Friday, 2013-11-29

sledgesgnite fellows!00:00
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thedead1440_DocScrutinizer05: but surely a n900 with the screen size of the n8x0 series would have been much more user friendly. In the end I actually think that the n900 was the start of Nokia screwing up the whole family of NITs. The N9 was the final nail but the rot started at the n900 being reduced to become a smartphone.04:58
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thedead1440_While I have never played with the n8x0 series, I have always felt the n900 to be tad smaller and in fact a regression in usability when reading on the n8x0 series05:01
DocScrutinizer05back when, a lot of users asked "WHY the small screen", Nokia's answer: "because we want to sell it, nobody would buy a phone with a larger screen"  -  now look what we got today ;-P05:04
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ncik______well i was one of the first ones to buy a dell streak05:18
ncik______and eveyone asked me05:19
ncik______whats the need05:19
ncik______no one wanted a big screen till note came around05:19
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timophfaenil: didn't find any way to do it. only import from sim seems to be the only available option06:35
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locusftimoph: put the vcf to the root of your sd card, it worked for me06:38
timophoh. I'll try that06:39
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dm8tbrfor me the bluetooth sync seems to have worked06:54
dm8tbrI have now contacts on my Jolla that clearly look like they came from my N95006:55
JvD_same here06:56
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locusfgreat :)07:09
locusftimoph: any news?07:09
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timophlocusf: no time to try now. need to do this thing called work :)07:12
timophas weird as it sounds :p07:12
timophdm8tbr: how did you trigger the sync?07:13
dm8tbrtimoph: settings, sync, pair, sync07:14
dm8tbrfrom the N950 side07:14
timophwas trying to trigger it from the Jolla07:15
timophalso don't have n9(50) with me and can't find a way to trigger the sync from an android phone07:16
dm8tbrI think only the N9 is supported for that at the moment07:18
faeniltimoph, the vcf contact option currently only appears if it finds a vcf file afaik07:19
dm8tbror rather, only the n9 implements that07:19
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timophhmm. how do I open received files?07:22
timophother than hitting the notification07:22
timoph(missed it)07:22
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timophnever mind07:23
timophmanaged to import contacts from my android phone07:24
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timophthere was an option in android to share contact(s) as vcf and send the file with bt07:24
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faeniltimoph, received files are in settings -> transfers07:27
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timophfaenil: thanks. settings is a bit weird place for imo07:29
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faeniltimoph, agree ;)07:29
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stephgmorning everyone08:15
stephghappy Friday08:15
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sledgeshappy morning08:51
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jhicksquick question, Android uses RIL, most Linux users use ModemManager.  How is the broadband stack for Nemo organized?09:32
Stskeepsjhicks: ofono, but it's possible to interface with android's RIL on devices09:33
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jhicksok.  I did manage to get ModemManager working on a Qualcomm SoC.  Was sort of hoping to see it over here too.  Thanks!09:34
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sledgesw00t: congrats with the launch! it's time for:
sledgespity khertan is not here, following up chat of two Fridays ago ;)15:27
* sledges doesn't know which song version is now more horrible &)15:27
w00tdear god15:28
Stskeepssledges: do you have a mix of 'friday' and the jolla tune?15:28
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sledgesw00t: better stick with khertan's
sledgesStskeeps: need to mix one xD15:29
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unknownonehello is anyone here?16:05
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panda84kdenope. It's empty in here.16:05
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zbenjaminsledges: that metal version is great17:21
sledges:)) im sure it is17:22
zbenjamini still got no shipment number for my jolla !17:31
zbenjaminWHY GOD WHY?17:31
zbenjamini think i already broke the refresh button of my mail client ;)17:31
