Monday, 2014-04-07

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juicemeHurrian, ping10:36
juicemeHurrian, I finally had time to try to build the filippz's 3.5.3 kernel tree. Unfortunately there's something realy broken in the build, when I launch it I never get so far to even have aq character out of the serial port before it dies.10:39
juicemeSo there's no help in that, really. I suspect it is something pretty elementary, broken memory configuration or something like that.10:40
sledgesjuiceme: i remember hurrian saying that for him that same kernel booted with nemo but not with sailfish10:45
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filippzjuiceme: Hi, can you contact krnlyng as he used 3.5.3 on Sailfish OS. As reported, 3.5.3 works with Nemomobile12:10
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filippzAt some point Sailfish OS was crashing during boot due to wlan firmware loading issue (who knows why it worked under Nemo)12:20
filippzmaybe reverting few latest commits would make it bootable12:21
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iekkufaenil, o/14:12
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faeniliekku, hey madam :) how are you14:27
iekkufaenil, better :)14:28
iekkufaenil, how are you cub?14:28
faenilwoohooo :)14:28
faenilI'm fine :) feeling a lot better after the big exam :D14:28
faenilnow I just have to find a decent thesis to work on :/14:29
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iekkufaenil, define decent?14:30
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faenilgah, stupid adsl14:32
faenilwell, decent as in: "something interesting enough to spend 6+ months on it" :)14:33
Deformatqwazix, good afternoon. Saw your last messages. I'm gonna bite a bit. MeeGo UI was nice because it had a linear feel. You had a really simple way of doing stuff. Sailfish has a plus style: the same menus, up and down for notifications and left-right for navigation. Ubuntu has a gazillion swypes, but IMHO it is too stuffed. WP8 has a 90 degrees T form, but it's helped by buttons. I won't dwelve into iOS and Android too much. I understand the search menu14:34
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DeformatAnd one could get to the same widget menu from the lockscreen by swyping down, a la Sailfish. Sort of.14:35
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juicemefilippz, ping14:41
juicemefilippz, it is possible I did some mizhap when compiling, but it was pretty straightforward so I am fairly confident I did not botch it.14:42
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juicemeI just downloaded the zip from the master branch of, and did "make n9_mer_defconfig ; make ; make modules". I am using the gnueabi-gcc 4.6.314:48
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juicemeChecked the config, yes, and all seems to be in order for serial console setup. Ans passed the command line parameter "console=ttyS0,115200n8" for it, too...14:50
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faeniliekku, sorry connection coming and going14:56
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iekkufaenil, i have same problem :) at bus going from hki to home15:01
filippzjuiceme: I doubt that both you and Hurrian did something wrong when compiling, as Hurrian stated it boots Nemo just not Sailfish15:01
iekkufaenil, maybe my connection tries to tell me it's good time to take nap :P15:03
faeniliekku, eheh yeah :)15:03
iekkufaenil, and yours that life is somewhere out there? :P15:03
filippzjuiceme: As mentioned earlier sailfish had trouble booting with wlan - can you try blacklisting it's module?15:04
faeniliekku, sorry?15:04
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faeniliekku, oh, yeah! :D15:04
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filippzkrnlyng: ping15:04
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krnlyngfilippz: pong16:03
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filippzkrnlyng: can you confirm that 3.5.3 does boot Sailfish? It seems that people are having trouble with 3.5.3 and Sailfish (I'm using nemo, and it works OK)16:32
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sledgesboth should produce valid early serial output, as it's the,same kernel and only cmdline/ubiboot params differ16:36
sledgesjuiceme: ^16:36
krnlyngfilippz: yes it works for me16:37
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sledgesfaenil: "Rapid Embedded Prototyping with Nemo Mobile and Jolla's the Other Half" thesis topic ;)16:39
filippzkrnlyng: maybe we should provide juiceme/Hurrian with compiled kernel and modules to try out, since they can't boot Sailfish16:40
filippzor even your sailfish partition image16:41
sledgestoolchain mismatch?16:41
krnlyngfilippz: did they try blacklisting the wifi module?16:42
krnlyngi can upload my kernel/image16:42
filippzI suggested blacklisting wlan to jucieme, but he's not here ATM16:43
filippzDo you still have it blacklisted? It should be bootable with it since I've applied patches from upstream to firmware loading part of kernel16:44
filippzsledges: quite possible - wlan/firmware-loading bug was breaking boot process at the latter time, so it's probably not that16:46
filippzbut how is that the same kernel boots nemo for Hurrian...16:47
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sledgesHurrian does not have uart setup16:52
sledgesso juiceme might be,experiencing some other troubles16:53
krnlyngfilippz: yeah i don't have it blacklisted anymore, and it boots just fine16:54
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filippzjuiceme: can you try building it with these two scripts:, and (this one shoul be named
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filippzsledges, krnlyng: would now be a good time to discuss the current state of the 3.5.3 kernel ?16:58
filippzjuiceme: first one is without the extra comma at the end:
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krnlyngfilippz: may i ask how you figured out what the issue with wifi was?17:05
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filippztrial and error - brute force in the purest form possible - I've just placed return statements at differenet parts of wlan driver probe part until I've found offending statement17:07
sledgesftw ;)17:08
filippzThen I looked at the difference in firmware loading between kernel versions, and stumbled on references to udev changes in that regard...17:09
filippzOf course, probably no one knows why nemo (with the same udev and kernel) booted while Sailfish didn't...17:11
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krnlyngfilippz: nice find :)17:13
filippzjust to recap what's not working in 3.5.3:  CMT (port of drivers is there, but it's just not working), GPS (we shoul try to package nped and dependencies)17:14
krnlyngfilippz: bluetooth?17:15
sledgesfilippz: i see Hurrian recently updated
krnlyngfilippz: did you have a change to try the upstream CMT patches?17:16
filippzI'm waiting for the final version for N900 - maybe just SSI/HSI parts could be replaced17:17
sledgesis vakkov on that one?17:17
filippzcamera also gives just black pictures (libomap3camd is acting up - this could be very hard to debug - MSameer?)17:18
filippzI've been looking at CMT patches listed at
sledgesoh ok17:19
krnlyngfilippz: "The plan is to get it merged into 3.16." woho :)17:22
krnlyngjuiceme: can you try this kernel?
