Sunday, 2013-11-17

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MFaro-Tusinobrb - changing IRC client - Lingo on OS X is crap10:03
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MFaro-TusinoI'm back (Y)10:06
MFaro-TusinoSo anyone have a solution to persistent single boot flash of N9 to Nemo?10:07
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dm8tbrthe wiki instructions don't work?10:08
MFaro-Tusinoi don't want a dual-boot moslo10:10
dm8tbrthere is a single boot one AFAIU10:10
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MFaro-Tusinosorry - had to update client10:12
MFaro-TusinoI need to just double check the N950 Moslo works for it10:12
faenilMFaro-Tusino, go ubiboot on n950 :P10:13
MFaro-TusinoBut then I have to flash my N950 from Beta 1 to PR 1.310:13
faenilmeh :P10:15
MFaro-TusinoI think I have the last N950 on Beta 1 though :p10:15
MFaro-TusinoIts a relic hehe10:15
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locusfhey MFaro-Tusino10:19
MFaro-TusinoHey locusf10:20
faenillocusf, O710:20
MFaro-Tusinoso you guys reckon I should flash N950 or N9?10:21
MFaro-TusinoIt'll be ubiboot method I've decided10:21
locusffaenil: \o10:21
locusfMFaro-Tusino: you have both?10:21
MFaro-Tusino2 N9s 2 N950s10:22
faenilMFaro-Tusino, yeah ubiboot is the most developed and flexible I'd say10:22
MFaro-TusinoThough I donated an N950 to a friend in need10:22
MFaro-TusinoFaenil: Sweet :)10:22
locusfI should also switch to ubiboot as I'd like my harmattan as my skype phone10:23
MFaro-TusinoWell I'll try N9 - that way I can keep my rock watch app - its bloody amazing with pebble10:25
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MFaro-TusinoSailfish Will look gorgeous on the glossy white - I can see it now hehe10:33
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MFaro-Tusinoassume   ssh user@tel means telnet?10:49
locusfno telnet only ssh10:53
MFaro-Tusinotelnet never works for me10:56
MFaro-Tusino(using OS X so that is probably why)10:56
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dm8tbrMFaro-Tusino: my n950 also runs something akin to beta111:01
MFaro-Tusinodo i need all the zImages ? or only the ones for the OSes I will use?11:02
MFaro-Tusinonice dm8tbr11:02
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locusfi remember one guy trying to flash n9 on osx, didn't work too well11:12
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Hurrianlocusf: flashing with OSX >>>>>>>> flashing with Windows ;)11:18
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sandy_lockehi peops11:26
sandy_lockelocusf: you have 2mins, I may need help with installing nemo on n9 (again^^) ?11:26
MFaro-Tusinoit seems we are all re/installing Nemo today/tonight11:27
sandy_lockewe should do a group step-by-step then :P11:27
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sandy_lockeas for me I keep getting a re-partitioning failed error, doesn't matter how much I flash the whole device11:29
*** Hurrian has joined #nemomobile11:29
MFaro-Tusinoreally? I tend to find doing an dmmc flash and erasing everything fixes that11:30
sandy_lockeI would like to know how I can enter the device from linux to list the partitions, see if it has been created anyway11:30
MFaro-Tusinousually though to do with moslo paritioning11:30
sandy_lockenot for me this time unfortunately :/11:30
sandy_lockefull zeroize both root and mmc 2x doesn't change anything!11:31
sandy_lockeMFaro-Tusino: what command line do you use to erase everything ?11:32
sandy_lockeand telnet doesn't work :/ arrrrhhh...11:34
MFaro-Tusinoumm flasher -F image.bin -F emmc.bin -f -R --erase-user-data i think11:34
MFaro-Tusinobeen a while since i did it11:34
sandy_lockeseems like the same command I used11:37
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MFaro-Tusinobloody tar doesn't work on my N9 - looks like i'll need to use mass storage and manually extract via pc11:39
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sandy_lockeif someone knows how to get fdisk on the n911:53
sandy_lockeit says 'not found' on my device11:53
MFaro-Tusinoapt-get install frisk?11:59
MFaro-Tusinotry /sbin/sfdisk11:59
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sandy_lockeMFaro-Tusino: nice, thanks :)12:07
sandy_locke'/sbin/sfdisk' work12:07
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MFaro-Tusinoanytime :)12:08
sandy_lockemmmh, I have a mmcblk0p4 completely empty here12:08
MFaro-Tusinoi just did a device search for frisk :p12:08
MFaro-Tusinobloody OSX auto-correct12:08
sandy_lockeok, I see the situtation here12:12
sandy_lockeI have a mmcblk0p4 partition listed with fdisk, but not in /dev12:12
sandy_lockeplus this partition is 0 block wide, beginning at 0 and ending at 012:12
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sandy_lockeif I could just delete it, maybe I could do something with MOSLO!12:13
sandy_lockeIs it safe to force delete it from dev mode in harmattan ?12:15
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sandy_lockeok, sfdisk is weird, this mmcblk0p4 is just a slot, not an actual partition, and all those zero means this fourth partition just does not exist^^12:25
sandy_lockewhat a wase of time :/12:25
sandy_lockeso back to the start12:26
sandy_lockeMOSLO is just a f**k for not willing to partition my mmc !12:27
MFaro-Tusinomoslo is a pita12:27
sandy_lockebut: I've got news !12:28
sandy_lockeI have this in my first partition : end: (c,h,s) expected (1023,3,16) found (1023,63,32)12:28
sandy_lockeso MOSLO is not so pita ;) it just won't partition a table with bad sectors assignments I guess12:29
