Sunday, 2015-01-11

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locusfmorning :)08:04
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faenilmorning o/09:39
Stskeepsmorn faenil09:40
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filippzfaenil: patch for kernel I sen't is based on diff between and board-rm680-video.c10:19
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locusfok seems that qwazix's presentation room is accesible, just found out the accessibility page on fosdem site10:19
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faenilfilippz, and the second video.c is the one from harmattan's kernel?10:23
faenillocusf, yay10:23
* faenil still has to book flight, if only my life would settle a bit xD10:24
locusfthe room next to it isn't :p10:24
locusfso it was a little touch and go right here :)10:25
filippzfaenil: yes - that's it - comparing with old kernel is how i do it all the time :)10:25
faenilfilippz, hehe :)10:25
filippzIt's usually all that it takes, but there are some situations where searching thousands of pages long TRMs and communicating with I2C is needed10:27
filippzdid you try to build/boot kernel with that patch?10:28
faenilfilippz, no not yet, woke up very late this morning :D will see if I can do it before lunch, otherwise right after10:29
filippzcompiling for the first time takes a long time - please do it asap (even without that patch) as recompiling will take just a few minutes10:31
faenilbut I'm leaving in 1h, not sure if that's enough on i5 first gen10:32
faenilbut it will resume later anyway :) if it's smart enough :P10:32
filippzyes it is - it skips already built but unchanged parts10:33
faenilgod bless build systems :)10:40
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filippzI've measured resistance between GND and BSI terminals on OEM N9 battery  and the replacement one - 109.8 kohm vs 108.9 kohm - less than 1% difference10:46
filippzStill non OEM one is being identified as LI4V2 (charging with 4.2V instead of 4.35V for LI4V35)10:47
filippzbut I managed to calibrate the battery : it was cool when my N9 was running on 0 mAh (
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faenilmm zypper not found, but zypper is installed in the target...alright, bbl11:31
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_dioogHi all. I'm giving my first step with sailfish. Installed the SDK and ran one of the examples successfully (calculator). Now I'd like to try the latest code of buteo-sync-plugin-carddav. So I cloned the repo, and imported the project (by opening the .pro file) in the SDK. I get the following message when importing:12:30
_dioogError while parsing file /../SFOS/buteo-sync-plugin-carddav/ Giving up.12:30
_dioogCould not find qmake configuration file default.12:30
_dioogIs this because I'm using the latest SDK? or I missed some intermediate step in the import.12:30
_dioog(there was no .pro.user file in the directory when I opened the .pro file.)12:31
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faenil_dioog, try #sailfishos13:00
faenilbut it's sunday :)13:00
_dioogok. Thanks.13:01
faenilnp ;)13:01
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faenillet's see how long it takes to compile on a first gen i513:26
faenilI hope it doesn't need more than 4Gb RAM for the linking step..13:26
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faenilVDVsx, in case you're around :DI was wondering, what's the status of IMAP IDLE?13:35
faenilI read from
faenilthat basically you're working on other stuff, but IDLE is mostly done, just needs proper GUI integration, iiuc13:38
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filippzlocusf, hedayat: great job on ofono - N9 CMT just works!13:39
faenilcool stuff13:41
faenilfilippz, any approximate compilation time you can share?13:41
faenilit's done already!? only 16minutes?13:41
faenilI thought it would have taken much longer :D13:42
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filippzfaenil: nice :) - My AMD 960T takes more than that - or at least it seems so :)13:43
filippzcopy it to N950 and wait for glesplash to appear :)13:44
faenilyeah let me apply the patch and rebuild13:44
locusffilippz: np, hedayat did most of the work :)13:45
filippzpatch could solve display itself, but the touchscreen needs another driver - we'll do that next13:45
