Monday, 2015-01-12

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MAX83Sage: sorry for bein late, I was busy with some stuff, I had to provide annual reports to my boss for 2014 damn boring and time consuming03:51
MAX83Sage: use this link, there are both my image and hedayats version available03:52
MAX83if you want for daily use,  you better use my old version 1.0.0503:52
MAX83hedayat's link is versy slow download, you can download from my private server faster03:53
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* filippz noticed that lis3lv02d in N950 is positioned differently than in N9 and is looking to fix that05:43
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filippzfaenil: (when you are around) apply this patch to fix accelerometer configuration
filippzfirst try playing with GLACIER_NATIVEORIENTATION when N950 is still on the table - without notifications from orientation sensor glacier should start in "native" orientation06:46
filippzcode in glacier will then try to figure out how much rotation to apply depending on the difference between Qt::PrimaryOrientation and that value06:47
filippzQt::PrimaryOrientation returns either Qt::PortraitOrientation or Qt::LandscapeOrientation - on N9 it returns Qt::LandscapeOrientation so the difference to desired Qt::PortraitOrientation is 270 degrees06:47
filippzYou'll probably have to play with GLACIER_NATIVEORIENTATION and friends to get the desired result.06:48
filippzFor touchscreen try the QT_QPA_EVDEV_TOUCHSCREEN_PARAMETERS variable and see if that helps, after that its orientation sensor time...06:48
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filippzspiiroin: can you take a peek at ?08:18
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spiiroinfilippz: yes, in the olden times mce "owned" ps & als; sensorfw asked mce to start/stop them. Now all sensors are "owned" by sensorfw; for the most part mce is just another client.08:42
spiiroinIIRC the old-skool logic was removed from sensord; the remnants should be removed from mce too08:43
spiiroin... and n9 etc sensor probing should be implemented at sensord side08:44
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faenilwhy are we working on the same stuff at the same time? :/08:59
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filippzfaenil: same stuff same time :)09:11
faenilfilippz, now I have to throw away the patches I was getting ready... :P09:12
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filippzspiiroin: thanks - I'll try to fix it in sensorfw then. Another quick question: does mce have some simple method of going into "proximity client mode"?09:13
filippzfaenil: sorry - you can take it from here, yell if you need any help (I can't test any of this anyway :)09:15
faenilfilippz, anyway, I think the sensor is working already, because it returns TopUp when device is in landscape09:19
faenilwhich is correct, for n95009:19
faenilthat's its TopUp09:19
filippzI would still use values from old kernel for axis_x and axis_y as they are not the sam for N9 & N95009:21
spiiroinfilippz: basically it should be: if explicit sysfs probes do not find anything -> mce uses sensorfw -> just commenting out the sensor  related sysfs probes should be enough for testing purposes09:23
spiiroinfilippz: If you wish, I can take a quick look now09:24
filippzspiiroin: it uses sensorfw first (IIRC) - that's OK09:25
filippzbut without the dialer who would make call state to be "in call" mce is not using proximity - I have to think of a way to force this...09:26
filippzmaybe simulating ofono dbus message...09:26
spiiroinfilippz: mce is always using proximity09:27
spiiroinunless told not to via config09:27
spiiroin... but if you mean reacting to proximity; then you can use fake call state to trigger proximity blanking/unblanking09:27
filippz^yup fake call state is what I'm after09:28
spiiroinfilippz: mcetool -c ringing:normal -B1 -c active:normal -B09:28
spiirointhen display should blank when sensor is covered09:29
filippzspiiroin: you are THE man, thanks. Now I'm off to build sensorfw and test my changes09:29
spiiroinfilippz: while at it, make sure there are no dbus calls in sensorfw09:31
spiirointhose could lead into recursive dbus requests09:31
spiiroin(i.e. one of those remnants that should be removed from mce and probably are already gone from sensord)09:32
filippzseems that no mce dbus communcation is needed from proximityadaptor.cpp at all - I've already removed that09:32
spiiroinfilippz: good, then just sensord fixes are needed (i.e. we can remove the mce side sysfs probes later too)09:33
