-click flasher for it17:23
locusfdon't have a n95017:23
faenildm8tbr, doesn't that still work if you use -a *older_fw* ?17:23
locusfthat moslo image seems wrong17:24
dmolfaenil: Yes, I break the installer manually via "CTRL+C", when it uploads the 1st part (boot/phonet to 100%), and then waits for phonet... I waited a minute, but, no change, I have breaked the installer17:24
faenildmol, ok17:24
dmollocusf: yes, it warns, that moslo image is wrong. Could the trouble be in it?17:25
dm8tbryou probably still need the algo from 40.x17:25
locusfhmm the n950 directions are different from N917:27
locusfso I thought it was the wrong moslo imagee17:27
faenildmol, try reflashing to 1.217:28
dm8tbryou can't go back to 1.2 once you flashed 1.317:29
dmolfaenil: do you mean that Harmattan 1.2 (3.2012.02-6, released 2012-01-25) ?17:29
dm8tbrI remember flashing moslo for a friend to a pr1.3 n950 and it worked17:30
faenildm8tbr, mmm17:30
dm8tbrbut I don't remember any details17:30
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dm8tbrnor which moslo I used etc17:31
dmolIs it OK, that it says warning about moslo image?17:32
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faenildmol, yeah I think that's ok17:36
dmolI'll try to flash with OCF 1.2, and than announce the results here. Thank you anyway, guys!17:37
faenildmol, as dm8tbr said, I don't think you can downgrade17:39
dmolfaenil: it is not downgrade, nor upgrade, it is the PR 1.3. May be that matters.17:40
faenildmol, you say you want to flash OCF1.217:41
dmolfaenil: yes17:41
faenilif you're on PR1.3, flashing PR1.2 means downgrading17:41
dmolfaenil: could it be the trouble in flasher itself? I can see there is an alternative "beta 1 flasher" ?17:42
faenildon't know :/ I've done those steps a looong time ago17:42
dm8tbrstep 1) get the pr1.3 images for n95017:43
dmolfaenil: I just bought an new N950 about month ago :)17:44
dm8tbralthough they are probably not necessary now that I read the instructions17:46
dm8tbrcan I have a full pastebin of the output for this command please? sudo flasher -F moslo-rootfs-X.XXXX.XX-X_RM680-OEM1-XX_X.X.XX-XX.X.bin -f17:46
dmoldm8tbr: wait a min17:47
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dmolIt's under linux17:49
dm8tbrsudo ./2/usr/bin/flasher -F moslo-rootfs-1.2011.34-2_RM680-OEM1-916_0.0.13-12.1.bin -f17:50
dmoldm8tbr: dmesg output. It seems, that as if it plugs-unplugs the usb17:51
dm8tbrplease just run the command I gave you, thanks.17:51
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dm8tbrand yes, the device reboots multiple times while flashing and it's perfectly normal17:52
dmoldm8tbr: will I be able to boot to normal Harmattan after "sudo ./2/usr/bin/flasher -F moslo-rootfs-1.2011.34-2_RM680-OEM1-916_0.0.13-12.1.bin -f" ?17:52
dm8tbryou might need to flash moslo again, but eventually, yes17:53
dm8tbryou do have a backup, right?17:53
sledgesdoesn't n950 have single non-persistent boot?17:54
sledgesn9 it's bril as needs no ape ;)17:54
dmoldm8tbr: Yep.
