Friday, 2014-01-24

jet247sh: aegisctl: not found00:00
jet247just thought this way would be quicker :P00:00
sledgesjet247: yeap, chose to go another route, and now i think we are in a dead-end00:00
sledgesso turn around and install virtual box on your mac ;)00:00
sledgesregroup, retreat, retry00:00
sledgesdid aegisctl -s work btw ooi?00:00
jet247just came up not found00:01
sledgeshang on00:02
sledgeswe can still do this00:02
jet247oh we can?00:02
sledgesoh yes we can00:02
sledgespress Ctrl+D00:03
sledgesto quit devel-su00:03
sledgescp MyDocs/nemo*.tar.bz2 .00:03
sledges(provided you are in your ~ folder home)00:03
jet247i pressed enter and nothing happened?00:04
sledgeshow long?00:04
sledgestype ls -l *.bz200:05
jet247not found?00:05
sledgeshave you unmounted and unplugged?00:06
sledgesthen do00:06
sledgesls -l MyDocs/*.bz200:06
jet247pwd was home/user00:06
jet247not found again for that one00:07
sledgesdid you copy the bz2 file?00:07
sledgesto your exported mass storage?00:07
sledgesand gracefully umoutned00:07
sledgesstraight there00:07
sledgesor into a subfolder?00:07
jet247straight there it should be, shall i check?00:08
sledgesyes pls00:08
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile00:09
jet247yeah it was definitely there, just dropped straight in00:09
jet247but just incase ive put it in again and unmounted correctly00:09
sledgeslet's go va bank00:10
sledgesinto moslo00:10
jet247how do i get it to stay in moslo? just leave the usb cable in as usual?00:10
sledgesthen telnet into it00:11
jet247will do00:11
jet247i'm in00:12
sledgesmount partition 100:12
sledgesthen ls00:12
sledgesls /mnt/00:13
sledgesis nemo there? ;P00:13
jet247if i've done this correctly.... then it doesn't look like it00:13
jet247 # mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt / # 1s /mnt/ /bin/sh: 1s: not found / #00:14
sledgesnot 1s00:14
jet247is that a capital i or an L? this is where I could have been going wrong haha00:14
* sledges PSA: to those who are reading this, install package sl (if you don't know what it is) in your linux distro, you will have a lot of fun (first fun - type sl )00:15
sledgesis a small L00:16
jet247yes its there! :)00:17
sledgesnow type00:17
sledgesmkdir /tmp/mnt00:17
sledgesand mount partition 4 under /tmp/mnt00:17
jet247ny under do you mean after i've typed that in?00:18
* sledges just so much hopes that `tar` in MOSLO know how to unbzip200:18
sledgesi mean, instead of mounting p4 under /mnt00:18
sledgesmount it under /tmp/mnt ;)00:18
sledgeslivelearn ;)00:18
*** sletta has joined #nemomobile00:19
jet247right thats done00:19
sledgescd /mnt/tmp00:20
sledgescd /tmp/mnt00:20
sledges(to be sure to be sure)00:20
jet247when i typed in ls it ays lost + found?00:21
sledgeslast hurdle00:21
sledgesfingers crosscompiled00:21
sledgesare you ready?00:21
jet247yep :)00:22
sledgestar --numeric-owner -xvf /mnt/nemo*.tar.bz200:22
sledgespls work pls00:22
*** sletta has quit IRC00:23
sledgesyour silence is killing me :D00:24
jet247haha it certainly did something00:24
jet247infact its still doing it haha00:24
sledgesso no errors00:25
sledgesjust bunch of file names output00:25
jet247yeah just filenames atm00:25
* sledges dances around00:25
* sledges pats MOSLO00:25
sledgesfor once.. :)00:25
jet247still going... haha00:26
sledgesgood good00:27
jet247i think its done00:28
jet247its back at tmp/mnt00:28
sledgesif it returned to prompt00:28
sledgesand tell me when it returns to prompt again00:28
jet247straight away00:28
sledgescd /00:28
sledgesumount /tmp/mnt00:28
sledgesumount /mnt00:28
sledgesand pull the trigger00:29
sledgeserm the plug ;)00:29
jet247all of them?00:29
sledgesyes, oll-of-dem00:29
jet247haha okay00:29
* sledges watched too much of arnie today00:29
*** plfiorini has quit IRC00:29
jet247unmount not found?00:29
sledgesit is late, i know ;)00:30
jet247is that good or bad?00:30
jet247oooo haha00:30
jet247volume down button to boot to alternate?00:31
jet247ooh its doing it automatically00:31
sledgesif you wat00:31
* sledges drumrolls00:31
jet247it works±00:32
Merbot`sledges: Error: "!" is not a valid command.00:32
jet247it says recharge battery?00:32
sledgesis fine ;)00:32
sledgescould you do a test for me pls? ;P00:32
jet247yep :)00:32
sledgeslaunch terminal00:33
sledgeszypper lr00:33
sledgesand tell me if you see "adaptation*" repos00:33
sledges(lr means list repositories)00:34
jet247its hard to tell under the recharge battery sign? haha00:35
jet247but i definitely see something00:35
sledgesclick on it00:35
sledgesit will go away00:35
sledges*tap :P00:35