filippzeven now they can't be reached - only if compiled without ENABLE_SENSORFW09:36
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filippzso removing them this, should be safe09:36
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faenilfilippz, awesome, after rebuilding kernel with the patches the kernel kind of autodestroyed09:41
faenilit deleted everything in the folder except the patches and the vmlinuz09:41
faenilstill wondering wtf happened there09:42
filippzmy git blew up yesterday also!09:42
faenilah great!09:44
faenilI'm recloning...09:44
filippzmaybe git apply has some bugs in there...09:46
faeniland let's rebuild09:57
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faenilfilippz, touchscreen doesn't work anymore10:27
faenilatmel_mxt 2-004b: attn timeout on enable10:27
faenilgenirq: Flags mismatch irq 0. 00000001 (tlv320dac33-codec.2-0019) vs. 00000002 (atmel_mxt)10:28
filippzlet me check10:28
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filippzfound the problem - fixing it now10:31
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faenilbasically they're sharing the same irq without willing to do so10:41
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filippzRM696_DAC33_IRQ_GPIO was being assigned to tpa6140a2  instead of tlv320dac3310:42
filippzthis has nothing to do with n950, it's affecting n9 also - but why does it have problems with atmel_mxt...10:43
filippzI'm rebuilding my kernel, and will try it in a minute or two10:44
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faenilbecause it happens to be on the same irq?10:45
faenilfilippz, you mean the "keep this third" comment right?10:46
filippzyes - that was really intended to be third :)10:46
faenilI noticed that yesterday but thought there was some workaround somewhere else since it was not part of the patches :)10:46
filippzlater on we have rm696_peripherals_i2c_board_info_2[2].irq = gpio_to_irq(RM696_DAC33_IRQ_GPIO); - wrong array index10:47
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faenilyes yes10:48
filippzstill it was working on N9 with the same ts driver... let's see - I'm booting it now10:48
faenilyou also copied apds990x stuff to n950 but I believe it doesn't have it10:49
filippzno, it has different ALS/PS combo, but I didn't wan't to mess with those indexes just jet10:50
faenilbtw I remember why I left n950 in a drawer...the performance in GlacierUI is depressing :(10:51
faenilslow-motion effect10:51
filippzhedayat is looking at wayland driver - needs a bit more work it seems10:52
filippzfaenil: replace last patch i posted with this one
faenilI once started having a look at it to add vsync, but it wasn't trivial at all10:53
filippzI'll check my dmesg, but ts is working OK10:53
faenil(even thuogh in theory it should, if one has documentation with the defines etc)10:53
faenilfilippz, I have already rebuilt switching the third10:53
filippzsame thing then?10:53
faenilcopying modules10:54
faenilI wish I could say it worked..10:56
filippzdamn - now what...10:56
faenilI'll bisect and look for the issue10:57
faenilmce-io.c: mce_close_file(): Failed to close `/sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-2/2-004b/calibrate'; Operation10:58
faenil not permitted10:58
faenil(it was there in the previous boot as well, i.e. switching the third didn't change naything)10:59
filippzatmel_mxt 2-004b: attn timeout on enabled?10:59
filippzcan you rebuild with .config = &atmel_mxt_pyrenees_config in atmel_mxt_platform_data_rm680?11:01
filippzjust for test - this is wrong but worked before11:01
faenilyeah let's see...rebooting first, want to make sure the error messages are still there11:02
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faenilfilippz, no timeout message, but irq mismatch is still there11:07
faenil(currently rebuilding with pyrenees)11:08
filippzand touchscreen doesn't work?11:08
faenilnope, well at least I can't get out of lockscreen11:08
faeniland the usual atmel messages are not there11:08
faenilso there's something wrong for sure11:08
filippzI get atmel_mxt: Atmel mXT Touchscreen v1.6 (0x29b82f) var:0x1 bld:0xab11:09
filippzno messages from atmel_mxt at all?11:09
faenilyes I had those when it worked11:10
faenilno I have those errors11:10
faenil(I also have a lot of errors about dac33 fwiw)11:12
filippzhm, I can send you my build to see if it's any different11:12
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filippzthis is my board-rm680.c so you can compare:
faenilit's the same11:16
filippzI'll send you my build then - did you try it with .config = &atmel_mxt_pyrenees_config?11:17
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faenilyes, no diff11:21