sandy_lockeend of partition 1 has impossible value for head: 63 (should be in 0-3)12:31
sandy_lockeend of partition 1 has impossible value for sector: 32 (should be in 1-16)12:31
sandy_lockeso I must find a way to correct this and try again12:31
sandy_lockebut with my knowledge I don't know how to do it12:31
MFaro-Tusinoweird as reflash hold fix that12:32
sandy_lockemaybe I should reflash (again) then12:32
sandy_lockebut first I would like to know the best command to flash12:32
sandy_locketo be sure the flash will fix this and make MOSLO work12:33
sandy_lockesince I already flashed with my own command and it gave this error right after12:33
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sandy_lockewill this "sudo flasher -f -F <yourmainfirmware.bin> --erase-user-data=secure -F <youremmc.bin> --erase-mmc=secure" do the trick ?12:37
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sandy_lockebut I believe this is what I did in the first place12:37
sandy_lockeI want something that delete and recreate all partitions12:38
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sandy_lockeok ok, flashing with the command above, next flash openmode_fix kernel and trying again with MOSLO12:43
MFaro-Tusinoidk - afaik the dmmc flash should fix everything :/12:43
sandy_lockefinger crossed :P12:44
MFaro-Tusinogood luck12:44
sandy_lockeMFaro-Tusino: yeah hope so12:44
MFaro-Tusinoso can anyone tell me12:44
MFaro-Tusinowith ubiboot12:44
MFaro-Tusinoif I want only nemo/sailfish, do i need to worry about installing nitdroid and the rest?12:45
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MFaro-TusinoI'm giving up - need to sleep - uni exam tomorrow - I know nothing :/ Oh well. Happy hacking guys13:14
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qwazixsandy_locke, MFaro-Tusino, try with --no-preserve13:23
sandy_lockeqwazix: hi13:23
sandy_lockewhat do you mean ?13:24
sandy_lockewhere --no-preserve?13:24
sandy_lockemmh, seems interesting13:24
sandy_lockecuz I just finished the zeroize (again) and MOSLO still struggles13:25
sandy_lockedo you know if it works ?13:25
qwazixI had a similar issue (though in my case I couldn't flash at all) and --no-preserve fixed it13:25
sandy_lockebtw qwazix where we at with glacier ?13:25
qwazixIt just restored the N9 to completely factory state13:25
sandy_lockewhat's needed ?13:25
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sandy_lockeI'll try that then13:26
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qwazixsandy_locke, I am a bit out of the loop as I was on vacation, and then I had some bad news in the family and now I'm down with a terrible flu. I have to catch up too13:26
sandy_lockeshould I input the command from your link or should I add --erase-user-data=secure for firmware too ?13:26
*** nodevel has joined #nemomobile13:26
qwazixI saw Sfiet_Konstantin did some work on the spinner...13:27
sandy_lockemmh ok13:27
qwazixsandy_locke, I didn't use secure as far as  I remember13:27
sandy_lockeyeah, but didn't have occasion to try13:27
Morpog_PCnoch much happened sandy_locke13:27
sandy_lockelocusf also successfully installed sailfish UI in Nemo13:27
qwazixhi Morpog_PC!13:27
Morpog_PCspinner was done by Sfiet_Konstantin, but not 100% polished13:28
sandy_lockeMorpog_PC: hi13:28
Morpog_PChi qwazix13:28
Morpog_PCnemo-theme-glacier is in, so icons are now in13:28
Morpog_PCand I styled lockscreen a bit so it looks like in mockups13:28
* qwazix has to fire up N950 and update13:29
Morpog_PCoh and qwazix that PR is still waiting on github :D13:29
qwazixyep I know, see above13:29
Morpog_PCno pressure13:30
Morpog_PCjust a small reminder ;)13:30
qwazix(I failed to mention that my laptop was also bricked with an insane bug)13:30
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qwazixI disabled boot to HDD so that I could flash new bios, and after the BIOS update the command to re-enable a boot device is no more13:31
Morpog_PCnasty bug13:32
Morpog_PCbut why do you need to disable HDD to flash a bios?13:32
qwazixBecause i ran linux, and bios flashing needed windows13:32
qwazixso I wanted to  boot from a winpe flash drive13:33
Morpog_PCerrm, no dos flas via USB or directly from BIOS available?13:33
qwazix(and changing the order didn't work initially because of "fast boot", so I tried disabling the HDD)13:33
qwazixno, samsung.13:33
Morpog_PCdamn samsung13:33
qwazixeven freedos didn't work13:33
Morpog_PClinux supports fastboot?13:34
Morpog_PCnever tried linux on UEFI, it was a hassle enough with windows :)13:34
qwazixI surprisingly didn't have too much problems with UEFI, even secure boot worked13:35
sandy_lockeso Morpog_PC, what's the priority with glacier now ?13:36
*** jonwil has joined #nemomobile13:37
qwazixbetter phrased: it was booting with secureboot enabled. Now if it was really secure IDK13:37
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Morpog_PCsandy_locke, just choose what you like most to do13:38
Morpog_PCbetter link:
qwazixMorpog_PC, I think sledges updated that list and put it in wiki, I should just remove it and put up a link13:39
sandy_lockethx Morpog_PC13:41
Morpog_PChmm not differentiated between spec and code13:41
sandy_lockeqwazix: where in the wiki ?13:41
sandy_lockenevermind ;)13:41
qwazixPR merged13:41
*** Frye has joined #nemomobile13:43
sandy_lockefor notifications, are we free to think of something totally new or are we stuck with some needs from nemo structure ?13:44
Morpog_PCoh and VKB should be in nemo now too13:44
qwazixsandy_locke, for notifications I kinda liked what Hurrian proposed13:45
sandy_lockeqwazix: link ?13:45