jet247i see... # alias, name, enabled00:36
jet247then 5 lists down00:36
sledgesso are ther any aliases beginning with adaptaion?00:37
jet247there is: mer-core, mer-qt, nemo-apps, nemo-mw and nemo-ux00:38
sledgesplease type ssu ur00:38
jet247none with the word adaption though00:38
jet247Dbus call failed00:39
jet247 falling back to libssu00:39
sledgesis ok00:39
sledgeszypper lr00:39
sledgesdid adaptations appear?00:40
jet247no they didn't00:40
sledgesis ok00:40
sledgespassword: nemo00:40
sledgesssu ur00:41
sledgeszypper lr00:42
jet247now they're there00:43
sledgesjob done00:43
sledgesthank you00:43
sledgestest PASS00:43
jet247adaption 0 and 100:43
sledges"where do you want to go today?"00:43
jet247Haha what works at the moment?00:44
sledgesyou can connect to wifi00:45
jet247how does the build get updated when there is something to update? do you go through the same process we did to get it on there?00:48
sledgesupdates are over the air :)00:48
sledgesyou first need an internet connection00:48
jet247oh that's good :)00:49
sledgesand then you'll follow Wayland section of00:50
jet247looks good :)00:52
sledgescheers :)00:53
jet247I really should get to sleep now, I'm back up again in four hours, but thank you so much for your help today, I'll be back soon!00:54
sledgeswhow have a good night then :)00:54
sledgesand come back hacking, very welcome!00:54
jet247I'll certainly try! Thanks again for your help. Cheers :)00:55
sledgescheerio :)00:55
*** jet247 has quit IRC00:55
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*** test__ has quit IRC01:03
*** jet247 has joined #nemomobile01:03
jet247Sledges are you still there?01:03
sledgeslol yes01:04
jet247haha that's good01:04
jet247harmattan now won't boot....01:04
sledgesworking on some :)01:04
* sledges hides01:04
jet247it gets to mosle, I hold down the volume up button, the nokia logo comes up and then it turns off01:05
sledgesoh well01:05
sledgesdon't boot to moslo ;)01:05
sledgesif you don't boot to moslo, harmattan will take over01:05
sledgesjust unplug01:05
sledgesand cross your fingers01:05
jet247but its not plugged in? haha01:05
sledgesah ofc01:06
sledgesit's n950 ;)01:06
sledgesmoslo is inside01:06
sledgeshow come it did boot to harmattan last time?01:06
jet247i think that was before we put nemo on wasn't it?01:06
sledgesbut nemo is isolated in its own partition ;01:06
sledgeswe didn't touch else01:07
jet247if i just leave it will it boot to nemo rather than harmattan?01:07
sledgesit depends what moslo says01:07
sledgesbut nemo should certainly be alive :)01:07
jet247yeah it says will auto boot to alternate os in 15 seconds, so i press the up button and it restarts but then turns off01:07
sledgesso if you don't press up01:08
sledgesbut press down01:08
sledgesnemo should be fine01:08
sledges"what do you do with a drunken sailor, early in the morning?"01:09
*** vakkov_ is now known as vakkov01:09
jet247yeah nemo seems to work okay, though I'd like to have both working well? haha01:09
sledgesam sorry to hear that :)01:09
sledgesthat it stopped :{01:09
sledgescan't get me head around what'd possibly gone wrong01:10
jet247tried it again but nothing :(01:11
sledgeswell, all what's remaining is to go to nemo and fix harma from there01:12
sledgesfirst by looking for file errors01:12
jet247im booting to nemo now, i presume go to terminal?01:13
sledgesyes :)01:13
jet247im in :)01:14
sledgesi presume you have another phone to use ;)01:14
jet247yeah haha01:14
sledgesfor day2day stuffs01:14
sledgeswell then01:14
sledgesstart with01:14
jet247i just havent played with harmattan for ages either so i wanted the best of both worlds :)01:14
sledgesfsck /dev/mmcblk0p201:14
sledgesbut first01:14
sledgesand password youknow :)01:15
jet247it says..01:16
jet247rootfs: clean, 50892/262144 files, 381166/1048576 blocks01:17
sledgeswow you did type some ;P01:17
sledgesnow do the same01:17
sledgesfor p301:17
jet247clean again01:18
jet247416/131072 files01:18
* sledges out of ideas for this eve :)01:20
sledgesthere might be some files missing in /boot/ on nemo01:20
sledgesto boot back harma01:20
* sledges unsure, only owns an n9 ;)01:20
sledgesand all good here01:20
jet247ah okay, that's odd, if there was to get harmattan back would you have to reflash?01:21
sledgesthat's last resort for sure01:21
sledgesyou can get your personal files off before that01:21
jet247if you do flasher -i would you literally just flash the firmware image or would you have to do emmc.bin and the complete wipe function?01:22
sledgesyou can take babysteps ofc01:23
sledgesdepends what broke01:23