krnlyngjuiceme: it works on my n9 with sailfish17:23
filippzfor the usb - we should move from g_file_storage to g_mass_storage in userspace, also there is a glitch in kernel17:23
krnlyngjuiceme: (it's the 3.5.3 kernel based on filippz 's sources)17:24
filippzafter first load of usb "gadget" the kernel is configured to use 500mA, but on next plugging of usb and loading of the sam gadged, usb remains "unconfugred" and draws only 100mA17:25
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filippzalso power consumption is higher than in old kernel, and it seems that the kernel doesn't shut down cleanly, but rather crashes (juiceme - could you check this when you do get it to boot)17:27
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filippzAs for bluetooth I haven't tested any of it's functionality17:28
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile17:29
filippzAll the problems/bugs/glitches mentioned are up for grabs - if someone has time/knowledge/will - please help17:31
filippzand - thanks Hurrian for updating wiki17:33
sledgesgreat work on wlan filippz \o/ this positions n9 in a coming systemd update friendly place, carrying nemo stack forward17:35
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filippzthanks sledges - if we could just find one or two people to crack the hard parts (with good knowledge of inner workings of N900/N9/N950 and kernel)17:50
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sledgesadd Hurrian to your crew, he's in the US this week btw17:51
sledgeslast week he was keen on continuing17:51
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filippzyes, Hurrian and juiceme will surely squash some bugs and add missing features!17:55
filippzI'm still worried about CMT (no public documentation), GPS (can we use nped?) and camera (libomap3camd binary blob is misbehaving)17:55
filippzSomeone from the "original team" would solve these in a couple of days - for the rest of us this could prove too hard17:56
qwazixmaybe instead of trying to mess with the camera blob it would be easier to port fcam-drivers to the N9? The N900 implementation is open source. Just sayin'17:57
filippzyes, that's and option - but I have no knowledge of fcam and all about gstreamer I've learned just to test camera drivers18:02
filippz someone like MSammer would probably solve this in a fraction of time that it would take someone like me (and the quality of code would be superior)18:03
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filippzAlso, probably  just some minor change to kernel would make libomap3camd work OK18:06
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juicemefilippz, krnlyng, hiya18:37
krnlynghiya :)18:38
juicemeindeed I am fairly sure there's something wrong either with my toolchain or the config I am trying to build.18:38
krnlyngjuiceme: can you pastebin your config?18:38
juicemesince, there's absolutely no serial output when I boot the image I built. And theres's no need to blacklist any modules, I should be seeing a lot of logs before any modules are loaded :)18:39
juicemejust a min.18:39
* sledges nods18:39
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juicemehere you are:
Deformatqwazix,  I just noticed that IRC borked my last 2 messages. I'll be short: instead of implementing so many radical changes to vanilla harmattan style18:43
DeformatWe could have a widget menu, with search and shortcuts18:43
DeformatThat can be accessed by swiping down from the 3 menus already present +the lockscreen18:44
DeformatApps won't have that functionality.18:45
DeformatThus we can have screen estate and shortcuts.18:45
DeformatWould you prefer me to do a small presentation in the following days?18:46
krnlyngjuiceme: this is the config i use:
juicemeokay, just now building with the script filippz pastebinned earlier18:47
juicemeah but yes... that must be it18:48
juicemeyou are using scratchbox to build, right18:48
juicemejust got to the place where it says sb2 :)18:48
juicemeam using bare crosscompiling, as I do when building ubiboot kernels18:49
krnlyngjuiceme: i am using bare crosscompiling too18:49
juicemeoh, ok?18:49
sledgesbut with which gcc version? ;)18:49
*** Deformat has quit IRC18:50
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juicemekrnlyng, I'll try with the config you gave.18:51
*** stephg_j has joined #nemomobile18:51
juicemeany extra thingies needed, or just make it?18:51
krnlyngjuiceme: arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc (GCC) 4.8.218:51
*** stephg_j has quit IRC18:51
krnlyngjuiceme: no should be fine18:51