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sandy_lockeqwazix: yeah like it too, but those are on the lockscreen. What about non-obstrusive in-app notifications ?13:47
qwazixthey are behind an app13:47
qwazixin this case the gallery13:47
sandy_lockeI like the fact that it appears from bottom13:48
Morpog_PCoh and when you are using VM, don't wonder that apps are half transparent, it's a regression somewhere13:48
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile13:48
sandy_lockeI will then avoid vm's for now then ;)13:50
Morpog_PCwell, it looks cool sometimes :)13:50
Morpog_PCespecially with my custom lipstick where I added a background image :D13:50
sandy_lockeMorpog_PC: just need to zypper dup to get latest ?13:52
Morpog_PCyes, but zypper ref first13:52
Morpog_PCgiven that all repos are setup correctly in your image13:53
sandy_lockebtw, I would like to create an account on mer wiki to edit the component list when needed. Will I have access right away after subscribing ?13:53
sandy_lockeok, thx, I'll try now then13:53
sandy_lockepeops, my n9 rebooted after flashing, can I still shut it down and flash openmode firmware ? Or do I have to redo the process ?13:58
Morpog_PCthink so13:58
Morpog_PCabout still being able13:59
Morpog_PCyou can flash openmode even after 2 years use of harmattan13:59
Morpog_PCalso you should remove that disclaimer first13:59
Morpog_PCfrom within harmattan14:00
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile14:00
*** cristi has joined #nemomobile14:01
sandy_lockedisclaimer is already removed14:02
sandy_lockeit is, if it did not come back after the flash ^^14:03
sandy_lockeI'll try then...14:03
Morpog_PCI'm sure it's back after a reflash14:04
Morpog_PCCan't wait to get my Jolla, so I can finally flash nemo on my N9 :D14:05
sandy_lockemmmh, you were right :/14:05
sandy_lockeI got it back, but I think I'll stick with it now14:05
Morpog_PCnow it's too late :)14:05
sandy_lockesince it means a reflash14:05
sandy_lockehum, I think... I think that flashing the firmware *after* a reboot mess things up14:06
sandy_lockethe device won't reboot14:06
sandy_lockenevermind, it did reboot :D14:07
*** bill_klpd has joined #nemomobile14:07
Morpog_PCdeleted my text line ;D14:07
sandy_locke"repartitioning failed", and unable to copy files to Alt_OS14:10
sandy_lockeagain and again and again14:10
sandy_lockeI think I'll give up14:10
*** itbaron has joined #nemomobile14:11
*** guoyunhebrave has quit IRC14:11
Morpog_PCmaybe sledges can help14:11
qwazixwhy don't you try manually repartitioning?14:12
Morpog_PCor locusf14:12
Morpog_PCor qwazix :D14:12
sandy_lockeMorpog_PC: if someone can help me to do it, I'll do it14:13
bill_klpdhey guys what's up :D14:13
sandy_lockebut right now I spent too much time on something that won"t work14:14
sandy_locketime that could be spent in actual work on nemo ^^14:14
sandy_lockehi bill_klpd14:14
Morpog_PCsandy_locke, use VM till someone can hekp you out14:14
sandy_lockeyup, that's what I'll do14:14
sandy_lockeI am upgrading the vm right now14:15
qwazixsandy_locke, I don't know about fdisk commands, but I remember there were step by step instructions in the log not long ago14:15
qwazixbill_klpd, hey14:15
sandy_lockewould mean checking logs for something that might not even work in my case :/14:15
sandy_lockeI'll work on nemo instead, fed up with tinkering with MOSLO and it's badass behaviour ;)14:16
*** guoyunhebrave has joined #nemomobile14:16
*** nodevel has quit IRC14:17
*** guoyunhebrave has quit IRC14:18
*** nodevel has joined #nemomobile14:18
*** NIN101 has quit IRC14:19
sandy_lockeqwazix: Morpog_PC: has someone already done something with the dialogs ?14:19
sandy_lockemight do something with that if not14:19
qwazixwhat dialogs?14:19
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile14:20
qwazixsheet etc?14:20
sandy_lockeI meant something like dialogs that appear to ask user input, like "ok" or "cancel" stuffs14:21
Morpog_PCmer wiki says Nothing Yet :D14:21
sandy_lockeMorpog_PC: it did also for notificiations ;) (I just changed it to add Hurrian mockup)14:22
Morpog_PCsandy_locke, mockup is on the left "Design Status" all on Done14:22
sandy_lockeMorpog_PC: my VM just froze while doing zypper dup while installing tzdata-timed-2013 package ?!14:23
Morpog_PCright ctril + h14:23
sandy_lockemmmh, sorry14:23
sandy_lockeMorpog_PC: what should it do ? It does nothing for me (I'm using a mac)14:23
qwazixso bill_klpd welcome to #nemomobile!14:24
bill_klpdthanks :)14:24
sandy_lockeif design status for dialogs is "done", so where can I find it ???14:24
qwazixhere is what we are now working on
sandy_lockeah, bill_klpd is a new guy ?14:25
sandy_lockewelcome then :D14:25
bill_klpdhahaha yeap :P14:25
qwazixwe're doing it a bit unorthodoxally, writing specs while other people implement, but that's the joy of not having strict deadlines and stuff and doing things for fun14:25
qwazixeverybody picks a task that finds interesting14:26
bill_klpdok... so if I can help, what can I do and what things am I going to need? :D14:27
qwazixfor starters you can get the Virtualbox vm to see nemo running for yourself14:28
qwazixMorpog_PC, got a link?14:29
bill_klpdi do have virtualbox vm on my pc(windows 8)14:29
bill_klpd(windows 8 )*14:29
bill_klpdI suppose I can do this with this, right?14:30
qwazixYou sure can14:31
qwazixIt's just a VM14:31
sandy_lockebill_klpd: safer way to go with it ;)14:31
sandy_lockeall you risk is waste time if it doesn't work :P14:31
sandy_lockebut you shoudln't ;)14:32
bill_klpdcan I do the same for the sdk, or I will need a linux host as the wiki says?14:32
sandy_lockeqwazix: Morpog_PC : how do I reboot the vm safely ?14:32
