Saturday, 2014-01-25

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wazdheya people :)07:59
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faenilwhy do I always get stuck with events propagation in qtquick...after 2 years, still same issues...11:12
faenil3 actually11:13
wazdfaenil: o/11:15
wazdfaenil: have you read my review on subject? :)11:15
faenilnope :/11:15
wazdLong story short © I think Header and Toolbar drawer should be two separate items11:16
wazdtoolbar on the bottom, header on the top11:16
wazdcause header+tools+back/up+drawer+optional keyboard suggestions = red zone on the screen :)11:18
wazdif you move current header concept to the bottom11:19
faenilseparating the two means yet less real screen estate11:20
faeniland how does that solve the keyboard issue11:20
wazdit does not, but at least you don't have devastating "back" function near suggestion11:21
wazdsince back cancels everything input11:21
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wazdanother thing that calls on moving drawer to the bottom is correlation with statusbar behavior11:25
wazdsince it draws from the bottom too11:25
wazdUX consistency and shit :D11:25
faenilabout the kbd stuff, I think we should just hide toolbar/drawer when kbd is open11:26
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faenilthat way you get rid of all those issues11:26
wazdSo, when you want to type something bold you'll need to hide keyboard, press B, open keyboard, type, close keyboard, press B, open keyoard11:27
wazdGood luck with promoting that idea :D11:27
faenilyeah that's bad, but is it better to change hold of the phone because the toolbar is up and you can't reach it?11:28
smokexis the pully menu still avail when the kbd is open?11:29
faenilsmokex, we're in nemo, no pulley menu :)11:29
smokexoh oops :D11:29
smokexgm faenil btw :)11:30
faenilmorning :)11:30
faenilwazd, can you describe your solution again, or point me to the discussion11:30
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faenilwazd, ok read your review, now I'm yet more say drawer at bottom is okay, toolbar at bottom is okay, you don't like the back button at the that correct?11:37
wazdI'm not sure bout my solution since I remembered that you actually pull the statusbar from the bottom edge in Nemo right now11:37
wazdIf I recall it correctly11:37
faenilthere's no bar in nemo atm11:37
wazdI mean according to specifications11:38
faenilahm, then I don't know that part11:38
faenilholy god11:41
faeniland where is the spec for that?11:43
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faenilI mean, okay, that is a drawing with some measures on it, where is the behaviour?11:44
wazdThis IS spec :P11:44
faenilbut, it doesn't even say how you open it11:44
sledgesnot put out in words yet11:44
wazd <- It's marked as ready11:45
Yanielthe dialog specs have behaviour written on the right side of the image11:45
faenilthen I guess we have a big problem11:45
faenilYaniel, talking about statusbar atm11:45
sledgesit is always visible on the home screen11:45
sledgesand otherwise app needs to be pulled up11:45
sledgesto show it11:45
sledgescomes from here:
faenilokay, then of course drawer at the bottom can't work :(11:46
Yanielhow do you do that when the app is scrollable?11:46
sledgesbut this is the first rudimentary description11:46
sledgeswe have to marry it with new ideas now ;)11:46
sledgesqwazix know about status bar (he accepted the PR)11:46
sledgesall freedom :)11:47
faenilyeah, qwazix, we're summoning you :D11:47
faenilthere are too many things underspecced still11:47
faenilto be able to implement it11:47
faenilI'm going crazy with the header11:47
faenilI mean, I don't even know on which side of the screen it should be! XD11:47
sledgeswell, yes you are blocked :)11:48
faenilnow I remember why I stopped working on header months ago :p11:48
wazdBtw, I wouldn't be that much excited bout whole drawer idea since it's just a side menu on top, acts just the same11:48
wazdI mean it works but it can't be the defenitive feature of Nemo11:49
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faenilwazd, you know any cool feature is welcome11:50
wazdIt's even called the same in Android11:50
wazdI'm not against it in any way, I should mention11:50