juiceme4.8.2.. hmm18:51
juicemecould that make a difference, it should not really?18:52
juicemeI'll have a go at it18:52
*** stephg has joined #nemomobile18:52
sledgesconfig first18:53
stephgask questions later18:53
* stephg just walked in18:53
krnlyngjuiceme: btw, which sources are you using? or ?18:53
sledgesbut i remember cases where toolchain version mismatch caused kernel stall18:53
sledgeson very vendor-specific embedded boards though18:54
sledgesand vendor-provided toolchains18:54
sledgessomething to remember in worse cases18:54
juicemekrnlyng, the former18:56
juicemeand the master branc on that repo18:57
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juicemenow this is odd I'd say... Just while compiling the kernel again, I booted the one I made earlier on another N919:25
juicemeand Nemo did almost boot on it19:25
juicemewell I got to bootscreen at least :919:25
juicemebut then it just hung there19:25
juicemeextremely strange, that. Unfortunately this device got no serial hookup with it, now19:26
sledgesif you're at boot screen, means kernel finished booting19:27
sledgesand rootfs started19:27
*** martyone has quit IRC19:27
juicemeyes, it's the blue gradient screen with NEMO txt19:27
*** itbaron has quit IRC19:28
juicemeHowever, that's about it, no reaction after that whatsoever. It just hangs there19:28
juicemeno reaction to USB plgging in19:28
juicemeneither on the PC19:29
juicemenoting on dmesg, which hould show some reation if the other end is somewhat alive19:29
sledgeshow did you get to dmesg?19:29
juicemeI mean dmesg on my linux box19:30
juicemewhich should show something when I connect the device19:30
sledgesmaybe you could blacklist wlan module they talked about earlier?19:30
juicemeyes, could try that19:30
*** stephg has quit IRC19:30
*** stephg has joined #nemomobile19:31
juicemei'll boot up to normal kernel and try that19:31
juicemeall the wl* modules?19:37
sledgeswon't hurt i reckon19:38
*** alin has joined #nemomobile19:39
juicemenope, acts just the same.19:40
*** jmlich has joined #nemomobile19:48
*** jmlich has quit IRC19:49
sledgesi wonder what differences your n9s have19:49
juicemejust tried the new kernwl I made, with krnlyng's config.19:50
*** stephg has quit IRC19:50
juicemeand it's just the same behaviour, even with wl* blacklisted19:51
juicemesledges, the biggest wonder is why I got nothing on serial console earlier today, with my other device...19:51
*** stephg has joined #nemomobile19:52
juicemenow waiteaminute... I booted up the default Nemo kernal and logged in, and there's wl12xx_sdio and wl12xx loaded, even as I blacklited them!!19:55
juicemeargh... I put the.ko at the end of the names..19:56
juicemetypo me poor19:56
juicemenp, rebooting..19:57
juicemenow, fingers crossed...19:57
juiceme... no change whtsoever19:59
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:01
krnlyngjuiceme: did you already try the kernel i sent you?20:02
juicemeno, not yes20:03
juicemebut tell me why I cannot blacklist my modules in Nemo??20:03
*** suy_ has joined #nemomobile20:03
juicemeI thought it was 'cos I first accientally put he .ko on the modules, but it still does not work...20:04
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juicemeso does it read /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf at all...?20:04
*** cybette has joined #nemomobile20:05
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juicemekrnlyng, this the one:
krnlyngjuiceme: yeah20:06
*** Morpog_Jolla has quit IRC20:07
juicemekrnlyng, should I try to blacklist the wl* modules?20:10
*** alexxy has quit IRC20:10
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*** suy has quit IRC20:10
krnlyngjuiceme: this kernel should work without blacklisting the wl* modules20:10
juicemeallright, I'l try that irst20:11
juicemefirst even20:11
*** KaiRo_Mozilla has joined #nemomobile20:13
juicemeallright... now lets see20:15
juicemeokay :)20:15
juicemethat one booted20:15
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:15
juiceme[root@localhost ~]#20:16
juiceme[root@localhost ~]# uname -a20:16
juicemeLinux localhost 3.5.3-00339-g341d7e2-dirty #90 PREEMPT Wed Feb 12 11:55:58 CET 2014 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux20:16
juiceme[root@localhost ~]#20:16
*** KaIRC has quit IRC20:16
juicemeso evidently I did something wrong...20:16
juicemekrnlyng, what's the exact source tree you are building?20:17
juicemebut yes.20:17
juicemegot to go now, l8er20:18
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krnlyngjuiceme: i used too20:36
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