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zbenjaminw00t: do you use a special version of apitrace? of the one from one can install with zypper?17:33
zbenjaminbecause that version seems to create broken traces, i can not open any of them without crashing qapitrace17:33
zbenjaminnot a single frame :/17:33
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zbenjaminthat one sentence is pretty much messed up ...17:34
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locusfso rescue mode, trying probably for the first time now17:39
sledgesyou already need it ;)17:39
zbenjaminlocusf: you already killed your phone?17:39
locusfI don't have no idea how though17:39
sledgeshe's c00l O_O17:39
locusfnot killed, just chmod 777 /opt/alien17:39
zbenjaminomfg ;)17:39
sledgesfirst thing is to void the warranty :D17:40
zbenjaminand that stops you from booting?17:40
sledgesi'd rather do rm -rf /opt/alien17:40
locusfI tried lipstick-colorful-home earlier and I have a potential UI breakage waiting17:40
locusfmight have17:40
Stskeepslocusf: ... :P17:40
Stskeepswe have a rescue mode?17:41
sledgesway to go locusf :D17:41
locusfI don't know yet17:41
locusfI'm afraid to reboot17:41
Stskeepsi would suggest reset to factory very soon17:41
zbenjaminwhats happening?17:41
vgradelocusf: "the first one"17:42
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locusfvgrade: lol :)17:42
zbenjaminlocusf: you can not start ui again?17:42
locusfStskeeps: w00t told me yesterday about it17:43
locusfin usb-moded with -r switch17:43
Stskeepslocusf: ah, good choice..17:43
locusfhow long is it supposed to be dead?17:44
locusfno lights flashing etcc after resetting17:44
Stskeepslocusf: it turns off in the end17:44
Stskeepsthen power it on17:44
locusfhmm its quiet17:45
locusfnothing from power button17:45
locusfor double tap17:46
Stskeepsgive it a bit then17:46
locusfjolla text17:46
locusfand a HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF17:46
* locusf wipes sweat17:46
locusfok quiet again17:48
Stskeepslocusf: give it a bit17:49
Stskeepsie don't force a shutdown if possible17:50
Stskeepsalso, did you reset while usb was plugged in?17:50
locusfwon't touch it17:50
locusfshould I have?17:50
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sledgesSfiet_Konstantin: you sound hungover ;D17:52
Stskeepslocusf: is the LED on?17:52
sledgesor still under the influence ;)17:53
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: I didn't drunk, neither today nor yesterday17:53
Sfiet_KonstantinI drunk code17:53
Stskeepslocusf: ok, power it on17:53
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile17:53
Stskeeps(hold down power button)17:53
sledgesSfiet_Konstantin: nice :) anything exciting?17:53
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: nothing17:53
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*** Venemo has joined #nemomobile17:53
Sfiet_Konstantinexperiments on nemo qml plugin social17:53
Sfiet_KonstantinI want it to be less dirty17:53
Stskeepsevening Venemo17:53
sledgesah ok, still sounds excitingish :)17:54
sledgesVenemo: \o17:54
locusfpowered on and first run seen17:54
Venemohi Stskeeps :)17:54
Venemohey sledges :)17:54
Venemowhat's up guys?17:55
sledgeseverything's up :)17:56
sledgeswhat about you?17:56
StskeepsVenemo: people playing with their fancy jolla production devices while the rest of us look at them in envy17:56
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VenemoStskeeps: you look at them in envy? :P17:57
locusfStskeeps: thanks :)17:57
StskeepsVenemo: i don't have one17:57
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile17:57
VenemoStskeeps: srsly?17:57
Stskeepsas in, i don't have a production device, i'm in the same queue as everybody else17:58
Stskeepspaid for minet oday17:58
Venemoaw, right17:58
sledgesand the rest of sailors? ;)17:58
Stskeepswell, some ordered the moment it opened17:58
VenemoI'd have to pay for mine too, but my stupid bank screwed me up and I need to go in there personally17:58
Venemosrsly, I hate banks18:00
Venemobanks are so much hassle18:00
sledgesand they enslave you for life with loans18:01
Venemoif keeping money under my pillow would be secure, I'd keep it under my pillow18:01
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mike7b4_on_x230asking this again, because no answer last time, anyone know what this means: Error <repo>: Could not run transaction. when running mic?18:24
sledgesmike7b4_on_x230: what is the exact full error?18:24
mike7b4_on_x230sledges: alot of warning messages  last warniong: Warning: installing package time-1.7-1.1.17.armv7hl needs 36MB on the / filesystem18:25
mike7b4_on_x230Error <repo>: Could not run transaction.18:25
vgrademike7b4_on_x230: what is the command line you use18:25