Morpog_PCsorry, was in bathroom14:32
sandy_lockebill_klpd: linux host needed14:32
sandy_lockebut can do with a VM too14:32
Morpog_PCsledges compiled that list, so I dunno14:32
Morpog_PClets check hurrians mockup for it14:33
sandy_lockeMorpog_PC: ^14:33
sandy_lockereboot vm safely14:33
qwazixsandy_locke, I guess ssh to it and issue reboot as root?14:33
Morpog_PCsandy_locke, right ctrl + c is on windows, dunno what it is on mac14:33
Morpog_PCit's does screen blank14:33
Morpog_PClike if you lock/unlock on N914:34
sandy_lockeMorpog_PC: hum do you happen to have the VM to freeze when not in focus anymore ?14:34
sandy_lockebecause it does that for me all the time14:34
Morpog_PCbut it blanks after a while14:34
*** jonwil has quit IRC14:34
sandy_lockemmh, then I think there"s an issue with Nemo sleep and my vb ^^14:35
Morpog_PCin the right bottom corner of your vm should be the blank command14:35
sandy_lockeit freezes instead of screen going blank, and now way to unfreeze it14:35
sandy_lockeMorpog_PC: nope :/14:36
Morpog_PCsandy_locke, it freezes here too, it gives blank command but doesn't show it14:36
sandy_lockehow do I unfreeze it then ?14:36
Morpog_PCright ctrl + h :)14:37
Morpog_PCdoes the image load for you?14:37
Morpog_PCdoesn't for me14:38
sandy_lockeok for me it's the command key, but it's still frozen ^^14:38
sandy_lockeactually, the main screen is still visible14:38
sandy_lockebut no input is recognized14:38
Morpog_PCsandy_locke, screen is also visible for me when it's frouen14:38
sandy_lockeand right ctrl does the trick for you ? it unfreeze ?14:39
Morpog_PCclick in the window to set it to active focus14:39
Morpog_PCthen command key + h14:39
Morpog_PCafter that you should see the lockscreen with latest updates14:40
qwazixMorpog_PC, do you think that our lockscreen unlocks too easily?14:40
Morpog_PChmm, on VM not14:41
qwazixI have that problem with my BB and I suppose N9 didn't unlock in pocket because of edge swipe. On the other hand I didn't have this problem with WP7 which has exactly the same lockscreen as ours14:41
Morpog_PCbtw qwazix i made a mockup of that opcity lockscreen, but not sure if I like it14:42
qwazixopacity lockscreen?14:42
Morpog_PCsecond I upload14:43
Morpog_PCwell, my upload is bad, so it's a bit more than a second :)14:44
Morpog_PCdamn, image is too big for lol14:45
Morpog_PCgoing to abuse grog for it14:46
qwazixwait a sec14:47
Morpog_PCit's at 45% already14:47
sandy_lockeMorpog_PC: command key + h hides the vm into the dock of macos ^^14:48
sandy_lockeand I cannot access nemo through ssh at nemo@localhost ^^14:48
sandy_lockeaccess denied ^^14:48
Morpog_PCerrrm, maybe it's a different key in macos then14:48
sandy_lockemust be ^^14:48
sandy_lockedo you have somewhere where the shortcut is written, like in some menu or sth ?14:49
sandy_lockewhy is it called "opacity" lockscreen ?14:52
qwazix:nod: it's not bad, just a sec14:52
qwazixgot a link to the background image14:52
Morpog_PCbecause it gets faded out14:52
Morpog_PCqwazix, on nemo artwork14:52
Morpog_PCor with clock, etc.?14:52
Morpog_PCmmh seems I delted those images already14:53
Morpog_PCbrbr, need to eat some cake and drink coffee14:53
sandy_lockethere should be an option on Nemo VM to disable sleep mode !!14:53
Morpog_PCsandy_locke, there sure is, just no settings app for it14:54
sandy_lockethen locusf and I need to talk ;)14:54
*** timoph has joined #nemomobile14:55
sandy_lockeMorpog_PC: your lockscreen is pretty nice I think, even though it needs some polishing14:58
Morpog_PCsure, I'm just a QML beginner14:58
Morpog_PCand not a coder at all :)14:59
Morpog_PCI tried to have it look like hurrian's mockup14:59
Morpog_PCnow really off to cake and coffee15:00
sandy_lockeit would be cool to see the text on the lockscreen fade with a blurry effect too15:00
sandy_lockesee ya then :)15:00
Morpog_PCsandy_locke, have a go on it, fork away and test :)15:00
sandy_lockeok, I'll look into that :)15:01
locusfsandy_locke: talk about what :) ?15:03
sandy_lockehi locusf15:03
bill_klpdhey guys I am downloading the image for the vm right now :D15:03
sandy_lockebill_klpd: keep us informed of how things go :)15:03
bill_klpdby the way I really likes the lockscreen ;)15:03
sandy_lockelocusf: I use the nemo VM right now (because I can't install nemo on my n9, but it's another topic of discussion)15:04
locusfsandy_locke: cool15:04
sandy_lockebut each time nemo goes to sleep, the screen freezes and no way to get it working again15:04
qwazixwith the "glass" moving as the user slides. The icons will quickly fade in when the swipe is complete15:04
sandy_lockeqwazix: or the icons could appear along the swipe, like they're already baked on the glass ?15:06
sandy_lockelocusf: ^15:06
*** Morpog_ has joined #nemomobile15:06
sandy_lockenemo sleep15:06
locusfsandy_locke: I know the issue, I don't however remember the mcetool command that prevented it15:06
qwazixpossible too, but as I see it on blackberry where there is a similar effect, the icons are too many and you hardly notice the change of blurryness15:06
sandy_lockeqwazix: right, need to see it in action but I believe you15:07
sandy_lockelocusf: arf ^^15:07
qwazix?? why are the icons getting huge upon click?15:07
sandy_lockeqwazix: on VM ?15:08
qwazixsomething is broken15:08
qwazixcan't launch any app15:08
qwazixcan't unlock either15:08
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC15:08
sandy_lockelocusf: do you happen to know the equivalent of CTRL+H (win) for mac vb ?15:08
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC15:08
sandy_lockeqwazix: sounds bad... reboot ?15:09
qwazixrebooting now15:09
