Monday, 2013-11-11

sledgeslooks like latest nemo is broken again00:05
sledges(tried on n9) lots of qt5* updates I dupped two hours ago, touch events get responded only on launcher icons - they slightly enlarge :D everything else - can't touch this :)00:07
sledgesi remember this icon weirdness during testing early faenil's wayland effort on vm00:08
sledgesnight peeps00:08
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OrokuSakiGoing to try to get a running qmlscene with hybris and the android hw repo?01:07
OrokuSakididn't see that before.. otherwise I am ready to rebuild qt5 in scratchbox2....01:07
OrokuSakiDoes that sound right to anyone who would like to respond..... If you see this.. gimme a shout. =)01:08
OrokuSakimorphis: after this, I get to work on... you know what01:09
OrokuSakiI think I am close01:10
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OrokuSakivgrade: did you do anything special to qt after you got hybris working?02:15
OrokuSakicurious to know =)02:16
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OrokuSaki sweet your video corresponds to the same time you made the wayland packages02:18
OrokuSakigoing to give it a whirl02:18
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alindid anyone had a go a nexus5?09:36
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Tofehi folks09:58
TofeI'm wondering, with lipstick, do you use qt apps that are translucent ? (with transparent bg)09:59
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TofeI have a similar qtwayland compositor, but I can't get the background of an app (the keyboard, in my case) to be transparent; it looks like the alpha channel is lost somewhere between the app and the compositor.10:01
Tofeyour keyboard is full qml, so I guess you didn't have the problem for that, but maybe for another app ?10:02
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mikhasTofe, how do you setup your QML stuff?10:21
mikhasfrom C++, with a QQuickView?10:21
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Tofemikhas: a QQuickView; I discovered recently I needed to call QQuickWindow::setDefaultAlphaBuffer(true) to make so that I don't have OpenGL errors when changing the surface format10:24
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Tofemmmh does this paste remember something to someone ? It's exactly what I'm working on at the moment, and it doesn't look like it's in your main branch today:
mikhasTofe, this is what I use to add an alpha channel to a QQuickView:
Tofeyes, I've changed it slightly to initialize format from view->format(), it worked better for me; but indeed, I use that code10:25
Tofemikhas: on which kind of compositor does that code work for you ? lipstick ?10:26
mikhasthis is what I do in the application itself10:27
Tofeyes, but I mean, it this code works for you on lipstick, it would mean that my compositor is doing think wrong for the alpha channel10:28
mikhasprobably :-)10:30
TofeI must say I don't know exactly where you use transparency in maliit-keyboard: the windows seem to be already of the right size; maybe you want the background to be transparent, i.e. no opaque color between the keys ?10:31
mikhasTofe, rounded corners for the magnifier for instance10:32
mikhasor any kind of drop shadow10:32
Tofeah yes ok10:33
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TofeDoes lipstick use libhybris ?10:46
faenilTofe, lipstick is just a library for homescreens10:50
TofeWell, it contains a compositor, isn't it ?10:53
faenilyes, part of it10:54
faenilin Nemo you have the QML compositor in lipstick-colorful-home, which uses the Qt compositor from Lipstick10:55
TofeYes, which uses QtWayland, which uses the provided QPA for low-level graphic calls (like EGL)10:56
Tofeso my question was about this EGL QPA provider, actually :)10:57
faenilwell, you use libhybris on android HA10:58
faenilso it depends on the device10:58
Tofeok, yes10:59
faenilif you're using hybris,
faenilotherwise, it will probably be a qt platform plugin11:00
faenilsuch as eglfs11:00
TofeI'm using hybris11:01
faenilokay, then the code is there :)11:01
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TofeYep; I was just trying to spot a difference between lipstick and my compositor concerning alpha channel management; but it doesn't seem you do anything special concerning that, and nevertheless the translucent windows work for you... oh wait... you use nemo-keyboard, not maliit-keyboard11:03
faenilyes we use QML nemo-keyboard11:04
Tofeinteresting; do you have also other translucent windows ? a semi-transparent window, or something like that ?11:05
TofeI mean from a compositor point of view, so it would be an app window11:06