mike7b4_on_x230sudo mic cr fs ../NemoWaylandKickstart/mer-images/0.20130801.2.NEMO.2013-10-29.2/nemo-armv7hl-n950-rnd/nemo-armv7hl-n950-rnd.ks --logfile=mer-images/0.20130801.2.NEMO.2013-11-29.1/nemo-armv7hl-n950-rnd/nemo-armv7hl-n950-rnd-0.20130801.2.NEMO.2013-11-29.1-mic.log --cachedir=/mnt/mic-cache/NemoWaylandKickstart --outdir=mer-images/0.20130801.2.NEMO.2013-11-29.1/nemo-armv7hl-n950-rnd --arch=armv7hl --record-pkgs=url --pkgmgr=zypp --18:26
mike7b4_on_x230tokenmap=MER_RELEASE:latest,NEMO_RELEASE:latest,SSU_RELEASE_TYPE:rnd,FLAVOUR:devel --pack-to=nemo-armv7hl-n950-rnd-0.20130801.2.NEMO.2013-11-29.1.tar.bz2 --copy-kernel18:26
vgradedo you get any more details with --pkgmgr=yum18:26
sledgesmike7b4_on_x230: you are using old kickstarts (X11/Qt4), no wonder there are errors18:27
sledgesplease use this for current Qt5/Wayland image:
sledgeso hang on, you confused me with the old looking pathnames :D18:28
mike7b4_on_x230yeah its the new18:28
mike7b4_on_x230vgrade, testing with yum now...18:29
mike7b4_on_x230vgrade: AttributeError: 'Yum' object has no attribute 'derefGroups'18:30
*** Frye has joined #nemomobile18:31
sledgesmike7b4_on_x230: where did you obtain your nemo-armv7hl-n950-rnd.ks from ?18:32
sledgeseverything works fine when I'm using the one from repo link i gaveyou18:33
mike7b4_on_x230git clone fernels repo18:33
sledgesand why is it under such a strange path?18:33
mike7b4_on_x230used the builder script and cut/paste the line and it has worked before. but not latest week.18:34
sledgesso, builder script might not be liking things18:34
sledgeshow about just create a new dir and cd into it18:34
sledgescopy paste .ks file in there from faenil's repo18:35
sledgesand execute sudo mic cr fs nemo-armv7hl-n950-rnd.ks --pkgmgr=zypp --arch=armv7hl --tokenmap=MER_RELEASE:latest,NEMO_RELEASE:latest,SSU_RELEASE_TYPE:rnd,FLAVOUR:devel --copy-kernel --pack-to=nemo-armv7hl-n950-rnd-0.20130801.2.NEMO.2013-11-29.1.tar.bz218:35
mike7b4_on_x230yeah sound better lets see if thats works better18:37
* mike7b4_on_x230 sometimes complicates things to much ;)18:37
mike7b4_on_x230hgowever same thing happens18:37
mike7b4_on_x230same error18:38
sledgesi might have an unclean cache, let me refresh a bit18:38
vgrademike7b4_on_x230: do you have enough space in /var/tmp18:40
mike7b4_on_x230 thje error I get it seems like I run out of HD?18:40
mike7b4_on_x230vgrade: not sure18:40
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC18:41
mike7b4_on_x230probadly ios that issue  :(18:41
sledgesfine shot vgrade :^)18:41
vgradeyou can set tmp dir in mic.conf18:41
mike7b4_on_x230I first thought it was mic-cache thats why I set it to /mnt can mic redirect /var/tmp  elsewhere tioo?18:42
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile18:43
vgrade\o faenil18:43
faenilvgrade, o/18:43
mike7b4_on_x230now lets try again18:44
*** frafra has joined #nemomobile18:46
frafrahi all18:46
vgradefrafra: evening18:46
sledgeshello again :)18:46
frafraI would like to know how to try glacier ui :)18:46
sandy_lockefrafra: right now, you will not be able to try the whole UI as in screenshots18:48
sandy_lockeyou can install Nemo Mobile, but only some components are available to see18:48
sandy_lockelike virtual keyboard and some comps through a dedicated app18:48
sandy_lockepeops, would be good to give feedback in ;)18:49
mike7b4_on_x230yeha worked thanks for help :)18:52
vgrademike7b4_on_x230: np18:53
sandy_lockeqwazix, hurrian, Morpog_Mobile : ^18:54
*** furikku has quit IRC19:04
*** notmart has quit IRC19:09
*** coderus has left #nemomobile19:19
*** Eztran has quit IRC19:22
fraframmm... is it possible to use qt creator with nemo?19:32
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile19:35
vgrade now this could cause some fallout19:47
Aardwhat kind of fallout? :)19:49
vgradeAard: google are very protective of their proprietry apps19:50
Stskeepsthat's not a jolla blog, just fwiw19:50
vgradeStskeeps: true19:51
*** martyone has joined #nemomobile19:54
sledgesfrafra: thats in the todo list19:54
sledgesvgrade: Stskeeps: similar approach, been around for a while:
faenilsledges, does that work as well?19:59
sledgesfaenil: my post is jolla unrelated ;) just that there hasnt been any google's fallout on CM20:00
vgradesledges: google has started to fight back by pointing out to CM that its one click install app violated its play store terms and CM withdrew it20:00
sledgesyup, but nothing prevents sideloading20:01
sledgeswhich cm resorted to20:01
faenilsledges, ah ok :) yeah20:01
sledgesso as long as theres no one click play install on jolla, all good :)20:02
sledges(bith jollafi blog and cm wiki use same source to obtain faenil20:03
lpotterand here I thought I was going to get some kind of break...20:06
sledgesyes lets keep it nemo here20:13
* sledges srys too :}20:14
*** martyone has quit IRC20:17
*** avs has joined #nemomobile20:17
sledges#sailfish (with no os) looks a cosy channel ;)20:18