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile15:09
locusfsandy_locke: no15:10
locusfsandy_locke: try mcetool -Don15:10
qwazix^ too many things beneath to realize that it's the same wallpaper15:10
*** giucam has joined #nemomobile15:10
*** Morpog_ has quit IRC15:11
qwazixnah, after update it's completely broken...15:11
qwazixanyway, I don't feel very well. See you later (hopefully)15:12
sandy_lockesee you qwazix15:14
sandy_lockerest well15:14
sandy_lockelocusf: I'll try that15:15
bill_klpdbye :)15:15
sandy_lockehow is it going bill_klpd ?15:15
bill_klpdI still wait for the image :P15:16
sandy_lockelocusf: do you happen to know why ssh -o port=22 nemo@localhost give me connection refused (to access VM) ?15:18
locusfsandy_locke: no, I don't know :/15:18
sandy_lockearf, thx anyway15:18
sandy_lockelocusf: mcetool -Don work :D thanks a lot !!15:22
locusfcool I remembered it lol :)15:22
*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk15:27
*** Pat_o has quit IRC15:43
Morpog_PCsandy_locke, did you follow the guide on wiki for ssh?15:52
*** thomas_sch has quit IRC15:52
sandy_lockewell it worked before, but I might look at the wiki again, doesn't hurt :)15:52
Morpog_PCbtw locusf is there a command to change keyboard locale?15:53
Morpog_PCdamn, lol15:53
*** martyone has joined #nemomobile15:54
sandy_lockemy bad ^^it was port 4022 and not 22 :O15:54
sandy_lockethx Morpog_PC :)15:54
bill_klpdI installed nemo on vm, but it looks exactly like the nemo on my n900! Is this right, or I downloaded an old image?16:00
locusfMorpog_PC: I son't know16:01
*** alin_ has quit IRC16:01
Morpog_PCbill_klpd, depends on the image you downloaded16:02
bill_klpdI downloaded the one on the wiki: 2013-10-3016:02
sandy_lockeseems to me it's pretty recent16:04
sandy_lockebut I believe you have some steps to do before it's completely updated16:04
sandy_lockeyou know how to ssh to your vm ?16:04
Morpog_PCbill_klpd, zypper ref16:04
Morpog_PCafter that zypper dup16:04
sandy_lockeMorpog_PC: he will need to remove old mesa package, otherwise nemo won't boot up after zypper dup16:05
Morpog_PCwith that image still?16:05
sandy_lockeIDK, but it probably still is16:05
*** artemma has joined #nemomobile16:06
*** Morpog_ has joined #nemomobile16:07
*** M13 has quit IRC16:07
Morpog_it was fixed as far as i remember16:07
Morpog_sledges should know or locusf16:07
locusfit is fixed16:09
Morpog_bill_klpd, so zypper ref and zypper dup away!16:09
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC16:09
*** bill_klpd has quit IRC16:10
locusfthough I don't know about the vm16:11
timophso a new prebuild image is needed?16:11
*** Morpog has joined #nemomobile16:14
*** Morpog_ has quit IRC16:16
sandy_lockewhat do you think ?16:17
*** juiceme has joined #nemomobile16:18
Morpoglooking good, but is modal, something that qwazix tried to prevent16:19
sandy_lockemmh, so what should be done ?16:19
sandy_lockethere's no more modal dialogs then ?16:19
sandy_lockeit should be seamlessly integrated to the current screen ?16:20
MorpogI dunno if there is a good way to have Dialog non modal16:20
sandy_lockelet's get it straight, modal is when it's a new window, right ?16:20
Morpogmaybe we just nbeed to accept it and use it only where it's really needed16:20
*** DarkSim has joined #nemomobile16:20
Morpogand it's stealing focus16:21
sandy_lockeit could be really handy for stuffs that can't be undone16:21
Morpogyep, stuff that REALLY needs your attention16:21
sandy_lockeor find another way, but that should still steal focus anyway when it comes to really important stuffs16:22
DarkSimSo what are your thoughts on the Jolla phone now that basically everything has been released?16:22
*** bill_klpd has joined #nemomobile16:23
sandy_lockeDarkSim: seem nice but still waiting to see real use tests16:23
DarkSimI like it, but as many people have noted the screen resolution seems pretty low in comparison to the relatively high price for it16:23
bill_klpdhey sorry for logging out like this16:23
DarkSimbut I guess that is what happens when you aren't Samsung or Google16:24
MorpogDarkSim, yeah I still really like it. Would have wished for some better specs to be future proof, but I'm sure it will be very smooth on this HW16:24
bill_klpdI will make it later because I can't right now...16:24
Morpogbill_klpd, no prob16:24
DarkSimI'm more thinking of getting a cheap Nexus phone and then getting Sailfish onto there in a later stage if I really want to16:24
DarkSimBecause I'm not sure if I can downgrade myself that much tech-wise16:24
sandy_lockescreen resolution is a real deal breaker I believe nowadays16:25
MorpogDarkSim, I'm sure the experience will not be the same as on Jolla phone16:25
DarkSimThat would be bad16:25
Morpogalso I guess it would miss the android compatibility16:25
sandy_lockethe pros of the Jolla is really the other side (apart from the os itself)16:25
DarkSimIt's not that I'm counting pixels, but not even 720p is pretty strange in my book16:26
MorpogDarkSim, I couldn'ts ee pixels on my N916:26
DarkSimYeah, like I said, I don16:26
sandy_lockeIt's because you've tasted high resolution phones ;)16:26
DarkSimdon't exactly count pixels16:26
DarkSimbut it seems really low16:26
Morpogso I won't see them on my Jolla, as it has higher resolution and no pentile matrix16:26
sandy_lockeMorpog: any idea when you'll recevie yours ?16:27
sandy_lockeyou have to give us a full review, with screenshots and screencasts ;)16:27
Morpogno Idea, I hope they send it out on 27th16:27
Morpogyou can ask faenil he got one16:28
sandy_lockealready ? how ?16:28
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile16:28