faenilI'm open to revolution, I just want to push the thing further11:52
faenilwe've been stuck for a while11:52
faeniland *disclaimer*: I'll be disappearing for a month or more11:52
faenilstarting the next few days (where few < 5 )11:52
wazdSorry to hear that, I hope it's vacation :)11:53
faenilnope, it's final burst to finish uni exams11:53
faenilI wish it were vacation..11:54
wazdah. then good luck with that :)11:54
faenilI hoped I could push header before leaving :)11:55
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sledgesfaenil: our hopes for you12:00
sledgesbut you are coming to fosdem soon too ;)12:01
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faenilsledges, yeah12:02
wazdto finish header we should figure out statusbar12:02
sledgesor finish position-independent12:03
wazdyeah, that will do12:03
faenilthat won't do12:03
faenilunless you cripple header's functionality12:04
faenilbut if designers can figure that out12:04
faenilplease let me know it within 1 hour12:04
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faenilsledges, how can you be position independent when you have kbd and statusbar to take into account :)12:05
sledgesdo only contents12:05
sledgesnot behaviour12:05
faenilheader is mostly behaviour12:05
sledgesi mean, if you run out of time12:05
faenilthere's nothing really content, as you can put what you want in the drawer12:06
faenilit's all about interaction with the drawer and toolbuttons in the toolbar12:06
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faenilwazd, I think it's about prioritizing access to element12:19
faenilwhat do we want to be more accessible?12:19
wazdOn the one hand it's "back" ofcourse, but it would be a mistake to make it super accessible12:20
wazdback should be obvious, but you should be able to tap it only on purpose12:21
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faenilwazd, yeah imho from most to least important: back, drawer, status12:26
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wazdthat's why we should move status bar to the top :D12:39
faenilI'm not against that12:40
faenilbut we still have the issue of back button too close to keyboard12:40
faenilI think that's a good compromise, unless we have better ideas12:40
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wazd_I still think that header should be purely navigational and behave like Sailfish header in browser: you scroll down, it disappears, you scroll up - it appears12:50
wazd_tabs/label + back12:51
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faenilbb10 anyone? :p12:53
wazd_it's extremely straightforward. As for 'back' action duplication we can use swipe from left (not on the screen but from edge)12:53
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faenilfrom edge? nono I think :/12:54
wazd_why not?12:54
faenildon't know, looks weird to me12:54
faenilbtw, so how do you handle your kbd with bold setting toolbar?12:55
wazd_seems obvious to me, you kinda pull hiddrn window from left12:55
wazd_that was about edge swipe gesture12:56
faenilah ok12:56
faenilbbl, lunch12:56
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faenilwrite here :)12:56
wazd_as for keyboard, now you have it and one opened row of tools so you can type and edit quickly :)12:57
wazd_drawer size is limited to "keyboard size + 1 row of tools". you can probably even flick thru panels to chose the right one for your typing needs12:59
wazd_or any needs :)12:59
wazd_maybe with left or right swipl13:01
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wazdok, anyway, maybe with left or right swipe like harmattan's terminal does or up and down to preserve logical consistency13:10
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faenilconnection login expired :)13:11
faenildid you address the back button on top of letter q?13:12
wazdnope, I think it should be at the top in the header13:16
wazdsupported by swipe gesture13:16
qwazixfaenil, wazd I will be available later to finalize this. Sorry I got to go now13:16
faenilwazd, ah, well yeah if we add a gesture to go back then yes, but then we can also leave header drawer at the top13:17
wazdno, you need tools under your thumbs :)13:18
qwazixwazd, no, you need canvas under your thumbs13:18
