Thursday, 2013-12-05

sledgeslead: on vm?00:00
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MFaro-Tusinosome of these jolla packages are huge!00:03
MFaro-TusinoBut it makes sense seeing as what they're for (pre-installed pictures, ringtones, sounds etc)00:04
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onuratinow, I reached a point where i am asked for user name and probably followed by a password query00:05
MFaro-Tusinomemo for both doesn't work?00:05
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leadhad network issues00:07
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leadcan any one help. i have grey screen when booting nemo on n900:08
sledgeslead: ubiboot?00:08
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sledgeslead: check your ubiboot.conf00:08
leadeverything seems ok there00:09
sledgeslead: ok this way:
HurrianMFaro-Tusino: do you have audio working, by the way?00:09
MFaro-Tusinolead: can you copy the contents to and send the file here00:10
MFaro-Tusinohurrian: Its still installing all the packages00:10
sledgesonurati: there is workaround for frozen homescreen00:10
sledgesim looking into solution as we speak00:10
leadubiboot log confirmed load kexec_load()successful00:11
HurrianMFaro-Tusino: once done, could you test if you have media playback working by pulling in some songs into /home/nemo/Music and trying to play it with the Media app?00:11
HurrianI have ringtones now working, but songs don't work :/00:11
sledgeslead: I mean the .conf00:11
MFaro-Tusinoyeah will let you know how I go Hurrian :)00:11
onuratisledges: i tried that a couple of times today, before and after nemo update... it didn't help00:12
HurrianMFaro-Tusino: thanks in advance!00:12
sledgesonurati: n950?00:12
sledgesthat might exert the difference00:13
sledgesanyway, im debugging the bug now00:13
lead there it is00:16
MFaro-Tusinoonurati: Did you get prompted for user and pass installing sailfish pacages?00:16
onuratiyes, it was for this line I guess: zypper in -t pattern jolla-ui-wayland jolla-mw00:17
MFaro-Tusinoagh, I got it for zipper in all-translations-pack etc00:17
sledgeslead: you can launch nemo like this:
onuratii think those are just nice-to-have00:17
sledgeslead: thanks for reporting that, we might have to mark ubiboot method as unstable for those reasons00:18
leadok i will try that, Thanks00:19
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MFaro-Tusinoonurati: seems the commands past zypper in sailfish-browser jolla-contacts jolla-messages voicecall-ui-jolla # downgrade ask for auth :/00:26
onuratiyes, because before that we are adding in some repos for which we have no credentials00:27
onuratii am sure there's someone here who knows the password :-)00:28
MFaro-TusinoWe need someone with a Jolla device to give us their credentials00:28
MFaro-TusinoJust like I did with getting N950 PR1.3 image00:28
MFaro-Tusinoused the device user and password for repos, and manually dug through the filesystem on the server :D00:29
onuratihmm, have you checked if there's a possibility to create a user account?00:30
onuratii think, i need to reset myself and continue tomorrow. i assume you'll tweet the result anyway :-) good luck!00:32
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HurrianMFaro-Tusino: you actually don't need the credentials ;)00:37
HurrianDuring a zypper operation, if you follow the n950club instructions, you get a new ssu.ini called ssu.ini.rpmnew.00:37
HurrianReplace /etc/ssu/ssu.ini with this, and you're in business.00:37
HurrianOnce you log in to a Jolla account, you can actually download aliendalvik. Not that it'd work.00:38
MFaro-Tusinognite sledges00:38
MFaro-Tusinohurrian: I'll try finding the ssh.ini.rpmnew00:39
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MFaro-Tusinoso using the ssh.ini.rpmnew still gives me auth00:48
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HurrianMFaro-Tusino: disable adaptation0, adaptation1, thirdparty and eas for the moment00:49
MFaro-Tusinohurrian: How do I do that?00:49
Hurrianssu dr adaptation0 etc.00:49
MFaro-Tusinothen try zipper again?00:53
MFaro-Tusinonvm, did zypper and all is well00:54
MFaro-Tusinothanks for the help Hurrian :)00:55
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qwazixsandy_locke had an awesome idea for mail app and I made a quick sketch of it
qwazixdon't judge the styling it was a 30sec drawing01:05