*** bill_klpd has quit IRC16:28
Morpoghe does an internship at Jolla atm16:28
Morpogthat lucky bastard :D16:29
sandy_lockelucky indeed !16:30
*** bill_klpd has joined #nemomobile16:30
sandy_lockeso he in finland now ?16:30
locusfskilled too :)16:31
bill_klpdI wish I had the money to buy one myself :D16:31
MorpogIf I wouldn't need to work on that day, I would have traveled to helsinki to get it first :)16:32
DarkSimIt's just that I bought a phone about 2 years ago and I buy the more expensive stuff to last for a good amount of time16:32
DarkSimand that phone costs almost as much as my phone did 2 years ago16:33
MorpogDarkSim, well, If I would have cared about specs I wouldn't have gotten a N9 two years ago, as that was alot more outdated than Jolla is now.16:33
MorpogAND the N9 cost me 650€16:33
DarkSimWell I'm not totally hunting specs, I bought this phone based on specs and I regret it16:33
DarkSimOh so much16:33
DarkSimIt's not that I'm cheap, it's that I don't have money to toss around :P16:34
Morpogyep and that was for a 16GB one16:34
DarkSimTegra 3 is a piece of shit16:35
DarkSimThat's one big reason my phone sucks16:35
DarkSimHTC is the other one16:35
DarkSimGuess my phone?16:35
Morpogtegra 3 is fine on my nexus 716:37
MorpogDarkSim, a One X?16:37
Morpogwell, android is a ressource hog16:37
Morpogit gets better with more recent android versions16:38
DarkSimIt's not that, it's basically that whenever I do something fun it bursts into flames and I can't flash anything interesting on it since it's locked down16:38
MorpogDarkSim, well that won't happen on a Jolla I guess16:38
sandy_lockethe best fun is with an N9 ;)16:39
sandy_lockeif you buy Android, you should be able to flash Replicant on it16:40
Morpogor get a Nexus 516:46
*** nodevel has quit IRC16:48
*** nodevel has joined #nemomobile16:48
sandy_lockeyup nexus for all the projects that have been ported to it !16:50
sandy_lockeand what about sth like this ^ ?16:51
*** itbaron has quit IRC16:53
bill_klpdsandy_locke: I like more the second one :D16:53
sandy_lockeyeah me too16:53
Morpogsame here16:53
ryukafalzsecond one looks more readable in the case of a white image16:53
Morpogbut it could be the other way around on a dark background16:53
sandy_lockeyeah, like Morpog says: first one, on white background inverts its colors16:54
ryukafalzahh, alright16:54
sandy_lockebut it"s more tricky to implement16:55
sandy_lockeand as for the appearance, instead of slide up I would prefer a 'blurry appearance' if technically possible16:55
sandy_lockethough I don't know how to make an animated mockup to show what I mean...16:56
*** OrokuSaki has joined #nemomobile16:56
sandy_lockeI need to go buy cigarets16:56
sandy_lockebbl guys16:56
OrokuSakiGot lipstick working with hp touchpad and -platform eglfs16:57
OrokuSakiyay! =)16:57
OrokuSakiI had to use ice cream sandwich16:57
*** Eztran has joined #nemomobile16:57
OrokuSakiI am missing icons and wallpapers.. =(16:57
OrokuSakianyone know.. where to get them? I started with a daily n950 root filesystem from a torrent on the nemo website16:58
OrokuSakiI do not have those missing files...16:58
Morpogno theme installed?16:58
OrokuSakiI have zypper installed *meegotouch* as well =)16:58
OrokuSakiinstalled glacier theme, etc16:58
OrokuSakitry that16:59
Morpogand meegotouch-theme-darko16:59
OrokuSakiit says I already have the highest installed16:59
OrokuSakidarko is installed as well16:59
Morpogtheme daemon maybe?17:00
OrokuSakifind / -name apps.png17:00
OrokuSakizero files found17:00
*** cristi has quit IRC17:00
MorpogMLocalThemeDaemonClient::MLocalThemeDaemonClient(const QString&, QObject*) Theme "blanco"  is invalid17:02
*** bill_klpd has quit IRC17:02
*** M13 has joined #nemomobile17:12
*** cristi has joined #nemomobile17:14
*** sandy_locke is now known as sandy_locke|away17:14
OrokuSaki@Morpog good reading... hmmm qmlnotes-theme-blanco-extra is installed17:17
OrokuSakithat is all I find when I zypper search blanko17:17
OrokuSakiit seems to be in /usr/share/themes17:19
*** sandy_locke|away is now known as sandy_locke17:20
*** arcean has quit IRC17:22
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile17:23
*** dmol has quit IRC17:23
*** Mihanizat0r has joined #nemomobile17:26
*** dmol has joined #nemomobile17:27
*** M13 has quit IRC17:29
sandy_lockeam back17:36
*** dmol has quit IRC17:41
*** dmol has joined #nemomobile17:42
*** Mihanizat0r has quit IRC17:47
*** M13 has joined #nemomobile17:49
*** itbaron has joined #nemomobile17:54
sandy_lockeMorpog: you there ?18:12
sandy_lockecool, here :
sandy_lockejust hover18:13
sandy_lockeI want this in place of slide up18:13
sandy_lockewhat do you think ?18:13
Morpoghmm, nothing happens when hovering18:13
sandy_lockewhat browser do you use ?18:13
MorpogFF Nightly18:13
sandy_lockeyou need either webkit or firefox18:14
sandy_lockemmh strange18:14
sandy_lockeit work on my side18:14
Morpogworks on chrome18:15
Morpogcould be a nightly regression on FF18:15
sandy_lockenice *18:15
sandy_lockemaybe, it's css3 filter effects18:15
sandy_lockeI used -moz-filter: blur though18:15
Morpogso instant appear and unblurs?18:15
sandy_lockeand simple generic filter too18:15
sandy_lockenot really18:16
sandy_lockefades in while unblurring18:16
Morpogah ok18:16
Morpogcould look ok18:16
Morpogwithout shaders it will be slow :)18:16
sandy_lockeI think that if technically feasable, it could be a distinction from competition18:16
sandy_lockemmh, that's what I thought, technical issue may occur :/18:17
MorpogI haven't played yet with those new shader stuff in QQICK218:17