* sledges wanders to debug some Qt stuff..20:19
*** me has joined #nemomobile20:20
*** me is now known as Guest8486220:21
*** Guest84862 is now known as twobob20:21
lpotteryou can debug my Qt stuff too. if you'd like20:22
twobobso. call me stupid... I have the mer sdk. I have the mer-target-armv7l filesytem.. I'm just not sure what are the next steps to building a nemo filesystem. I checked out and none of those hardfloat images will aid me..20:23
sledgestwobob: check backlog20:24
sledgeswe just had an intensive nemo rootfs building with mike7b4_on_x23020:24
sledgesof this irc channel20:24
twobobis it online? I was offline :(20:24
sledgestwo hours ago20:24
sledgesin the topic20:25
twobobthanks sledges20:25
sledgesanytime mate :)20:25
*** Eztran has joined #nemomobile20:27
twobobright. but that is the hardfloat stuff again :\20:28
twobobI think I actually am stupid20:28
twobobwill did in the .ks20:28
twobob*dig, see what I can work out20:28
sledgestake nemo hardfloat .ks20:28
sledgesand rename into softfloat within20:29
twoboboh okay.20:29
sledgesthe one that mike7b4 used20:29
twobobSorry, I thought I thought I did that before.20:29
twobobWill do20:29
sledgesyou did that on a mer .ks20:29
sledgesmind nemo oob will be your ram heavy..20:29
twobobthat'll teach me to sleep20:29
sledgesat any rate, it will give you wayland/qt5 playground on your kindle20:30
twobobk. I'll do some trimming when I get something happening :)20:30
sledgesand a chance to test it all on first place :)20:30
sledgesgood good20:30
twobobmuch obliged20:30
sledgesi reckon so20:30
twobobYeah. I'll slap a swapfile on it for now. ugly but will prevent heinous failure while I trim.20:31
*** avs has quit IRC20:31
sledges^ what he said20:31
mike7b4_on_x230crap seems I bricked my N9 harmattan/nemo partitions and battery is drained, anyone knows if charger works when in ubiboot?20:35
twobobright wait no, I did try this before... has no armv7l image... Hmm...20:36
sledgestwobob: that one contains hardware adaptation packages20:37
twobobWhen that happens on a kindle mike I rip it open and attach a 1.5v battery to it until I can get to a flashable state20:37
*** avs has joined #nemomobile20:37
sledgesdevice-specific (n9xx is hardfloat)20:37
twobobso - just - bin it?20:37
twobobfor now?20:37
sledgesyou need to find other ways to provide your kindle hardware adaptation (uboot,krnl,user space gfx support if needed)20:38
twobobthink I have uboot20:38
*** Eztran has quit IRC20:38
sledgesyou should you do (i remember your video on kindle ;))20:38
twobobpretty sure I can rustle up a kernel no seat20:38
twobobuser space gfx support could be fun :P  - thanks very much20:39
sledgesmike7b4_on_x230: unsure, one way to find out?20:39
*** avs has quit IRC20:39
*** sandy_locke is now known as sandy_locke|away20:39
*** Eztran has joined #nemomobile20:39
sledgestwobob: so how did you watch that video on youtube on kindle then? ;)20:39
twobobhmm... that was via a couple of IOCTL hacks, some dithering and a LOT of messing around20:40
twobobbut meh, if its easy, it aint worth doing :)20:40
*** Frye has quit IRC20:40
mike7b4_on_x230sledges: seems not because it dies after some seconds so no time to repartition, seems I have to install harmattan kernel20:41
sledgesi never thought n9 is easily brickable mike7b4_on_x230 , unless you mess with CAL :)20:41
mikhaspr1.3 was the easiest way to brick your n920:42
mike7b4_on_x230sledges: well I guess I exaggerates it a bit reflash harmattan from scratch probadly fix it :)20:42
*** Frye has joined #nemomobile20:43
sledgesmike7b4_on_x230: but for that you need charged battery20:43
sledgesthere is a battery state check in the flasher20:43
sledgesso there should be some way to charge it20:43
*** ajalkane has quit IRC20:44
twobobhotwire a duracell ;)  call me provisional20:44
*** PMG has quit IRC20:44
twoboblooks at carcasses surrounding him... Hmm... there's probably a better way yeah ;)20:44
sledgesmike7b4_on_x230: does it now always boot to moslo or ubiboot or ?20:46
mike7b4_on_x230sledges: it boots to ubiboot20:47
sledgesok, you can try moslo instead20:47
sledges(if it boots to ubiboot and dies - means there is no way to charge in ubiboot imho, unless some magic flags)20:47
mike7b4_on_x230yes thgats the plan but forgot howto20:47
twobobError <creator>: Unable to find pattern: Nemo N950 Wayland   doh20:50
twobobI guess they might be in the adaptations?20:51
twobob*goes fishing*20:51
sledgesreplace with nemo-complete-wayland20:51
sledgestwobob: ^20:51
sledgesthat will gut adaptations out20:51
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:52
twobobI /will/ learn this stuff!20:53
sledgesbe careful, is very addictive :D20:53
twobobI'll take my chances ;) LD20:53
twobobLD?   :D20:54
sledgesyou would have gone fishing here btw:
twobobreadin that20:54