filippzlocusf: that reminded me about configuration for ngfd that I packaged separately - I need to get that PR-ed13:46
faenilfilippz, sure13:47
locusfgotta go for a train ride in an hour, work gig for tomorrow, I'll check out irc in the evening though13:54
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filippzfaenil: any progress?14:11
faenilalmost rebuilt14:12
filippzthat long? It should take considerably less?!14:14
faenilfilippz, nono I was doing other things in the meanwhile14:15
faenilbtw, copy_kernel copies the whole lib, with all sources?14:15
faeniljust laziness? or am I in the wrong folder :)14:16
filippzit copies kernel image and modules14:16
faenilcp -R lib14:16
faenilthere's everything in there14:16
faenilohh, cd mods, sorry, didn't see that line -.-14:16
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filippzI use my (pastebin  from the other day)14:17
faenilyes, sure, I just  skipped a cd while reading14:17
faenilall black14:24
filippzdamn - it would be too easy, try to get journal logs, and I'll try figure out what happened14:25
faenilyeah getting logs14:25
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filippzwhen looking at settings from old kernel I noticed that n950 display is rotated 270 degrees (vs 90 degrees on n9 ) - that could also be a problem14:31
faenilat least we have gen 01 01:00:03 localhost kernel: panel-nokia-dsi display0: himalaya panel14:32
faenilinstead of "failed to open display" and other msgs14:32
filippzwhat's with sgx?14:32
faenilgen 01 01:00:04 localhost systemd-modules-load[87]: Failed to lookup alias 'pvrsrvkm': Function not implemented14:34
faenilgen 01 01:00:04 localhost systemd-modules-load[87]: Failed to lookup alias 'omaplfb': Function not implemented14:34
filippzN9: localhost systemd-modules-load[90]: Inserted module 'pvrsrvkm'14:35
faenilsame in my older log14:36
faenil(the one before display modifications14:36
faenilmaybe I should have first tried with a kernel without modifications14:36
faeniland built by me14:36
faenilto see if that's part of the issue14:37
filippzlet me check a bit14:37
faenilfilippz, so is the vram 6mb in init script still needed?14:38
filippzfaenil: no, I increased vram reserve in board-rm680 - but it can't hurt14:39
faenilmmm ok, so it's not that14:39
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faenilit seems like it doesn't find the modules14:41
filippzdo you have pvrsrvkm.ko file at all?14:41
filippzshould be in /lib/modules/3.5.3/kernel/drivers/gpu/pvr/14:41
faenilcrap, empty battery I think :( aww14:45
filippzexcellent timing :(14:47
faenilthere were 2 folders in lib/modules btw14:47
faenil3.5.3 and 3.5.3-1.1.1-n95014:47
filippz3.5.3-1.1.1-n950 is packaged, 3.5.3 is your build14:47
filippzcan you check if mods folder on your PC has pvrsrvkm.ko and friends?14:48
faenilit does14:48
filippzthen it could be that did something wrong - you can run it manually then14:50
faenillet's see if harmattan still runs..14:52
faenilor does it charge even when in usb export screen?14:52
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filippzfaenil, better use harmattan - without upower-bme it will shut down by itself14:55
faenilif I get it to boot..14:55
filippzyou can also use flasher to charge it to <=10% and boot to nemo to charge14:56
faenilboot to *which* nemo? :D14:57
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filippztoo bad that ubibot disabled charging due to problems with  N9 hw rev 1607 (iirc)14:57
filippzfaenil: nemo is running, but without any visual/sound information :)14:58
faenilso I can trust that nemo will actually charge it? ok xD14:59
filippzwell bme is there - that's all it takes afaik15:00
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faenilyay, harmattan booted :)15:01
faenil(I have like 4-5 kernels for harmattan, had to use the right one :D )15:01
filippznice, it's about 50-50 chance to boot at least for my n915:02
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filippzit's sometimes just reboots before displaying Nokia animation (after Nokia logo) - who knows why...15:06
filippzfaenil: stupid idea, and who knows will it work - you can copy over 3.5.3-1.1.1-n950 folder to 3.5.3 - we didn't change anything to modules - it might work15:08
faenilfilippz, will try in about 20mins, let's leave it to charge now15:08
faenil(in the meanwhile I'm rebuilding the kernel)15:09
filippzI can provide my build just to be sure (this one boots on my N9 - so modules should be OK)15:09