faenildon't know ..11:06
sledgeswe have a bug in i486 atm, everything's translucent depending on how black(dark) it is :D11:06
faenilTofe, though there were changes made to qtwayland regarding alpha management not long ago11:06
sledgesso, yes11:06
faenilsledges, ah ok thanks for updating me :)11:06
sledgesfaenil: that's since weeks ;P11:07
sledgesbut you were too busy *g*11:07
faenilsorry guys :(11:07
faenilbut be sure I'm not wasting my time ;)11:07
Tofesledges: funny bug :) but that means you do manage translucent window on the compositor side11:07
sledgesTofe: that i do not know of11:08
Tofewell, if you see the background of the homescreen, it's quite a proof enough for me11:08
sledgespvuorela: good .fi afternoon :)11:10
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sledgeszbenjamin: ping11:14
zbenjaminsledges: pong11:14
sledgescould you try to squash this pls:
sledgesi think you did merge withi head long time ago, but im unsure if it wont pull trash into main repo11:15
sledgesas it's only 2 lines change otherwise, right?11:15
sledgesprfect, thanks11:15
sledgeswonder what `git pull --rebase origin master` would do11:18
sledgesI think that's what you can try first :)11:18
mikhasif you are new to git append "--dry-run" to anything that communicates with a remote git repo11:19
sledgesn1ce thanks :)11:19
sledgeshas anyone else zypper dupped their n9/n950 recently?11:25
zbenjamingit rebase doesn't see the merge commit11:28
sledgeszbenjamin: that's good11:31
zbenjaminthat means11:31
sledgesit's squashed it11:31
zbenjaminhow do i remove it then?11:31
sledgesis it still in git log?11:32
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sledgeswhat branch are you on?11:33
zbenjaminwhat about git rebase -i HEAD~1 ?11:34
sledgeswhat's on top of your head?11:35
sledges`git log | head`11:35
zbenjaminits the merge11:36
sledgesand after?11:36
sledges(i.e. before :))11:36
sledgesis the commit itself11:36
sledgesto nuke the last commit:11:38
sledgesgit reset --hard HEAD~111:38
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sledges`git remote add upstream`11:40
zbenjaminok first one worked11:40
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zbenjaminsledges: remote added11:43
sledgesgit pull --rebase upstream master11:43
sledgesit should say "rebasing your changed on top of upstream commits"11:44
sledgessmthng like that11:44
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zbenjamingit push -f ?11:47
sledgesyes pls11:48
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sledgesviel Dank! :)11:54
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sledgesfaenil: can you please poke Vesuri to look into that? :)
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faenilsledges, :)12:18
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sledgesi think my yesterday's nemo breakage was due dodgy microUSB cable at home..12:22
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Sfiet_Konstantinis there an API to have secure storage for passwords in Nemo ?13:06
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, nemo-password-manager?13:06
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, are you working on an IRC client? :P13:07
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: yes13:07
Sfiet_Konstantinlet me try nemo-password-manager13:07
faenilVenemo is going to be angry! ahaha :)13:07
Sfiet_KonstantinNemo Password Manager: D-Bus Service for changing and generating passwords13:07
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: :(13:08
Sfiet_Konstantinit is not about saving passwords13:08
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: well, I tried to compile irc-chatter, but it used a very old libcommuni version13:08
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, yes Venemo is rebasing on top of new libcommuni13:08
Sfiet_Konstantinso irchatter didn't even compiled with the latest libcommuni13:08
Sfiet_Konstantinwill see how it goes13:09
Sfiet_Konstantinbecause right now, my client is full qml13:09
Sfiet_Konstantinbased on communi-qml-plugin13:09
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sledgesSfiet_Konstantin: qca thanks to rcg13:25
sledgesmeepasswords use it13:25
sledgesof that helps13:25
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locusfsledges: have you heard from pvuorela on maliit?13:50
sledgesi poked him earlier today, nothing more13:50
sledges*back from13:50
locusfsledges: ok :)13:51
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pvuorelalocusf: sledges, yeah, um, the keyboard doesn't work :)14:10
pvuorelaCharacterKey.qml, property alias imagesrc: bgimage.source. id should be bgImage, i think.14:12
OrokuSakiI think I need this patch.