qwazixand also, what you said with Bold13:18
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faenilwell, he said that bold is correct at bottom :p13:24
qwazixhe didn't say that you'd have to close keyboard to click it?13:24
* qwazix reads back13:25
wazdI did13:25
qwazixbtw to my defence, header is fully specced. I'm just responding to community concerns and willing to discuss13:25
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qwazixanyway, really got to go now, we'll talk later13:26
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faenilqwazix, we were talking about statusbar missing proper spec, not header13:40
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*** MohammadAG_ is now known as MohammadAG13:49
faenilMohammadAG, o/13:50
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faenilsledges, just watching nemo glacier wiki, tabs is "done" by me? I don't remember that :D14:32
faenils/watching/having a look at/14:32
sledgesit was in examples14:33
sledgesmade by you14:33
sledgesbut yea14:33
sledgesprobably just hardcoded14:33
faenilmm no :/14:33
sledgesi.e. not a component as such14:33
faenilthere's no tab style so far, afaik :/14:33
sledgesamend it pls ;)14:33
faenilsure, I just wanted to understand if I'm missing something14:33
faenilmaybe I did it and I forgot xD14:34
faenilabout it14:34
sledgesgit blame :D14:34
faenilthere's no tabstyle  in git, just the tab page using unstyled tabs14:35
faenil(i.e. official qqc)14:35
sledgesthought so :)14:35
* faenil has a second look :D14:35
sledgesso job done :D14:35
faenilmm I think it's using the upstream android style14:37
faeniljob done? :D14:37
sledgesyea they looked good :D14:37
sledgesok ok, i guess they are not according to specs14:37
faenilyeah but unfortunately our specs have different behaviour, not just style :D14:37
sledgeswhere are the specs?14:37
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sledgeson wiki it links to 'trivial'14:37
faenilin header14:37
sledgesi like those14:38
sledgesneed to fix wiki14:38
*** frafra has joined #nemomobile14:39
* faenil still doesn't understand why he can't just propagate all events from a mousearea to another mousearea underneath14:42
faenilwithout ignoring the events in the top one, that is :/14:42
faenillet's see if w00t is around14:43
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filippzkrnlyng: ping16:05
krnlyngfilippz: pong16:05
filippzkrnlyng: I just tried too boot 3.5 with vgrade r5.1 Sailfish - no luck. You are using Sailifsh, right?16:06
krnlyngfilippz: yes16:06
*** javispedro has joined #nemomobile16:07
krnlyngfilippz: try blacklisting the wl12xx module16:07
faenilhow is it going with kernel hacking people :)16:07
filippzOK, I'll try16:07
krnlyngfilippz: maybe it is the same issue as for me16:07
filippzfaenil: spent 12 day trying to turn off front led16:08
faenilfilippz, ouch, must have been fun :)16:08
filippzvery - the thing is that tche schematics point to two power sources for led (lp5521, and twl5031)16:09
*** alien_ has quit IRC16:09
filippzin fact there is third one - not in the board condig - but it's passed as a parameter to boot loader... which didn't get processed by kernel...16:10
*** DarkSim has joined #nemomobile16:10
faenilI see :/16:12
filippzThat's out of the way, but the overall power consumption is too high - camera "privacy" led accounts for some of it, but not all...16:13
filippzI'll probably try to port the remaining drivers first, and worry about that later16:14
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sledgesdoing great filippz !16:16
sledgeshave you seen announcement by Aard btw?16:16
sledgesthat middleware will slowly but surely start to have a requirement for 3.x kernel ~3 months from now16:17
sledgesno pressure *g*16:17
filippzYes - that's the real question. Make another branch for all the mer stuff, or we'll move to 3.5 - with all its problems?16:17
sledgesthat's the 3 coming months to answer this question16:18
filippzwe'll see in a moth or two where we stand...16:18
* sledges nods16:18
sledgesi just wanted to thank you and krnlyng for doing this effort16:19
sledgeskeeping the N9/950 flag fly16:19
filippzno problem - I'm learning a lot - and if it helps someone - the better16:20