faenilas you wish ;)15:10
filippzthis should exclude build problems15:10
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filippzfaenil: (zImage to /boot folder rest to /lib/modules/3.5.3/...)15:21
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filippznp, let's hope it works15:22
faenilhave you built it with the patch already?15:22
faenilor is it the one from github15:23
filippzpatched - I made sure that N9 still boots :)15:23
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filippzI'm running it my N9 on it as we speak15:24
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faenillet's see15:24
faenilI have finished rebuilding as well15:24
filippzyou can compare file sizes as we wait15:25
faenilyours is 400bytes larger15:29
filippzI have no explanation for that - I'll do zypper ref/up to see if you are using something newer than me15:31
faenilwell I am probably using a different cross compiler15:31
faenilor slightly different15:31
faenilso it's possible15:31
faenil(I'm using the setup I used to work on the merger mer-core)15:32
faenillet's see if it works with your files...15:32
filippz396 packages to upgrade, 3 new, 2 to remove :)15:32
faenilit works!15:33
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filippzwhat now?15:33
*** lardman has joined #nemomobile15:33
faenilyeah, why doesn't mine work :/15:34
filippzdid you see mer logo? glacier?15:34
faenilyes, homescreen and apps launching15:34
faeniltouchscreen works, with wrong coords though15:34
faeniland graphics is portrait when landscape, and landscape when portrait15:34
filippztouchscreen works?!15:35
faenilyeah xD15:35
faenilright to left produces left to right swipe15:36
filippzone of those wtf moments... touchscreen shouldn't work15:36
faenilbut not sure if it's touchscreen or graphics being wrong there15:36
faenilthe wtf moment is WTF doesn't my kernel work :P15:36
faenillocusf, very nice homescreen btw!15:36
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faeniland very nice icons qwazix! I like the style :)15:37
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faenilohhhh I'm loving this!!15:37
filippzcool :)15:37
faenilme wantz to start working on stuff™15:37
* filippz has reinfected faenil with "the" virus15:38
faenilmy precioussss15:38
filippzlet's us concentrate on getting your kernel builds to boot15:39
faenilI'll first replace it with my zimage15:39
filippzI suggest setting up different target for builds - I'm using plain ks generated image for n9 nemo + zypper ref/up/in to get compilers and stuff...15:41
faenilI used the ks by locusf to create the target15:41
faenilonly commented mesa stuff15:41
filippzwho knows, I'm doing zypper up right now - I might break it also :)15:43
faenilI hope not :D15:44
filippzI'm hoping for 3,607,856 bytes large zImage after this15:45
faenilok, still booting using my zImage15:45
faenilso there's something in modules :/15:45
faenillet's see the diff15:45
filippzI'm betting prepare_modules did something wrong15:46
faenilsecond time as well?15:46
filippzit should generate dependency maps for modules (AFAIK) - if it doesn't do a good job then modules won't load15:48
faenilwhy would it work in your case then15:48
faeniljust used copy_kernel again, let's see15:49
locusffaenil: thanks :)15:50
*** ndvl has joined #nemomobile15:50
faenilcrap, battery again, gah15:50
filippzI'm running out of time here, I'm expecting guests in about 30 mins...15:52
faenilfilippz, my lib folder doesn't have the dep map!15:52
*** nodevel has joined #nemomobile15:52
faenilmodules.alias, modules.bin, none of those!15:53
filippzbingo - that's that15:53
filippzdid you use my pastebin file for build ?15:53
filippzor the one from github :)15:53
faenillet me doublecheck15:53
filippzthen it should call prepare_modules.sh15:53
faenilit does15:54
faenilit does call it15:54
faenilthere's modules.builtin and modules.order15:55
faenilbut it's missing all the others15:55
qwazixlocusf, good, happy to have more audience :) faenil, thanks!15:55
*** ndvl has quit IRC15:56
locusfqwazix: people proably wanna see nemo in action :) I'll bring my maguro15:56
filippzfaenil: seems that sb2 make modules_install INSTALL_MOD_PATH=./mods should do that not prepare_modules15:57
filippzmy mistake - let me recheck that15:58
qwazixlocusf, no problem. How can we show this? Does it have some kind of video out? or maybe with a webcam?15:59