Morpogor well I tried, but nothing worked18:17
Morpogin the end you should ask qwazix being our design leader18:19
sandy_lockeand what about locusf & al ?18:19
sandy_lockedid they try it ?18:19
Morpogsure, the more opinions the better18:19
MorpogI think they did18:19
Morpogthat new button could be done via shader18:19
sandy_lockewith opacity also18:21
Morpogthat one works in FF18:22
sandy_lockeblur and opacity or just opacity ?18:22
Morpogyeah looks cool18:22
Morpogb oth18:22
*** M13 has quit IRC18:24
Morpogbutton uses QtGraphicalEffect18:25
Morpognot sure if that is done by shaders18:25
sandy_lockeMorpog: do you think I should look further for the dialogs or do I go in this direction for the others ?18:25
sandy_lockemmh, yes, buttons will need the effect too ^^18:25
Morpogwell, button works like in button spec18:26
Morpogyou can try it already in nemo after you install the examples18:26
sandy_lockeand is it possible to take a screenshot in the background of the whole dialog, blur it and display the actual dialog ?18:26
sandy_lockea bit messy but it could do the trick...18:27
Morpogshould work too, but I guess it's faster via shader18:27
sandy_lockeyes, but if buttons don't support shaders ...18:27
MorpogIF the GPU does the job of course18:27
sandy_lockeMorpog: buttons are in QML Component gallery ? I don't have them, it's the old ones...18:28
sandy_lockeshould I update QML Comp ?18:28
Morpogsandy_locke, I see QtGraphicalEffect is based on using shaders18:29
Morpogsandy_locke, not qml components18:29
Morpogqml components = old stuff18:29
sandy_lockeand where's qtquickcontrols ?18:30
Morpogzypper in qt5-qtquickcontrols-nemo18:30
Morpogzypper in qt5-qtquickcontrols-nemo-examples18:30
Morpogafter that you can launch it via terminal18:31
Morpogcd /usr/lib/qt5/examples18:31
MorpogQT_QUICK_CONTROLS_STYLE=Nemo ./touch_nemo18:31
Morpogwon't work over ssh though18:32
locusfit doesn't?18:33
Morpognot here18:33
Morpogmaybe need to add DISPLAY:= or so?18:33
locusfno DISPLAY anymore :)18:34
locusfwe're on wayland18:34
Morpogwayland equivalent?18:34
locusfI guess18:34
Morpogvia SSH it says:18:34
MorpogFailed to load platform plugin "xcb". Available platforms are:18:35
locusfappend -platform wayland18:35
sandy_lockefor me the last line gives me a Failed to create display18:36
Morpogsame here18:36
locusfhmm ok18:36
locusffingerterm only then18:36
Morpogsecond I was root18:36
Morpogworks as user :)18:36
locusfcool :)18:37
OrokuSakiMorpog: its because I was root18:37
OrokuSakiI know have themes18:37
Morpogoh well, same fault which I just did :)18:38
sandy_lockelocusf: did this in fingerterm but as root18:38
sandy_locketrying as user18:38
OrokuSakichmod 666 /dev/genlock chmod 666 /dev/log/* chmod 666 /dev/kgsl*18:38
Morpogit's easy to identify me as windows user that way :)18:38
Morpogsandy_locke, try via SSH, way more comfortable18:39
sandy_locke^^yup I should have18:39
Morpogwhere is the spinner btw? Did no one tag?18:39
sandy_lockebut it worked anyway18:39
locusfyeah forgot to tag18:40
sandy_lockethough this transparent bug prevent from seeing everything18:40
Morpogsandy_locke, I'm living with that since about 4 weeks :D18:40
sandy_locke^^ damn!18:41
sandy_lockeand nobody to relieve your pain ???18:41
Morpogand the VKB is gone again here since a few updates18:41
locusfat least its confirmed now18:41
Morpoglocusf, I think sledges or faenil confirmed it too18:41
locusfoh cool18:41
*** Pat_o has quit IRC18:46
sandy_lockeMorpog: what do you mean by "gone" ?18:46
Morpogwhere did I say that? :D18:47
Morpogaaah there18:48
Morpogwell, no VKB appears at all for me18:48
Morpoghappened for me 2nd time now18:48
Morpog1st time it was gone it took a few weeks and it was back again after a zypper update18:49
Morpogbut now a few days ago it was gone again after a zypper update18:49
*** furikku has quit IRC18:50
sandy_lockeah ? for me it's better than a month ago18:50
sandy_lockeit appears all the time AND disappear when not needed anymore :D18:50
Morpogand should have glacier style now, or?18:51
sandy_lockebefore once showed up it wouldn't go away18:51
sandy_lockeyes glacier style and cursor stick in the middle18:51
sandy_lockestill too large for the screen though, only complaint :/18:51
sandy_lockeqt5-quiccontrols should be an app with it's own icon in the main screen !18:53
sandy_lockeshouldn't be too hard to do I believe, hope someone will work on it ;)18:53
qwazixsandy_locke, good work on dialogs, I got a lot of comments though18:54
Morpogwell, it just needs a .desktop file18:54
sandy_lockeqwazix: what do you mean "lot of comments" ?18:55
qwazixYou'll see18:55
sandy_lockeqwazix: so you saw the blur effect ? what do you think ?18:56
qwazixFirst Morpog is right that we want to avoid modality, but some times it is necessary, so that full screen dialog should stay, for some really rare cases18:56
qwazixSecond, the layout is good, but the text needs work. The title should be more descriptive of the action, the "OK" button should have the action text in it ("Delete")18:56
qwazixtitle: Delete this picture?  body: The image will be permanently deleted Buttons: Cancel, Delete18:58
qwazixNow, about the blur, it's very nice and I like the active blurring in maemo too, but it always happens when load is high, and results to low performance (blur is very costly)18:59
qwazixwe could have a pre-rendered blurred version of the background, and fade it in. It's a quite good approximation18:59
qwazix(or we could enable shaders for more powerful devices, like apple does)19:00
sandy_lockeand what about a checker to see if ressources are sufficient to display the blur ?19:00
sandy_lockeif not, fallback19:00