dm8tbryou can boot a kernel from flasher over usb, the partitions need to be there though17:55
dmoldm8tbr: the same waiting result ... ?17:55
dmoldm8tbr: so, I'll break the flashing (ctrl+c), because no any activity is been shown?17:57
dm8tbrtry turning on the device?17:57
dm8tbralthough that shouldn't be necessary17:57
sledgesdm8tbr: the first time you boot moslo, it repartitions17:58
dm8tbrsledges: yes, still, you need to flash it first17:58
dm8tbrand if this thing doesn't boot from the APE algo...17:59
dmoldm8tbr: I powered the device on, and it booted the Harmattan as always. USB has been plugged it17:59
dm8tbrit might be necessary to get the 40.x images after all17:59
dm8tbrdmol: get yourself the 40.x firmware images for the n95017:59
dm8tbryou'll have to try the APE algo from those18:00
sledgesdm8tbr: the link i just pasted doesn't require any physical flashing18:00
sledgesto NAND18:00
dm8tbrmh, right18:00
sledgesif you want any -persistent- options, then yes, flashing and apes are needed :)18:01
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sledgesi just hope it can be applied to n950 too18:02
dmoldm8tbr: ok, thanks for helping. Could you point me, where I can get the required 40.x images for N950?18:02
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dmolI haven't tried to install Ubiboot. Can it's installation help me?18:06
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sledgesdmol: for a laugh could you not try:18:09
sledgessudo flasher -k usr/share/moslo/zImage-moslo -n usr/share/moslo/initrd-moslo -l -b18:09
sledgesthis will need to be executed on every reboot of your n950 to boot to nemo18:09
sledgesbut you will keep harmattan otherwise18:09
sledgescumbersome, but it's a geek dev nevertheless :)18:09
dmolsledges: let me try that18:12
dmolsledges: Yep!18:13
dmolit displays me an Moslo boot menu!18:13
dmolHow to boot now to Harmattan?18:14
dm8tbrjust reboot18:14
sledgesdid it autorepartition?18:15
dmolsledges: yes18:15
dm8tbrI think the 40.x files were seen on thepiratebay18:15
dmolsledges: Yep! Harmattan works as expected!18:18
sledgesopen mode badnesses?18:18
dmoldm8tbr: I have found "Harmattan PR1.2 source code" on TPB18:18
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dmolI'm unpacking nemo-armv7hl-n950-0.20130620.0.1.tar.bz2 to /media/Alt_OS/18:29
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sledgesdmol you are aware x11/qt4 images are no longer maintained18:30
dmolThe wiki says, I should do "sudo tar --numeric-owner -xf nemo-handset-armv7hl-n950-*.tar.bz2 -C /media/Alt_OS/"18:30
dmolbut I can't found the nemo-handset*18:30
sledgesthat's fine, ignore the 'handset' bit18:30
dmolsledges: yes, I have found a bit suspicious link to WayLand (because it is an magnet link).18:31
sledgesit's torrent18:32
sledgesall good18:32
sledgesdmol: the x11 image is however more usable18:32
sledgesthan current wip wayland one18:32
sledgeswe are working to bring glacier UX to nemo18:33
dmolsledges: I've got it! Naemo on my n950! Ya-hoo! Thanks a lot!18:35
sledgesi like the way you misspelt it ;) great! \o/18:36
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dmoldm8tbr: thanks.18:37
dmolWifi is working!18:37
dmolOn harmattan it sucks!18:38
sledgespvuorela: ping18:38
pvuorelasledges: pong.18:40
sledgeshow are you this sunday evening? :)18:40
pvuorelaquite ok :)18:41
sledgesgood, could you look at our maliit glacier PR pls? :)
pvuorelayeah, should have done that, but too much stuff lately.18:41
sledgesi reckon so, hence the question about sunday :))18:41
pvuorelai'll check.18:41
sledgesheaps thanks :)18:42
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sledgespvuorela, if you like it then you should've put a tag on it :D (i haven't got perms)18:54
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pvuorelayeah, i was thinking of making a test run before tagging, but that'll be tomorrow.19:11
sledgesstill notag :) one step closer, but still on square-zero :))19:11
sledgesgood point19:11
sledgesok we waited long, we'll wait bit more :))19:11
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dmolHy I can't connect to sshd via usb ? (ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused )19:44
dmolI can connect only via wifi19:45
sledgescan you ping?19:45
sledges(i reckon you should be able)19:45
sledgesit's 1519:45
sledgesnot 1419:45
dmolAh :)19:45
dmolsledges: thanks!19:45
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