faenillocusf, do you know already why n950 shows homescreen portraits when it's in landscape and viceversa??15:59
faenilwasn't the landscape/portrait dilemma fixed? :D15:59
locusffaenil: no I have no idea, sorry16:00
locusfqwazix: webcam probably, afaik it doesn't have video out16:00
locusfqwazix: hmm lipstick has a pr for compositor recording though16:01
filippzfaenil: can you play with GLACIER_NATIVEORIENTATION variable - it should be GLACIER_NATIVEORIENTATION=3 for N950 (AFAIK)16:01
faenilyeah will try once I get enough juice16:01
qwazixok, I'll try to make a contraption that is easy to use during a presentation. Would you like to do the show-off part?16:01
faenilI'll leave it charging for a while now16:01
faenilI booted Nemo16:01
faenilbut it didn't let it charge16:02
faeniland shut down16:02
faenilso I booted harmattan now16:02
locusfqwazix: well I can but a video is more stable than my hands :)16:02
filippzsb2 make modules_install INSTALL_MOD_PATH=./mods calls depmod and that should create those files mentioned16:02
faenil  DEPMOD  3.5.3 shouldn't this generate the dependency map?16:03
faenilbut but...16:03
faenilwhy doesn't it work...mmm16:03
qwazixlocusf, true, but live is friendlier when you have an audience16:04
filippzfaenil: OK we have 2 ghosts: depmod doesn't work for you, and touchscreen works for you but it shouldn't...16:04
locusfqwazix: ok I'll do it then :)16:04
faenilmmm wait a sec16:05
locusf2g area, cant chat now16:06
filippzfaenil: I'm going, I'll create further patches tomorrow - and I hope you sort out problems with depmod by then16:06
faenilfilippz, ok, if you leave a few hints I can attempt the patches stuff16:07
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filippzI would first replace touchscreen driver, and magnetometer (ak8975 vs ak8974) as they use same i2c address16:09
faenilwhat does "replace" mean in this case?16:09
*** anYc has joined #nemomobile16:09
faenilfilippz, found the problem with depmod, can't be easier, it's not installed!16:12
*** filippz has quit IRC16:14
*** filippz has joined #nemomobile16:14
filippzgreat faenil: 1 down 1764 to go :)16:15
filippzthis build uses atmel_mxt driver, but N950 should use syntm12xx (board-rm696-peripherals.c vs board-rm680-peripherals.c in 2.6 kernel)16:16
faenilnow, if only zypper would let me install depmod ;)16:16
filippzthen c/p rm696_peripherals_i2c_board_info_2 struct and replace references to atmel and it's platform data (driver config)16:16
faenilrebuilddb says DB version mismatch16:16
*** cloanta has quit IRC16:16
filippzalso voltage ragulators should be set form those devices and the similar should be done to the rest of different drivers used16:16
*** cloanta has joined #nemomobile16:16
*** cloanta has quit IRC16:17
*** cloanta has joined #nemomobile16:17
filippzI'm really of now - if you tweet about this you can tag me (fi1ippz)16:17
*** filippz has quit IRC16:17
faenilsure, cya thanks16:19
faenilStskeeps, could it be that zypper and rpm want to use incompatible DB schemas, in the merged mer?16:20
faenilI rebuild the db, then zypper ref and it says it can't read the db16:20
*** ndvl has joined #nemomobile16:22
faenileveryone says I have to rebuilddb for it to work, and it do it16:22
faeniland it still doesn't work16:22
faenilas if rpm and zypper are talking 2 diff languages16:22
Stskeepsfaenil: you use a ks16:25
*** nodevel has quit IRC16:25
Stskeepsshould be standard in all .kses16:25
faenilI remember seeing rebuilddb in ks16:25
faenil(not the one I used, I mean generally)16:25
faenilis that the trick? using rebuilddb with rpm from host?16:26
Stskeepsyes, that the one16:26
faenilmm I wonder why it makes a diff16:26
faenilrpm from host could be even newer...16:26
faenilthere must be a reason though16:26
faenilStskeeps, ty though16:27
faenilzypper doesn't even have any repo...mm16:32
faenillocusf, I guess that ks is a bit incomplete :D16:32
locusffaenil: oh :)16:34
*** zalan has joined #nemomobile16:34
locusffaenil: which .ks did you use?16:38
locusfoh thats the target .ks yes that might be a bit terse16:41
faenilfilippz, \o/ ok I have all the modules.* files now!16:44
*** phaeron has quit IRC16:44
*** sandy_locke has quit IRC16:45
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*** ndvl has quit IRC17:24
locusffaenil: does it work better now? With modules and kernel?17:29
faenillocusf, I already had all the pieces thanks to the package filippz uploaded17:30