Morpogqwazix, I'm not sure if thats still the case with QtQuick219:00
qwazixwe can always try, as I said, I like it very much19:01
sandy_lockethx :)19:01
qwazixbut even on iPhone4 apple disabled it, and it's not that the iPhone4 is a laggard (~=N9 as far as CPU/GPU goes)19:01
sandy_lockeI see19:02
qwazixN900 definitely struggles with it19:02
sandy_lockeand how hard it is to check the state of the ressources ?19:02
qwazixSo if we can make sure it works without, having an option for the user to enable is ok19:03
qwazixsandy_locke, well, we'll check fps19:03
*** cristi has quit IRC19:03
qwazixif it's <60 there's a problem19:03
sandy_lockeyes, option is always good19:03
qwazixwe should always aim for acceptable performance on ~3y/o hardware IMO,19:04
Morpogbut thats N9, not N90019:05
qwazixnot that it means we should forget N900, but we can accept 30fps for that19:06
qwazixas it is the only 2009 hardware that will ever get nemo. Libhybris doesn't work with gingerbread19:06
sandy_lockeand trying the example page I made with CSS3, on an heavy loaded n9 and n900 to see how it goes ?19:07
sandy_lockewith shaders it should be faster no ?19:07
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile19:08
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile19:09
sandy_lockeit could allow testing before implementation or am I saying bs ?19:10
sandy_locke^ updated with correct text, is it ok ?19:10
qwazixsandy_locke, I would be surprised if N9 browser supports CSS3 blur, but yeah you're right19:13
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile19:14
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile19:14
qwazixtext is fine, yep19:14
qwazixMorpog did you see?
*** cristi has joined #nemomobile19:15
qwazix(in fact it should be the other way around, blur at bottom, but anyway)19:15
sandy_lockeqwazix: ^^you're right, but maybe with firefox qml from coderus ?19:16
sandy_lockesupport html5 so css3 is not far ?!19:16
qwazixsandy_locke, that might work yeah (though the latest cutefox had very low framerate by itself for some reason)19:16
sandy_lockeyeah, about that link qwazix , I was wondering what it was referecing to ?19:17
Morpogqwazix, I like it, but lockscreen would be blured then always19:17
qwazix<qwazix> (in fact it should be the other way around, blur at bottom, but anyway)19:17
sandy_lockeit's when swiping from top to bottom in lockscreen to go to main screen ?19:17
qwazixthat was just a mistake due to being too stoned by the flu :P19:18
Morpogotherway around would feel kinda wrong, or not?19:18
qwazixIt was the "sharpening glass" sledges was describing19:18
sandy_lockeand what does it do ?19:18
Morpogit blure the lockscreen while unlocking19:19
sandy_lockeI didn't see sledges description...19:19
Morpogrevealing the homescreen19:19
sandy_lockemmh, that's what I thought19:19
sandy_lockeI like it19:19
qwazixplease refresh19:19
Morpoglooks same, even with shift+refresh19:20
sandy_lockeI like the slim line on the edge which give depth to the "glass"19:20
sandy_lockeme too19:20
sandy_lockemaybe server didn't get notice of the change...19:20
Morpogstrange I cannot install qt5-qtgraphicaleffects in sailfishOS SDK19:21
qwazixyeah, sorry, please refresh again19:21
Morpogwanted to try out fastblur :(19:21
*** amizraa has quit IRC19:23
sandy_lockeniiice :)19:23
qwazixanyway, as I said before, Icons or other things would fade in quickly, after the swipe is finished19:24
sandy_lockeit just works I like :)19:24
qwazixor maybe start appearing lower in the page, sec19:24
sandy_lockeor appear from far away like iOS 7 with folders ?19:24
Morpogyou mean like harmattan? ;)19:25
sandy_lockegetting in place while you swipe19:25
sandy_lockelol sorry :O19:25
sandy_lockehi ZogG_laptop19:27
sandy_lockeMorpog: but I was thinking more like, the icons are appart left and right and top bottom and come together while you swipe19:28
ZogG_laptopsandy_locke: hey19:28
sandy_lockenot just the icons screen coming from far away19:28
Morpoglockscreen3 looks good19:29
sandy_lockeI have cows in my garden ^^19:31
sandy_lockeyeah 3 is better19:31
sandy_lockeyeah, I let them, they'll eat the grass19:33
sandy_lockeonly hope they'll not leave it with a mess19:33
qwazixhehe, the nearest place where one could see a cow is at least 10km from my house...19:34
qwazixapartment really19:34
sandy_lockeyou're free of cow smell then ;)19:35
sandy_lockeMe it's the other way around, the only place where one could see a human is at least 10kms from my house :P19:36
sandy_locke(almost kidding)19:36
sandy_lockeqwazix: where should I put the dialogs UI when it's finished ?19:37
sandy_lockepull request on github ?19:38
qwazixfork the spec, create a new folder and then just PR19:38
sandy_lockewill do :)19:38
sandy_lockewell then, I'll be AFK tonight (watching movies and stuff) but may come once in a while to see what's going on19:39
sandy_lockesee ya19:39
sandy_lockenice brainstorming btw :)19:40
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:44
qwazixI'm off too. Have a good night19:45
*** sandy_locke has quit IRC19:50
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bill_klpdhey guys what's up :D20:46
*** amizraa has joined #nemomobile21:12
ZogG_laptopthey went to sleep21:23
bill_klpdhahaha everyone? :p21:23
lexikNo. You can talk with me, but I don't know anything about Nemo ;)21:25
bill_klpdwell we have something in common then :P21:26
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faenilsledges, o/22:20
faenilgood night people22:20
sledges(i)gnite faenil22:21
*** dmol has quit IRC22:33
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