sledgeswell done sir ;)20:54
twobobI caught two ;)20:54
sledges:) it is sail-fishy around here indeed20:55
twobobcasting deep20:55
*** sandy_locke|away is now known as sandy_locke20:56
*** jokujossai has joined #nemomobile21:00
*** drachensun has quit IRC21:02
*** Eztran has quit IRC21:03
*** itbaron has quit IRC21:06
*** sandy_locke is now known as sandy_locke|away21:12
*** jokujossai has quit IRC21:12
*** sandy_locke|away is now known as sandy_locke21:15
*** drachensun has joined #nemomobile21:15
*** Frye has quit IRC21:20
*** Frye has joined #nemomobile21:21
*** nsuffys has quit IRC21:23
*** sandy_locke is now known as sandy_locke|away21:40
*** sandy_locke|away is now known as sandy_locke21:43
*** Morpog_N9____ has quit IRC21:59
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC22:01
*** niqt has joined #nemomobile22:13
*** union[] has joined #nemomobile22:13
*** sandy_locke is now known as sandy_locke|away22:14
twobobwell.. I am sure that this is a really annoying question... but.. any sort of ETA on the libhybris howto?22:14
twobobI just paid my import duties on the "white box" so... thinking it is in a truck somewhere in the morning22:15
qwazixI also hope we can switch between sailfish and glacier on the jolla like switching DE's on desktop22:17
*** sandy_locke|away is now known as sandy_locke22:17
qwazixideally while being able to cross-launch apps22:18
sandy_lockehey qwazix o/22:18
qwazixnice post22:18
sandy_lockethx :)22:18
sandy_lockedidn't get too much feedback though, except on twitter, but you saw22:19
twobobI like the piano best22:20
*** frafra has quit IRC22:20
qwazixI was just awfully late to read it, but I like the idea that the small dialog let's user continue interacting with the background22:21
sandy_lockewhat's this thing about changing theme on Jolla, are they planing such thing ?22:21
qwazix(maybe the app could shrink there too, and design the dialog the same size as the vkb?)22:21
sandy_lockeyeah, it came to me that it should be a feature, at least limited to scrolling and such22:21
qwazixbrb phone is dying22:22
sandy_locke(yeah, nice idea)22:22
*** frafra has joined #nemomobile22:22
sandy_locke(I should actually spec it like this when I have time ;) )22:23
twobobwe ended up doing that on the kindles... which is not as fancy as your lovely full spec system but works around have ZERO multi app capability.22:24
twobobjust as an "aside."  not really truly relevant22:25
sandy_locketwobob: I always thought Amazon was a hardcore close platform maker ...22:27
twobobyeah. past tense. might have slightly... err... amended its core functionality shall we say22:28
sandy_lockethat's a pretty neat app btw :)22:28
twobobthanks. I just consulted and did pretty pictures for that one.22:28
twobobI mainly caretake  which work on ALL kindles ;)22:29
sandy_lockeso you have to root it  to get  to install new apps ?22:29
twobobindeed this is true.22:29
twobobbut.. like.. I bought it... its mine.. ;)22:30
sandy_lockeofc ;)22:31
twobobworking on nemo for the kindles right now22:31
twobobneed a better OS22:31
*** jreznik has quit IRC22:32
sandy_lockesrsly ?22:32
*** mike7b4_on_x230 has quit IRC22:32
sandy_lockenemo can be installed on a b&w screen ?22:32
twobobworking on that22:32
twobobgot filesystem, have run qt5 on kindle before...22:32
twobobseems like a few steps away from win to me22:32
sandy_lockeand how did you do for the gfx drivers ? They must not be quite usual ...22:33
twobobwell that would be the "few steps ;P"22:34
sandy_lockegood luck on this then ;)22:35
twobobbut I have managed a wayland running in shared mem22:35
twobobthat worked...22:35
sandy_lockeso it's just fine tuning now then ?22:35
twobobeverything is doable with enough time, resources, and code references22:36
qwazixback, sorry connectivity issues22:36
twobobmeh sadly no, that was an x11 implementation of wayland...22:36
twobobbut hey. baby steps...22:36
sandy_lockeyeah I feel you ;)22:37
sandy_lockewhat's the base of the Kindle OS ?22:37
sandy_lockeit's Amazon proprietary ?22:37
sandy_lockeor linux , or .. ?22:37
twobob[root@kindle root]# uname -a22:38
twobobLinux kindle 2.6.26-rt-lab126 #5 Sat Sep 1 14:28:26 PDT 2012 armv6l unknown22:38
twobobfor the really old kindle 3's22:38
twobob 2.6.31 for the touches22:38
sandy_lockeyeah armv6 ^^22:38
qwazixalso PR merged22:39
twobobarmv7l for the touches and PW I (one)22:39
sandy_lockeqwazix: dialogs or statusbar or both ?22:39
twobobnew PW II is new enough to run ice cream sndwich ;P22:39
sandy_lockeyeah, but wouldn't install google bloatware on a new device22:40
sandy_lockereplicant maybe ?22:40
qwazixI don't have other pending PR's so I guess both :P22:40
sandy_lockethx :)22:40
sandy_lockeI just received the notification22:40
sandy_lockedo the new Kindle still "clic" when you touch the screen twobob ?22:41