faenilbut now I'm able to build it by myself, for the future17:30
locusffaenil: k cool :)17:30
faenilnemo boots and apps run17:30
faenilthough touchscreen works in mirror mode17:30
faeniland UI is opposite orientation than it should be17:30
locusfok odd17:31
faenilI have to try GLACIER_NATIVEORIENTATION=3 first17:31
locusfwe probably need separate config for n950 thn, with touchscreen orientation fixed17:32
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile17:32
faenillocusf, but we're already using the wrong touchscreen driver, so we first have to fix that17:32
locusffaenil: ah ok :)17:33
*** dpurgin has quit IRC17:47
*** jgjl has joined #nemomobile17:51
*** gogeta has joined #nemomobile17:51
gogetafaenil, great17:53
faenilindeed, feels great to see nemo running again :D you have to thank filippz, hedayat and locusf, who spent so much time on it in the last months17:53
gogetai'm still struggle with g watch17:54
gogetai've got to many headache this days .... for real17:54
locusffaenil: always happy to help Nemo :)17:56
* faenil highfives locusf 17:56
faenilgogeta, I can understand, I've been sick as well, thank God only one evening17:56
faenilreally quick virus :D17:56
gogetaO/ locusf17:57
gogetabut this time made me too sleepy17:57
* locusf highfives faenil 18:00
*** dharman has quit IRC18:01
locusfgaah still two hours to go18:03
faenilI don't understand this idea of joining rm696 and rm680 in one unique files...after they've lived in separate files forever :/18:04
Stskeepswasn't rm680 the n950?18:05
*** dharman has joined #nemomobile18:06
faenilStskeeps, yep18:11
faenila lot of stuff is the same, ok, but a lot of stuff is different...the joining effort is not trivial18:12
faenileven ignoring that it's destroying modularity18:12
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*** ndvl has joined #nemomobile18:43
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o faenil19:28
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hedayatfilippz: Thanks :) (Actually, I didn't want to work on ofono; locusf focus on it made me look at it. He is guilty! :P)19:48
*** filippz has joined #nemomobile19:48
hedayatfaenil: happy to see you're getting a working OS too :)19:48
filippzfaenil: depmod solved, let's what can we do with TS19:49
faenilfilippz, I'm looking at it, are you sure they're using diff ts?19:50
faenilsyntm12xx-plat.h is only included19:50
filippzhm, youre right - atmel_mxt is included also!19:51
filippzthat's why it works in the first place19:51
filippzlet's see is platform data the same19:52
filippzah different configs: atmel_mxt_pyrenees_config vs atmel_mxt_himalaya_config19:53
hedayatfaenil: filippz: Compiling kernel without Mer SDK should also work fine. I cross-compiled PVR module on host (with debug messages enabled) and loaded it with filippz kernel successfully. Sorry for being a bit off-topic :P19:54
faeniltoo late :D19:54
hedayatyeah, I know :D19:55
faenilfilippz, also we can't use any define, since we're using the same kernel for both devices, so it will be fun to handle the conflicting includes, if any19:58
faenil(for example those for leds?)19:58
filippzthey can be included both (afaik), and they simply won't be loaded by kernel at runtime (and won't affect kernel size if built like modules)20:00
faenilwon't be loaded, ok20:01
faenilbut can be included both? not sure20:01
filippzwe'll see - I'm having some difficulties with git atm20:02
filippzit seems that it's decided that my working directory is not git repo anymore20:03
filippzWe'll I'll just clone it again (will take some time)20:04
faenilI'm looking at what's going wrong with the touch coordinates20:16
filippzatmel_mxt_pyrenees_config should be replaced with atmel_mxt_himalaya_config in board.rm680 - for starters20:17
faenilI think I should get graphics in the correct orientation to see if there's actually a problem with ts20:18
faenilNATIVEORIENTATION=2 didn't make any difference though20:19
filippzshould be 3 (
filippzand GLACIER_NATIVEORIENTATION ( - underline20:21
filippzrestart lipstick in between20:21
filippzsorry 3 doesn't make sense - it should be 4 then20:22
faenilwhy 4? shouldn't it be 2?20:23
faeniln950 is landscape native20:23
filippz3 means 270 degree rotation20:24
faenillook at your main.cpp20:24
filippztry with either 4 or 820:24
faenil8 is ok, but I don't understand why 4...20:25
faenilanyway, ok..20:25