sledgesand when/why01:23
sledgesmount /dev/mmcblk0p3 /mnt for me please01:24
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC01:25
sledgesdu -sh01:26
sledgesdu -sh /mnt/01:26
sledgeshow much available?01:26
jet247invalid option?01:27
sledgesdu -s /mnt/01:27
sledgesumount /mnt; mount /dev/mmcblk0p2 /mnt; du -s /mnt/01:29
sledgesok one more01:31
sledgesumount /mnt; mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt; du -s /mnt/01:31
jet247two second typed it in wrong01:35
sledgesumount /mnt01:37
sledgesfsck /dev/mmcblk0p101:37
sledgesis last i can think of01:37
sledgestomorrow I will look into the source code of MOSLO, to tell you more of what it might not like01:38
sledgesso don't rush to flash ;)01:38
jet247fsck.vfat: not found01:38
sledgesno need vfat :))01:39
jet247error 2 while executing01:39
sledges*who needs vfat ;)01:39
sledgescan call it a night :)01:39
jet247okay, are you normally around a lot?01:39
sledgesif not me, the nick is always here01:40
jet247okay cool01:41
jet247thanks for your help again, hopefully i can get both sides sorted haha01:41
sledgesnight then, for now you gained some you lost some01:41
jet247have a good night :)01:41
*** jet247 has quit IRC01:41
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filippzkrnlyng: please apply this pacth:
filippzI think that the problem is between n9 and your wlan router - they don't "like" each other06:37
filippzthe line "wl12xx: Connection loss work" is the probable cause why you are having issues, and I don't06:38
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile06:38
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situAnybody using qmlmozbrowser on nemo ?06:39
*** lpotter has joined #nemomobile06:39
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stephgmorning everyone, happy friday07:34
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* stephg tumbleweed08:24
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wazdheya people08:42
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stephgshh, everyone's sleeping08:50
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smokexWAKE UP!09:01
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faenilsmokex, UP SIR!09:15
smokexgood morning :)09:15
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wazdhello again09:17
faenilwazd,  did you read the discussion about header from yesterday?09:19
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faenilwazd, I'll take that as a "yes I agree with you faenil"11:14
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wazdfaenil: oh, sorry, missed the question11:30
faenilwazd, :)11:30
wazdlot's of channel status spam in window11:31
wazddamn trillian11:31
wazd*** phdeswer_ has joined #nemomobile*** DrCode has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 240 seconds*** amizraa has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 240 seconds*** phdeswer__ has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 272 seconds11:31
wazdThis is extremely important info, ffs11:31
wazdZogG_laptop: heya, I remember :D11:31
ZogG_laptopwazd: it is11:31
wazdfaenil: I didn't but I'm preparing my meal and will be ready to do it in 5 mins :)11:32
faenilnp, tyt :)11:32
wazdZogG_laptop: I'll pm you in a bit :)11:32
ZogG_laptopand trillian?11:32
ZogG_laptopit's so 2000 :)11:33
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faenillunch, bbl11:42
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wazd_oook, I've finished it :)12:40
wazd_header on the bottom is not a good idea imo12:45
wazd_cause imagine you're typing something on a keyboard, miss 'q' and bam, you're back or home12:46
wazd_the only thing you need header on the bottom is to go back with one hand on a 21" phone12:48
*** MiceEatCheese has joined #nemomobile12:49
wazd_and there are plenty  of sollutions out there. As for the 'drawer' I'd suggest to place it on the bottom under a proper toolbar.12:50
*** MiceEatCheese has quit IRC12:51
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wazdHarmattan UX Guidelines are dead14:12
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wazd_sorta kinda, but there was a fancy website bout swipe ux, and not it's 404, that's sad14:44
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mentos1386what is new in sailfish- for n9, and is this latest version?20:55
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faenilmentos1386, try in #sailfishos or #nemomobile-porters21:02
mentos1386ok thanks21:04
faenilnp :)21:04
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