sandy_lockeqwazix: what are you working on, Glacier wise, those days ?22:42
qwazixsandy_locke, I haven't done much work, I took a break to publish my first app on sailfish, but I have some ideas for the time/date pickers I need to put onto paper22:43
qwazixand by association the clock app22:43
sandy_lockehey, Kindle apps are actually HTML & JS... I could actually do sth on those ^^22:43
qwazixKindle does apps?22:44
sandy_lockeqwazix: link for you new app ?22:44
sandy_lockeqwazix: yes ^^^^22:44
sandy_lockeyeah, for time date picker you proposed sth interesting last time, hope that's what you're talking about ;)22:45
qwazixsandy_locke, I just submitted to harbour, it's a port of this though
sandy_lockeso I assume it will be opensource ?22:46
sandy_lockeyou develop in Qt qwazix ?22:46
*** union[] has quit IRC22:47
sandy_lockewait, you're the developer of pCam ?22:47
qwazixnew look of it
qwazixyep (in both counts)22:47
sandy_lockeyou know that I always thought it was *the* photo app that should have come with n9 from stock ?22:48
qwazixmostly for fun though, my job involves more html/js22:48
sandy_lockeI really liked it, and the fact it was opensource as well ;)22:48
qwazixhappy to hear that. It still has some flaws, and some are unsolveable due to bugs in fcam...22:48
qwazixsandy_locke, the calc is opensource (
sandy_lockeqwazix: so in the app you can search for functions pre-installed and work from them ?22:51
sandy_locke(on sailfish version)22:51
qwazixIt has built in functions, so you can just write "2*cos(90)" and it calculates it, but you may not know the exact name of the function so you can search on the left pane and tap to insert it in your expression22:52
qwazix(I didn't write the core, just the UI)22:53
sandy_lockeand ofc you can save your own functions ?22:53
qwazixno, I don't think that is supported22:53
qwazixyou can save variables though22:53
sandy_lockeah... you should22:53
qwazix(however I haven't tried it maybe it does work)22:53
sandy_lockedo you think most sailfish apps will be opensource ?22:54
sandy_lockeif you tap "opensource" on Apple App store, you have like 2 items showing :P22:54
qwazixI hope so, however I still think a community repo would be awesome. Having dependencies is a major way to boost opensource creativity22:55
sandy_lockeI read you'd need to have a dev account to access fingerterm on Jolla... :/22:55
qwazixbecause you can build on functionality already done, or just write in whatever language you like, and you just pull the runtime with your app22:56
qwazixsandy_locke, that was a false alarm22:56
sandy_lockeah, nice to hear ^^22:56
qwazixyou only need a jolla account, but you need that anyway to access the store22:56
qwazix(and I am sure there will be a way to circumvent that too)22:57
sandy_lockebut would be good to avoid any kind of account, having finally a phone with your own network calls ;)22:57
sandy_lockeI hope so22:57
sandy_lockeJolla account means credit card ties I assume ?22:58
qwazixif rpm's can be installed by gui, it will be easy22:58
qwazixno, no22:58
sandy_lockeah ?22:58
qwazixjust an email22:58
sandy_lockeoh, I like that :D22:58
qwazixI think that's all it asks
*** Eztran has joined #nemomobile22:59
qwazixofc you need creditcard or paypal to actually buy the phone22:59
sandy_lockeyeah, until it's sold in shops ;)23:00
ryukafalzI'm still hoping for a way to run nemo or sailfish on my CDMA Gnex :P23:00
ryukafalzseeing as it's unlikely we'll see a CDMA Jolla anytime soon23:01
qwazixdoes it run CyanogenMod?23:01
ryukafalzCurrently no, but it could23:01
ryukafalzit's supported23:01
sandy_lockewhat do they use if not CDMA ?23:02
sandy_lockebut for 3G ?23:02
ryukafalzahh, what's the standard for that called again...23:02
qwazixyeah that was what I meant. The story is that detailed instructions on how to install nemo will be published for all CM10+ devices23:02
qwazixthat's WCDMA23:03
qwazixdon't ask me what that stands for23:03
sandy_lockeWide CDMA ?23:03
M4rtinKWorld ?23:03
M4rtinKWeird ?23:03
M4rtinKmakes sense :D23:03
sandy_lockedo you think Google put wiretap bugs into their Nexus"s chips ?23:05
ryukafalzwideband, looks like23:05
ryukafalzsandy_locke: If anyone did that it'd be the manufacturer, Samsung in my case23:05
sandy_lockeI mean, how come they sell an open device knowing their position ?23:05
sandy_lockeyeah, but they do the order ;)23:06
*** giucam has quit IRC23:07
ryukafalzI personally think it's unlikely Google would do that23:07
sandy_lockeI'm always suspicious when a big firm do something like that... open, free ...23:07
ryukafalzthey already have plenty of ways to monitor devices considering they control the OS ;)23:07
sandy_lockeIntel do it ...23:07
ryukafalzIntel also documents it and advertises it as a feature23:08
sandy_lockeryukafalz: yeah but open mean you can install whatever was ported for it ...23:08