krnlyngsledges: i didn't do much, filippz is the guy :)16:20
faenilyeah you're doing awesome job :)16:21
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*** lbt has joined #nemomobile16:22
*** lbt has quit IRC16:22
*** lbt has joined #nemomobile16:22
sledgesevery bit helps16:24
* sledges undusts his n9 ^_^16:26
*** filippz has quit IRC16:26
sledgesneeds a lil bit of soldering..16:26
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC16:38
krnlyngfilippz: did you manage to boot sailfish?16:43
*** filippz has joined #nemomobile16:43
filippzkrnlyng: it just occured to me that I didin't install wl12xx firmware - I'll try to boot into 2.6 and install it...16:45
filippzkrnlyng: did you try the patch from other day I found?16:47
krnlyngfilippz: what patch, sorry i honestly don't remember16:48
krnlyngfilippz: uh nice, that seems to be related, i will try it16:50
krnlyngfilippz: did you manage to boot sailfish?16:50
filippzjust to add repo and install ti-firmware...16:52
*** wazd has quit IRC16:54
*** plfiorini has quit IRC16:57
krnlyngfilippz: i applied the patch but it still crashes during boot :(16:59
qwazixfaenil, let's reduce our problem to simpler parts. Do you agree that if we move the back button (or find another way - gesture) off the header it will be okay to leave the header up top?16:59
faenilwell, yeah it's "acceptable", as in moving it to bottom creates other issues so it could be that having it at the top is ok17:00
*** plfiorini has joined #nemomobile17:00
qwazixok another question. Do you think that doing the back gesture as in sailfish is good enough, and is it possible to implement without giant hacks?17:01
qwazixOur other options are: overlay button (like the sailfish dots, or MicroB fullscreen) on the bottom, that gets covered by keyboard when open, and outside swipe from left17:02
qwazix(I dislike the swipe idea, I prefer to keep swipes clean, like harmattan)17:03
filippzkrnlyng: with same message?17:03
faenilqwazix, not sure about how much effort is needed to do the swipe thing17:04
qwazixthought so17:04
qwazixa button that sits above content?17:04
faenilbut it shouldn't matter, as long as it's doable17:04
qwazixfaenil, it's definitely doable, but even on sailfish it isn't quite flawless17:05
qwazixIn any way, I think the back behaviour can be discussed independently as long as we agree to keep header up top but without the back button17:06
krnlyngfilippz: i think i am going to open up my n9 and solder some wires to the UART pins so i can get a complete kmsg log, sometime these days...17:08
qwazixso now you only need the DockItem spec from me to complete header, right?17:08
faenilyeah, if there's nothing else that needs addressing17:09
filippzkrnlyng:  Received SIGUSR1, and not a word about wl12xx  - that's not cool...17:10
qwazixcan't think of something, ping me if you do stumble upon anything. Most probably I'll have the DockItem by tomorrow. I think a plain Item with paddings will do.17:10
faenilor we can decide that there will be a columnlayout inside the drawer17:11
krnlyngfilippz: i've just booted with the wl12xx blacklisted and loaded it manually via and the phone didn't crash so far, so maybe this fixes one of two bugs?17:12
qwazixfaenil, maybe listView?17:12
krnlyngvia modprobe*17:12
faenilqwazix, why, we don't want it to be scrollable, or you'll create inconsistence with the snapping, imho17:13
qwazixtrue, scratch that17:13
faenilmaybe just single items with padding is ok17:13
*** araujo has joined #nemomobile17:13
*** araujo has quit IRC17:13
*** araujo has joined #nemomobile17:13
krnlyngfilippz: i got two beacon losses and it didn't crash :)17:14
filippzkrnlyng: and wlan is working?17:14
*** martyone has joined #nemomobile17:14
qwazixyep, simple Items, so that we don't create extra complexity17:15
krnlyngfilippz: yes17:16
faenilkrnlyng, wohoo! :D17:16
filippzmaybe moving rm680_init_wl1271, at the later point in board file could help?17:16
krnlyngfilippz: i can try that17:16
krnlyngfaenil: yeah :) seems we're getting closer17:17
krnlyngby moving around in my appartement i triggerd the connection loss work stuff, and it didn't crash :)17:20
*** dharman has joined #nemomobile17:28
krnlyngfilippz: i haven't tried moving rm680_init_wl1271 yet but i got some interesting logs: (i didn't do anything, i had the phone lying next to me doing nothing)17:34