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locusfpvuorela: oh :/14:22
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Sfiet_Konstantinthx sledges14:36
locusfpvuorela: so thats a QML error now?14:38
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pvuorelalocusf: yes.14:45
locusfhmm I didn't see that bug on my implementation,  but will fix right now14:46
sledgeslocusf: this is the log:
sledgescompiled from nemomobile-packages14:47
sledgesSfiet_Konstantin: yw, i think that's exactly what you're after14:48
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: will see14:48
Sfiet_Konstantinlooks good14:48
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locusfsledges: thanks14:51
sledgeslocusf: if WARNING is not CRITICAL, then error is caught in server..14:51
sledgesotherwise f65ff8e5 nemo-keyboard/org/nemomobile/CharacterKey.qml (Aleksi Suomalainen 2013-09-14 15:21:30 +0000 45)     property alias imagesrc: bgimage.source14:51
sledgesthat's for the warning part though...14:51
locusfI wonder what breaks then14:51
locusfthe problem is that I never had any maliit debug output for myself14:51
sledgesi think only mikhas can accept that pr :/14:52
sledgeslocusf: super strange, then where is it coming from?14:52
locusfsledges: I have no clue14:53
pvuorelalocusf: pull request seems to be quite a few additional things.14:53
locusfpvuorela: purely unintended, rebasing14:54
sledgesis the CRITICAL error popping at the end because of the presence of WARNINGs above?14:54
locusfand pushed14:55
locusfneed to update nemomobile-packages too14:55
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Morpog_PCfaenil poked successfully! :)15:13
faenilwho what were15:13
faenilah, :D15:14
Morpog_PCmer-boss ;)15:14
sledgesMorpog_PC: nope15:15
sledgesit's not that PR15:15
Morpog_PCoooh :(15:15
sledgesbut maybe he poked him, now that he started the wheels turning :D15:15
* Morpog_PC is pretty busy lately, no time for Nemo :(15:24
Morpog_PCcutting a video for workplace atm at home15:24
Morpog_PCit's boring as hell15:25
sledgessorting out configs'mess and opensansing glacier gallery is on top of my todo list now15:25
sledges(orientation and keyboard being optional extras :D)15:25
sledgesprobably you'll free up when it's all ready15:25
Morpog_PCsounds great :)15:25
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alteregoThere are two essential components in a hackers UI I've come to realise, a window/app multitasking view, and a terminal emulater with good VKB either in the system or in the emulater.15:27
alteregoEverything else can be hacked on device :P15:27
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sledgesalterego: too true :)) and a ready builttools+toolchain15:41
alteregoWell, for larger projects you can just use obs ;)15:42
alteregoDon't want to waste my battery power on builds of Qt or whatever :D15:42
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alteregoI tend to just SSH to my workstation for building large things, then push to obs, etc.15:43
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pvuorelalocusf: sledges, merged and tagged the keyboard.17:14
locusfpvuorela: thanks :)17:14
locusfmaliit-plugins failed to build17:15
locusffor one repo only17:17
pvuorelalooks like problem elsewhere.17:18
sledgesthe problem in #mer ;)17:19
sledgesheaps thanks pvuorela17:19
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sledgeshumm, #mer channel says OBS half dead, but things failing on mer-next are quite common; might be either way, negligible right now17:21
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sledgesimportant it got built latest_mer i486 and armv7hl17:21
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locusfhuge heaps indeed :)17:25
locusfgotta wait for the orientation fix next17:26
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sledgesif that blocks, there's always plenty to do still17:34
locusfwas talking about the next image :)17:35
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sledges:D you got me there17:43
sledgesi noticed glacier kbd has some dead zones17:44
sledgeslike between keys17:44
sledgesdidn't compare it to prev kbd, nor exhaustively test, just first feel while typing17:44
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