sandy_lockeyeah, but you never know ^^23:08
ryukafalzsandy_locke: Sure, but I don't think Google's too concerned about the activities of the few people who might be running something other than Android on a Nexus device :P23:09
*** arcean has quit IRC23:09
sandy_lockeso if they sell somethiing open, that can hold whatever alternative you find, what's there left for them ? except the initial payment ?23:09
ryukafalzThey're expecting that most users won't switch away from Android23:09
*** Venemo has quit IRC23:10
sandy_lockeyeah, sure but still23:10
ryukafalzand the initial payment should be more than enough on the device side, they're selling a piece of hardware after all23:10
qwazixsandy_locke, I think that the nexus line has other goals (like world domination™ )23:10
ryukafalzwhat you do afterwards with the device you buy is none of their concern23:10
sandy_lockeryukafalz: that's not what the warranty warning tells me :P23:10
qwazixto push the manufacturers to create something similar, to push the carriers to provide faster android updates and to have a device that all others aspire to. A reference.23:11
sandy_lockeyeah qwazix that might be it23:11
qwazix(I really doubt they make much money off nexii either)23:11
sandy_lockeif everybody do open, people can install android from other devices not supported in the first place...23:12
sandy_lockelike some do with n923:12
* ryukafalz would have bought an N9 if it were available for my carrier23:12
sandy_lockeryukafalz: I ordered it in germany (I live in france)23:12
ryukafalzMeego Harmattan still makes me jealous23:13
sandy_lockewas never sold in my country23:13
sandy_lockeI don't think carrier is important, is it ?23:13
ryukafalzIt's important when your devices don't have SIM cards23:14
sandy_lockeyeah, it's not so much harmattan that's fancy, that's what you can do with it23:14
ryukafalzIf I were on AT&T or T-Mobile I could just swap a SIM in23:14
sandy_lockeyou don't have sim cards ?23:14
sandy_lockewhat do you have ?23:14
ryukafalzSprint.  I'm not sure what the standards are actually technically called, but Sprint and Verizon are commonly referred to as CDMA carriers23:15
ryukafalzThe devices don't have SIM cards, you have to get the carrier to activate your device for you23:16
ryukafalzand most will refuse to activate a device that they didn't sell you23:16
ryukafalzor that doesn't have their logo on it23:16
EztranWow, that's pretty awful.23:16
*** frafra has quit IRC23:16
ryukafalzplus from what I've heard their service is tremendously overpriced compared to most carriers in europe23:16
sandy_lockeryukafalz: in my country, we call that compulsory sale23:17
sandy_lockeand it's forbidden23:17
sandy_lockeyeah because in US you pay when you receive a call most of the time23:17
sandy_lockein EU we pay for the month and it's for ongoing and outgoing alike23:18
qwazixeven in Europe there are differences between countries. In .gr for example we don't have locked phones23:18
sandy_lockeqwazix: you lucky bastards ;)23:18
qwazixwe don't even have branded phones anymore23:18
sandy_lockeyeah but maybe it's related to the crisis you suffer from, no ?23:19
qwazixno, I haven't seen a single locked phone since 2003 when I got my first mobile23:19
qwazixand back then there wasn't any crisis :P23:19
sandy_lockemmmh, that's sth that should have gone into European constitution !23:20
qwazixmaybe it's a regulation or something, idk.23:20
sandy_lockehow is it like those times in greece qwazix ?23:20
sandy_lockewe don't have much feedback now from the media23:21
qwazixI think that the worst is over23:21
sandy_lockethey talked about you a lot, and then nothing23:21
sandy_lockehopefully ^^23:21
ryukafalzwired ISPs are just as bad in the US btw23:21
ryukafalzwe usually only have one option in any given area23:22
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:22
qwazixYeah, hopefully. It's not that it's like before, just that we've reached the low point, and now I can see the first signs of things getting better23:22
ryukafalzin places where there's actually competition they sometimes lower their prices23:22
sandy_lockeqwazix: Europe was a bitch with your country, really !23:22
qwazix(Some changes were long-needed, others not-so-much. Some things are still the same old crap it was...)23:23
qwazixI think they were more of a bitch with .cy23:23
sandy_lockeryukafalz: for wired you still can switch to VOIP, I heard it"s a good alternative in north america...23:23
qwazixthey didn't have actual problems, and they just got into the banks and took the money off middle class people23:23
sandy_lockeqwazix: cy ?23:24
sandy_lockewhy did they do that ?23:24
qwazixGreece was another story. Too much mismanagement over the years, it was inevitable. This was a rough way to treat people, yeah, but anybody who says that it was only external factors is lying.23:24