krnlynglook at this part:
filippzkrnlyng: starneg, and I blacklisted wl12xx and now I get white led on and nothing more - it just sitting there17:37
filippzcan you send me kernle image and modules - maybe I'm doing something wrong...17:38
krnlyngfilippz: are you using ubiboot? if yes did you apply the l2fix patch? (it might boot very slowly otherwise)17:38
*** mschlens_ has quit IRC17:38
filippzyes - it should be there, I pulled it.. I'll check it - just to be sure17:39
krnlyngwow it boots with rm680_init_wl1271 moved down!17:42
*** mk2soldier has joined #nemomobile17:42
filippzit's there but at last it booted but sloooow - make clean is my next step17:42
filippzwhere did you move it to?17:43
*** martyone has quit IRC17:43
krnlyngfilippz: to the bottom of rm680_peripherals_init after omap_bt_init(&rm680_bt_config);17:44
filippzthat makes sense - omap_hsmmc_init(mmc) before that has something to do with wlan17:46
*** Venemo_j has joined #nemomobile17:46
krnlyngwhat does this do?17:49
filippzstrangely - it seems that the communication to wl1271 is done trough mmc controls (eMMC is one card, and wl127 another "card")17:50
*** artemma has joined #nemomobile17:50
tbrand yes, wl127x is an SDIO connected chipset17:51
krnlyngokay then this makes sense17:51
krnlyngbut it doesn't make sense to me why it worked for you filippz17:52
filippznemomobile vs sailfish - it was working in nemo, and not in Sailfish - now I have the same problem in Sailfish17:54
krnlyngokay hm17:54
krnlyngfilippz: should i commit the changes and make a pull request or wait if we find something else?17:54
filippzI've just rebuild the kernel, and I'll try again - if it works then commit->push->PR17:55
*** martyone has joined #nemomobile17:56
filippzNo - its the same - slooooow boot. Can you send me your image+modules?17:57
vakkovdamn, i also struggle with wi fi drivers on the n900 ...17:59
filippzl2fix is there - it worked OK for me in nemo even w/o the fix...18:00
filippzvakkov: wlan (n9) on 3.5 works better (for me at least) than 2.618:01
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filippzdamn - I was compiling trash (terminal was open when I trashed directory - it just stayed there and did its thing - on the trash)18:07
*** filippz has quit IRC18:12
krnlyngfilippz: do you need the kernel+modules still? i am still uploading18:12
*** filippz has joined #nemomobile18:17
filippzmy PC is acting up - I'll try your version first - until I resolve this...18:19
krnlyngfilippz: i sent you the link via pm18:19
krnlyngfilippz: i have rootfs set to /dev/mmcblk0p1 i hope this works for you18:23
krnlyngbut i think you can change it via ubiboots cmdline apply18:23
krnlyngor edit it with a hex editor ;)18:24
filippzI resolved my problem  with PC - it booted - now I'm going to remove wl12xx from blacklist18:27
filippzand it doesn't boot :(18:31
filippzblacklisting it again... and I'll try to load it via modprobe18:32
krnlyngdid you move rm680_init_wl1271 down?18:33
filippzyes i did, but I din't ally pacth I send you - I'll try that now18:34
krnlyngfilippz: i think it also does fsck & reboots if there was an unclean mount18:34
*** arcean has quit IRC18:37
filippzkrnlyng:  still no luck - it reboots with the patch also18:48
krnlyngfilippz: but with the 2.6 kernel it boots?18:49
filippzand 3.5 boots on nemo18:49
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile18:52
filippzSame as your problem - with blacklisted wl12xx it boots and you can modprobe it, and wlan works - so it's not moving rm680_init_wl1271 (in my case, at least)18:55
Stskeepsfwiw i think we only had wl12xx as a module on nemo18:57
Stskeepsthere was a issue merging it into kernel i think18:57
krnlyngwait i might have done something wrong too, now it doesn't boot for me either :'( i thought we had it...18:58
filippzStskeeps: we are using it as module also, but it seems that Sailfish uses it a "bit too early"18:59
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filippzmaybe adding some kind of requests probe deferral would help (same as dfl61audio-wl1273)...19:01
filippzI'll try and think of something tomorrow...19:02
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