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faenilwith pyrenees I get timeout error msg11:21
faenil(as well as the others)11:21
filippzso my last patch broke it - let' me check once more11:21
faenilrebuilding without last patch11:24
faenil(it could also be the one before, I only tested touch with the 1st patch ,the display one)11:24
filippzsorry - I'll be afk for half an hour, let's continue then...11:27
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faenilfilippz, no problem I'll find a solution ;)11:31
filippzI'm back - any progress?11:48
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faenilfilippz, it's the 2nd patch, the touchscreen one11:57
faenilbtw, did you touch atmel init procedure? because it's different from both rm680 and rm696 procedures11:57
faenilI also found an issue in the patch fwiw, got to test11:59
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faenilbut now, lunch ;) there was an irq initialization missing in the patch, so it's probably that12:01
faenilwill test later12:01
filippzyou are right, seems that rm???_init_atmel_mxt should be made universal as there is some testing if reset_gpio used12:01
faenildid you do that init procedure? or was it there already12:02
filippzit was already there IIRC12:03
filippzI'll see github blame to check12:03
faenilok, I'll bbl12:03
filippz^ not me:
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filippzspiiroin: a little help - I seem to have fixed sensorfw, however mce doesn't blank the screen when testing with mcetool:
faenilI wonder why the new init has that struct .irq initialization12:40
filippzthere is no more OMAP_GPIO_IRQ, so it has to be done with gpio_to_irq function12:46
*** eetz1 has joined #nemomobile12:46
filippzI think you have to check if board supports reset irq first (board_is_rm680() && system_rev < 0x0400)12:47
spiiroinfilippz: audio policy affects that too - headset/speaker use = no proximity blanking12:53
spiiroindefault should be "handset" -> restarting mce might help12:56
filippzspiiroin: ok (I'll check how does mce detects that) - but from that log you can say that PS is working?12:56
spiiroinor attach/detach headphone/headset12:56
spiiroinps reporting itself looks ok to me12:58
filippzrestarted mce and it works :)12:58
filippzis that just because we are in fact simulating a call?12:59
spiiroinfilippz: that might play a role (since only mce thinks there is a call)13:02
filippzspiiroin: thank you once more, I'll PR my fix to sensorfw now and assume that ps itself works good enough for mce to use it13:03
faenilyesss touchscreen works :) in the correct directions!13:08
faenilno coordinates mirroring13:09
filippzfaenil: when this PR gets in ( we can remove "Hack to fix the proximity sensor on n950" (
faenilgreat :)13:12
faenilit wasn't working anyway, the service doesn't run13:12
filippzit does - just on the start, and then stops as it should13:13
faenilit says FAILED13:13
faenilis that expected?13:13
filippzon n950 it does :)13:13
filippzn950 has different ALS/PS sensor - so it's not N950 fix but N9 one13:14
faenilah, ok then hehe13:14
faenilthe hack name was misguiding :D13:14
filippzstupid title - right (like board-rm680.c)13:14
faenilahha yeah13:14
filippzsensorfw still isn't webhooked, so it might take a while to get that in our ks13:15
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faenilI've also made a new orientation patch from scratch just to be sure, not sure if we should expect any change this time13:32
faenil(I made sure to include all the changes you did ;) )13:32
filippzfaenil: you are running this show - make all the changes that you think are needed!13:34
faenilthere's an INV in x_axis, so probably should13:34
faenilfilippz, of course! I said included, not *only* :D13:35
faenilyou have more experience with this game :)13:35
filippzI'll help if I can, but you have the deivce at hand - a couple more days and it will be matching N9 state :)13:36
faenilfilippz, I hope xD13:37
filippzwe have different ALS/PS, magnetometer and wlan (could work out of the box) are connected in a different way, no NFC, keyboard should be no problem ...13:39
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dr_gogeta86morning guys13:49
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile13:53
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faenildr_gogeta86, morning13:53
faenilfilippz, UI orientation working! \o/13:53
faeniland the correct envvar for n950 is GLACIER_NATIVEORIENTATION=213:54
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filippzfaenil: great, I'm logging of for now o/14:04
faenilfilippz, ok, thanks for the help o/14:04
