Wednesday, 2014-03-12

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Stskeepsmorn stephg07:47
* stephg waves07:47
Stskeepsstephg: didn't you have some android devices07:49
stephgI spoke to The Man already and patiently wait, as is my style ;)07:50
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m4g0gzchydem_: ping09:19
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stephgevening folks!20:19
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alinsledges: hi... how is the waiting?20:35
sledgesthere was an old MS-DOS game where instead of "Loading" they wrote "Waiting" , but can't remember which20:40
alinsledges: I do not know stopped playing games in 199620:44
sledgesthat game should be from early 1990s20:44
sledgesif not older20:45
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alinsledges: anyhow that being said... is there any change to get something new on my phone before st patrick's day20:48
sledgesis it soon(TM) ? then yes20:48
alinsledges: yes... this is the only irish soon which is on a fixed day every year20:50
sledgesalin: i don't see you in the early adopters list btw20:50
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alinsledges: when was the list made?20:54
sledgesit's ongoing20:54
sledgessee description:
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alinsledges: I see now... the devil is hidden in the description nowadays20:59
sledgesor in #nemomobile ;)20:59
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sledgesthe devil's advocate that is20:59
alinsledges: yap... interesting... I have already found someone i know in that list21:00
sledges:D list is not public, and you just gave me a mild heart attack :D21:00
alinsledges: someone from suse...21:02
sledgesanyway, if you want to become an early adopter of sfos on n4 or sgs3 or the porting manual, pm me your details and how you can contribute21:04
alinsledges: I am nexus 521:05
sledgesthen that's the 3rd option for you21:05
alinsledges: perfect21:06
Morpog_Jolla_btw sledges i should be on the list too, but never told my email :)21:13
Morpog_Jolla_or Stskeeps has his own list :)21:16
Stskeepssledges's maintaining it21:16
Morpog_Jolla_damn thst was a fast reply21:16
* sledges has got none of emails that were bribed to Stskeeps :)21:16
StskeepsMorpog_Jolla_: i read and write fast21:17
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sledgesStskeeps: wanted to ask you since i knew you sometime you reply at the same time that i press enter ...21:18
sledgesok not this time :)21:19
sledgesprobably you guess what other person is about to say ;)21:19
Morpog_Jolla_and he hangs around too much in irc to that21:20
sledgesyep, chatting patterns must be revolving21:20
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stephgso in unrelated conversation (I say unrelated, but this is nemomobile afterall)21:29
stephgwhat's going on with glacier21:29
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Morpog_Jolla_locusf started a new homescreen for glacier21:30
stephgja I saw a tweet I think21:30
Morpog_Jolla_rest os progressing very slowly21:31
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stephgon a related note is BME currently b0rked on n9 or is my battery knackered21:59
stephg^latter really quite likely21:59
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stephg(that said it will survive overnight without the mains plugged in so it may have a little bit of life left)22:00
sledgesafter all these years my n9 doesn't like to be unplugged22:01
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stephgit's the warnings is why I ask22:03
sledgeswarning on startup such as "recharge battery" are safe to be ignored22:03
stephgyeah that's what I thought, just checking22:03
sledges(i.e. reboot to harmattan and see it's still half-full ; or half-empty ;))22:03
stephgthis n9 has no harmattan any more :)22:04
sledgessomehow i sensed that :)22:04
stephgthe other one does, and I *know* the battery is nearly dead there ;)22:04
sledges:: somewhere down in nemo todo list: make battery percentage work ::22:04
sledgesthis actually is not complicated, and i could guide someone through who wants to try (i.e. i did battery percentage on nexus4)22:05
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stephgsledges, what's the gist? (making no promises, I'm inept etc)22:08
sledgesthe gist is to put pieces of puzzle together22:08
sledgespiece #1:22:08
sledgescheck if upowerd is running22:09
sledgesby doing `upower --dump`22:09
stephgwell I have a process called that22:09
stephgja and I have a sysfs path and things22:10
sledgeswhat does percentage and/or capacity say?22:10
stephgooh and it knows when it's plugged into the mains too22:10
sledgesyou see, you're nearly there ;)22:11
stephgpercentage 0, capacity 10022:11
stephgcapacity would make sense, it spends all its time plugged in22:11
stephghm unplug the mains and the capacity line disappears22:12
stephgalso curious, what's this device: /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/line_power_vac22:12
sledgesdbus path22:12
sledgesyou should seek for sysfs nodes22:12
sledgesand concentrate on the battery device only (others will just side-track you)22:12
stephgI mean I have two, that one, and the battery22:13
stephganyway so /sys/devices/platform/i2c_omap.1/i2c-1/1-004a/twl5031_bcc/power_supply/usb now knows it no longer has mains22:14
stephgstill doesn't have a percentage and the capacity is gone22:14
sledgesdoes it have /capacity too ?22:14
sledgesor whatever what starts to go down from 100 ?22:14
stephgno the line is missing22:14
sledgesls /sys/devices/platform/i2c_omap.1/i2c-1/1-004a/twl5031_bcc/power_supply/*22:14
stephgif I plug it back in, it comes back22:14
stephgone sec22:14
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sledgesand also22:15
sledgesfind /sys/devices/platform/i2c_omap.1/i2c-1/1-004a/twl5031_bcc/power_supply/ -type f -exec sh -c 'echo {}; cat {};' \;22:16
sledges(shorthand, anyone? ;P )22:16
stephg-print cat {} \; would do the same thing ;022:17
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stephg;) even22:17
stephghang on, let me see how it changes without the mains22:18
stephgcurious why POWER_SUPPLY_TYPE changes depending upon whether it's plugged in or not22:19
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sledgesstephg: any other battery-like devices? this one looks incomplete22:25
*** mk2soldi_ has quit IRC22:25
stephglet me hunt around22:26
stephg(but I don't think so)22:26
sledgesstephg: find /sys -name capacity22:27
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stephghm nada, that's not right22:28
sledgesif there's no capacity, it's not the end of the world22:29
sledgesupower handles various power interfaces22:29
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sledgesstephg: take it from here:
sledgeshow else it does22:35
sledgesalso good to check if statefs works22:35
sledgesls /run/state/providers/upower22:36
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC22:37
stephgagain curious, no upower under /run (or /var/run but that's probably a symlink to /run these days)22:38
stephgbut the bme22:38
stephgis there22:38
sledgesis ok, means no statefs , that will come later no worries22:38
sledgeswe need to sanitise upower --dump , so it shows percentage of battery (whatever it's labelled)22:38
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stephgthere's more than a certain irony in the line number of that upower source file22:42
sledgesand this commit description will reassure you how bad android has gone:
stephgit's all lies!22:43
sledges(is the commit which introduces that line, as a fix, i'd call that a kludge, sadly; upower had no choice)22:43
sledgesbut to submit to android's ramblings22:44
sledgesi don't know what grade those developers had from physics :)22:44
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stephganyway, I've been summoned to bed, catch you in the morning sledges, everyone22:45
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