qwazixbut the idea is that you get an overview of all mails on a timeline, with circle size denoting number of messages in a conversation and color the importance01:06
sandy_lockeand qwazix went with another awesome idea: seamless OS integration01:06
qwaziximportance = 2*number_of_favorite_contacts_in_conversation + number_of_contacts_in conversation01:07
qwazixor something like that01:07
qwazixre: seamless integration01:07
qwazixall attachments are visible in their respective apps01:07
qwazixan "attachments" album in the gallery01:08
sandy_lockedon't forget to mention that mail app can be shown as conversation view, or contact view01:08
MFaro-TusinoI see its potential qwazix - I lil it!01:08
qwazixsame for documents etc01:08
sandy_lockecontacts app show all attachmt per contacts01:08
qwazixcontacts should have a "all attachments by this person"01:08
qwazixand mail app will have an option * group by person * group by conversation01:09
sandy_lockeyeah you explain better than me ;)01:09
qwazixso you get a similar view but alternatively grouped01:09
qwazixdouble-tapping the timeline will zoom in to show more detail01:10
sandy_lockewhen you scroll the conversations, you get timestamp near the one which is 1/3rd from top01:11
qwazixMFaro-Tusino, thx, if you have any suggestions shoot. It's just the first stages of the idea, it can definitely be finetuned01:12
sandy_locke(with similar effect than the alphabetic scroll on n9)01:12
sandy_lockeyeah, we're open for improvements ofc01:13
qwazixsandy_locke, time scale should be proportional, so we need one at the top and one at the bottom to denote scale01:13
sandy_lockebetter insight01:13
sandy_lockeof time01:13
qwazixa heavy mail user will have much more mails, thus will see a shorter timespan01:13
qwazixooh, it's gone 3AM here01:13
sandy_lockeyeah 1 less here ^^01:14
qwazixI got to go to bed, work tomorrow01:14
sandy_lockeok, let's keep the idea warm under our arms ;)01:14
sandy_lockejust shoot my name on the chan when you're ready to discuss it more qwazix01:15
sandy_lockeI'll try to be there01:15
qwazixgood night for now01:15
sandy_lockeshould we try to spec one UI each ? or what ?01:16
sandy_lockeI mean, who draw the mockups ?01:16
sandy_lockejust to know if I begin in my spare time or you do it ?01:16
qwazixwhoever does it first, I still have to do the timepickers01:16
qwazixso feel free to begin if you fancy01:17
sandy_lockeok, nice01:17
sandy_lockeI'll try sth then01:17
sandy_lockegn then01:17
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sledgesgoo morning08:24
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panda84kdegood evening.
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wazdmoo all09:40
faenilwazd, m0009:44
fk_lxhi all10:01
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xavinuxhi people11:08
sledgeshi xavinux11:13
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Morpog_N9morn :)11:17
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sledgesmoin Morpog_N9 :)11:36
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MFaro-Tusinohi guys - good to have you all back11:43
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faenilMFaro-Tusino, o/11:47
MFaro-TusinoAhoy faenil  /o11:48
faenilsup man11:48
MFaro-TusinoHacking away at N911:48
faenilcool :)11:48
MFaro-Tusinoseems that it dies mid way through installing the sailfish packages over nemo11:48
MFaro-Tusinoand now its not booting anything11:48
MFaro-Tusinoso i have tried flashing and discovered it says 0% battery haha11:49
MFaro-Tusinobtw, does bbm api work on Jolla?11:49
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mattaustinHey there everyone. I read a message from Jolla which asked for help with python on nemo (relating to the Jolla Harbour). What kind of help is required? I use python a lot, but I'm not too experienced with packaging etc.12:16
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sledgesmattaustin: please read
sledgesask away if any more questions :)12:34
sledges(please read that whole discussion that is)12:35
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sledgeslocusf: time for new image ;)18:06
sledgesobs is back18:06
sledgesfix is in18:06
sledgesI'll volunteer to test that image ;)18:07
valdur55same here :)18:07
locusfsure, one moment18:11
sledgesand tbr to formeegoit ^_^18:11
sledgesunless you have the keys already :)18:11
sledgesyo tbr! :)18:12
locusfah I forgot my ftp but I'll have a magnet up in a moment18:12