*** dharman has quit IRC20:25
faenilthough I didn't see any difference between 1 and 220:25
filippzyou are right 0,1,2,3 in driver = 1,2,4,8 in Qt - 3=>820:25
filippzwell we must be sure that orientation sensor works, as glacier rotation is calculated as as difference between sensor and native rotation20:26
faenilnothing, it's the same with 820:27
faenilyeah but why no difference?20:27
faenilthis is strange...20:27
filippzcan you place debug otuput to GlacierRotation.qml file - let's see if nativeOrientation property is set to the same value as GLACIER_NATIVEORIENTATION20:28
filippzyou can do that on the device itself, just restart lipstick20:29
faenilcan you still read me?20:31
*** dr_gogeta86_joll has joined #nemomobile20:31
filippzread me?20:31
*** gogeta has quit IRC20:31
faenilyea, connection test20:31
faeniltrying to set up ssh to access the qmls20:31
filippzI had some beers - apply fuzzy logic to my messages :)20:32
faenilis ssh supposed to work with the current nemo status?20:32
hedayatfaenil: it works with last locusf image; don't remember if I did something to enable it20:34
filippzlipstick needs to be running - that's all20:34
filippzdmesg on your pc should tell you if it is detected20:35
*** olesalscheider has quit IRC20:36
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile20:37
faenilonly the first connection is detected by dmesg20:37
faenilthen it stops working20:38
faeniland pwr button also stops working20:39
filippzwell, we need change keyboard config, but I can't tell why usb connection drops20:41
*** olesalscheider has joined #nemomobile20:42
hedayatfaenil: If you have /etc/usb-moded/dyn-modes/developer_mode-android.ini, then remove it!20:43
hedayatI had some problems in SFOS20:43
faenilI'm in ;)20:44
hedayatfaenil: what was the problem? :P20:44
faenilubuntu's connection manager :P20:44
faenil(but about the fact that it only connects the first time, that's nemo's problem I think)20:45
hedayatfaenil: Aha, OK.20:45
hedayatSo you finally settled with Ubuntu20:46
dr_gogeta86_jollhedayat not mer fault .20:48
hedayatdr_gogeta86_joll: Ubuntu? yes, certainly. I have Mer SDK in Fedora.20:49
dr_gogeta86_jolli got the opposite problem one booted i don't have rndis up20:49
dr_gogeta86_jolli got the same problem on fedora 21 too20:49
dr_gogeta86_jollneed more investigation20:50
hedayatdr_gogeta86_joll: aha, you're talking about USB. But I don't have any problems with Nemo. I had some problems with SFOS but was fixed after removing the file I mentioned20:50
hedayatBut, I don't get DHCP working in both Nemo and SFOS20:51
hedayatSo, I always use static IP assignment on PC20:51
faenilhedayat, I haven't settled, fwiw20:51
hedayatAnd it should be done using NeworkManager; otherwise NM will be trying to get IP from DHCP, and when it retries, your static ip will be gone20:52
hedayatSo, a static ip connection in NetworkManager is needed.20:53
dr_gogeta86_jolli got a bug udev change usb0 name every time20:53
hedayatfaenil: ? still trying to use something else? :P20:54
hedayatdr_gogeta86_joll: ?! In host? That's weird. unless you mean every time you connect USB cable. I got different names based on the port I connect the cable. So, I have a static connection not bound to any ports and enable it manually after connecting the phone20:55
faenilfilippz, desktop.rotation is 1 in landscape, 8 in portrait20:56
faenilso it's wrong20:57
dr_gogeta86_jollhedayat: same port20:57
*** dr_gogeta86_joll has quit IRC20:58
faenilit's 90° off20:58
filippzfaenil: we are rotating desktop.parent not desktop itself20:58
filippzfaenil: patch for TS configuration: - didn't break N9, might work on N95021:03
faenilyou're bringing extra stuff as well :P21:04
filippzfaenil: post us a pic of nemo on n950 - that would be cool21:04
filippzand I'm off - good job every one21:04
*** filippz has quit IRC21:04
faenilfilippz, are you sure apds990x is also in n950'21:05
faenilah crap...21:05
faenilgood night filippz21:05
faenilperformance in Glacier UI is so bad :'(21:09
faenilthis reports the wrong orientation
*** ljp has joined #nemomobile21:19
hedayatgood night, bye21:20
faenilmmm ok, so QOrientationReading::TopUp is Landscape in n95021:20
*** ced117 has quit IRC21:20
*** lpotter has quit IRC21:20
faeniland portrait in n9...21:20
faenilthat's why...21:20
faenilhedayat, good night21:20
hedayatfaenil: good luck!21:20
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