sandy_lockehow is it with far right qwazix ? I heard they were really hardcore those days in greece ...23:25
qwazixSad, mostly.23:25
sandy_lockeabout that qwazix , all european nations are at fault. In all countries we face big economic troubles23:25
qwazixThere were some incidents here and there but I think they stepped over the edge and now the people have started to realize what they were voting for.23:26
sandy_lockesome countries are just better placed in the European council...23:26
sandy_lockeFinally !23:26
qwazixI'm a little distanced from the everyday news (too much misinformation) so I don't know if they actually put them in jail after the latest incident.23:26
sandy_lockeso you see a resugence of the left ?23:26
sandy_lockethey don't put the politician in jail I think, only street leaders23:27
qwazixthat's another sad story. The left-center party has been seen as the ones to blame for the crisis, and now they are too low in the polls. The second party is23:28
qwazixa mix of extreme and not-so-extreme leftists with no coherence really23:28
sandy_locke(well I heard that it was far right politicians that did the mistakes, but anyway :( )23:28
sandy_lockeyeah I see23:28
sandy_lockeso what are you left with ?23:29
qwazixThere are brilliant people in that party who really believe in their views, and have proved that they don't think only about power (many years struggling with 3-5%) but they are overwhelmed by people who just smelled power23:29
sandy_lockecrabs are always around the corner :/23:30
sandy_lockewe're left with a shitty world, I must say...23:30
qwazixThis party, was seen as far left until 2 years ago, and the socialists were government23:30
sandy_lockeand now ? they're seen as just left ?23:31
sandy_lockepeople are always afraid of far left, like it's far right or sth ^^23:31
qwazixthen the socialists collapsed under the weight of the crisis and now they have around 8%, and the leftists have taken their place, and of course they try to be more encompassing and less radical23:32
sandy_lockethis is at least what the media try to convey ^23:32
qwazix(you can't be so radical with 25+% because you know you can't do those things if you get elected)23:32
sandy_lockeencompassing to whom ?23:32
qwazixall the people that see themselves as left-wing23:33
sandy_lockeyeah, radical change get people scared23:33
qwazix(and those disappointed by the socialists)23:33
sandy_lockeso who's in government right now ? The left ?23:34
*** nodevel has joined #nemomobile23:34
qwazixNow the former two big parties (right and socialists) have a coalition23:38
qwazix(proof that politics are just for media consumption)23:38
qwazixuntil 2 years ago they were worst enemies and now they agree on everything23:38
sandy_lockeyeah, in France the leftist government follow the same politic as the former rightist gvt23:39
sandy_lockeit has not always been like that, but now with neoliberalism right and left are hand in hand, sadly :/23:40
sandy_lockethere are good things going on though, I see a lot of people change their minds when they understand the underlying corruption of politics23:42
sandy_lockeit's misinformation that lead us here23:43
qwazixdo they? or will they forget it again in 6 months?23:43
sandy_lockemaybe forget yeah... :/23:43
sandy_lockeuntil they are in deep shit, it's true that people don't usually lift a finger23:44
sandy_lockeeven when they know that so much shit is going on everywhere in the world23:44
sandy_lockethey play blind eyes23:44
qwazixI've started to do it consciously that...23:45
qwazixthe politics game is so fundamentally flawed, and the media has fallen into the trap of just playing along23:45
qwazixand trying to analyze why everything is done with political reasons, and not actual actions and effects23:46
sandy_lockeyeah, but keep an eye open though23:46
qwazixthat I decided I'd better devote my time in making something better in areas that I can really make a little difference23:46
sandy_lockeme too23:47
qwazixbecause trying to change the politics, even in a small place like a university, is like banging on a wall23:47
sandy_lockebut I'm still trying to find more engaged way to live...23:47
qwazixso for me it's software, photography, and other things I love. If I can be useful to others with that too, even better.23:48
sandy_lockethe thing is, it's exactly what they expect us to do...23:51
sandy_lockepolitics and corporations23:51
sandy_lockeI mean, to do at most23:51
sandy_lockethat's why for me it's like you say, but with an eye open on what's going on around me23:52
sandy_lockeyou never know23:52
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qwazixyeah, I suppose you are right...23:56
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