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locusfhmm thinking about coming to FOSDEM, first conference for me :)18:24
sledges\o/ go go locusf18:25
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locusfcool, thx18:35
sledgesthanks to you18:35
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sledgesimage looks stuck to me :(18:41
locusfoh :/18:41
sledgesbear with me18:42
Stskeepslocusf: good place to meet a lot of different people from european open source18:42
*** jpetrell has quit IRC18:42
locusfStskeeps: yeah :)18:43
valdur55It doesn't start downloading18:44
sledgesvaldur55: patience is bliss :)18:44
valdur55:D yea i need to patience because i have 2Mbit download speed.18:45
sledgeslocusf: first boot had frozen lockscreen. i checked var/lib/env: fix is in. something else is lurking. poweroff after reboot as expected with early boots, now ive got kicked out of the office, so will test bit more home in an hour18:46
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sledgesunless you fellows test first ;)18:55
locusfI just dupped today19:01
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sledgesmy 3rd boot might just work, will see19:15
valdur55Still nothing...19:16
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sledgesIT WORKS!19:40
sledgeson 3rd boot ;)19:40
sledgesi was too impatient, clicking power button during first boot :D so that one froze the things19:40
valdur55still nothing19:40
sledges(clicking to see if it powered down during boot)19:40
sledgesvaldur55: can you download any other torrents?19:41
valdur55Downloading metadata from 0 peers ( 0% done )19:41
*** sandy_locke is now known as sandy_locke|away19:41
sledgesas I leeched locusf as peer from finland right away19:41
sledgesdid you copy magnet link ok19:41
sledges(did it translate to the tarball filename?)19:41
valdur55sledges: yea. i used magnet link.19:41
sledgesit should have19:41
sledgesdoublecheck link pls19:41
valdur55maybe faulty client. trasnmission19:41
* sledges not a torrent expert though19:41
valdur55installing fatrat :D19:43
sledgesim using deluge19:44
valdur55good. it started.19:44
valdur55yea. deluge is also nice. but fatrat have nice name :D19:44
sledges+1 :D19:45
valdur55And now . I know your ip :)19:46
sledgesit's NSA's ;)19:47
sledgesdid you guys know you can reorder homescreen icons, and they remember their positions? ;)19:47
sledges(between killall lipsticks, so should work between reboots too)19:48
valdur5510m left..19:48
sledgesI think it's an old/long-forgotten feature, i just didn't know it saved icon positioning as well!19:49
tbrfosdem! beer!19:50
tbr(was reading backlog)19:50
sledgescleaned the wiki up, we need d/l ;)
sledgescan't remember if there was any beer last time tbr ;D19:52
tbrbtw: images is now on formeego19:52
tbrsledges: oh I remember the beer very well :)19:52
sledgestbr: u rok!19:52
sledgestbr: sarcasm ;)19:52
* tbr checks in for his tomorrow flights (not to BRU though)19:52
sledgeshow many flights? :o19:53
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Morpog_MobileSledges, tweet tweet19:54
*** VDVsx__ is now known as VDVsx19:54
tbrsledges: HEL→CPH CPH→POZ19:55
sledgesMorpog_Mobile: you the invaluable tweet reminder! :)19:56
valdur554m :)  Nice.19:56
sledgesinfo in, /me out19:57
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faenilqwazix, o/20:05
qwazix_hey faenil20:08
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qwazix__something is wrong with my connection today20:11
faenilqwazix__, eheh20:12
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ryukafalzThere's always something wrong with my connection21:02
[ol]No images for N900? :-(21:07
qwazix_no working wayland (yet?) for the N90021:07
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valdur55What about frezee  bug?21:10
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valdur55Found a bug in  calculator21:21
*** stephg has joined #nemomobile21:22
valdur55<div align=lef> was there..21:23
valdur55damn... how can i reproduce this...  It was in first exceuting.  Basicall it was in landscape21:24
*** sandy_locke|away is now known as sandy_locke21:28
sledgesvaldur55: thats in bugzilla already21:32
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sledgeswe will make bugzilla more known soon :)21:33
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sledgeslocusf: fancy another image bake? ^_^23:55

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