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jgdxany libqofono guys/gals around?15:37
wickwirehi everyone, I'm a bit stuck with some notions/ways to start, maybe someone here can help15:39
wickwireI'm currently developing a game for the Jolla phone15:39
wickwirewhich uses sensors for input15:39
wickwirecurrently the sensors are being read using QtSensors in the C++ layer and I use filters to correct the jitter15:39
wickwireanimations and graphical elements are in the QML layer15:40
wickwirenow I started looking into power management15:40
jgdxjusa_, deztructor, jpetrell, anyone of you guys have a sec?15:40
wickwireand was hoping to make the game elligible for the Jolla Store15:41
wickwireI'm trying to start/stop the sensor readings based on the usage state,15:41
jpetrelljgdx: sure15:42
wickwirephone being on standby or active mode15:42
wickwireI've been directed from sailfishOS to Nemo15:42
wickwireand nemo-keepalive15:42
wickwirebut I'm having a bit of trouble trying to integrate nemo-keepalive with my app15:42
jgdxjpetrell, thanks—when an interface on a modem goes away and gets recreated (not 100% sure of terminology here), should libqofono handle that? I.e. the created libqofono object still work when the new interface is created?15:43
wickwireor at least, any relevant parts of it15:43
wickwirelike background activity15:43
wickwireI have been trying to do it based on these links15:43
faenilwickwire, people in #sailfishos channel sent you here? :)15:44
wickwirefaenil: actually I was refered to nemo-keepalive, and then thought I'd get more help here15:45
jpetrelljgdx: I think so, libqofono objects should be able to track modem state internally now with the latest changes15:45
wickwirefact is, I see some users in all the channels15:45
wickwireand by this point, I'm even more confused on where to ask anything15:45
wickwireI have found out that SailfishOS, with QML, has the means to detect the application state15:46
jgdxjpetrell, oh great. You know what specific version/revno?15:46
wickwireand that seems to work for the QML layer15:46
wickwireI'm testing this using powertop15:46
wickwireand putting the app on cover mode and turning off the screen15:46
wickwirethen comparing the wakeups between "standby" and active15:47
faenilwickwire, anything that has to do with developing for Jolla is better asked on #sailfishos :)15:47
wickwirefaenil: thanks for the input15:47
faenilyou're much more likely to get help from other people who are developing for jolla ;)15:47
jpetrelljgdx: from 0.66
jpetrellslava (monich in github) who did the change knows the status better15:48
jpetrellthough he doesn't seem to be hanging around here15:48
*** eetz1 has quit IRC15:50
faenilmagnetometer driver ported to 3.5.3 and running \o/ (n950)15:51
faenilis there any easy way to test if it's working correctly?15:51
jgdxjpetrell, thanks for your help!15:53
jpetrellsure :)15:53
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*** tanty is now known as tanty_off16:10
faeniljpetrell, is there a binary or some utility to test the magnetometer that I can build/test in Nemo?16:11
jpetrellfaenil: I don't know16:11
faenilalright, np...hope you're doing well btw ;)16:11
*** ndvl has quit IRC16:15
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jpetrellfaenil: thanks :) hope you are too16:38
faenilI am, thanks :)16:38
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile16:46
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faenillocusf, evening17:52
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filippzfaenil: doing well I see - did you find a way to test ak8974?18:20
faenilnope, moved on to leds, done that, now doing als/ps18:20
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*** r0kk3rz_ is now known as r0kk3rz18:20
faenilfilippz, ^18:22
*** dpurgin has quit IRC18:23
filippzI had problem with led engine of lp5521 ( can we test lp5523 now?18:23
*** jpetrell has quit IRC18:24
*** r0kk3rz_ has joined #nemomobile18:24
faeniltest how?18:24
filippz mcetool -y PatternBatteryCharging18:25
*** jpetrell has joined #nemomobile18:25
faenilI saw kb led works, and mce didn't complain like before18:25
faenilok, will see, I'm in a hurry now, let's see if I have time left to try that (n950 is in bootloader atm)18:25
filippzthis should activate charging led (lp5523 has three led channels, lp5521 only one)18:26
filippzif not - then similar patch is needed18:26
*** r0kk3rz has quit IRC18:26
*** jpetrell has quit IRC18:26
*** r0kk3rz_ is now known as r0kk3rz18:26
faenilrebuilding for ps/als atm18:27
filippzcool - you have to make a picture of n950 running nemo!18:29
filippz when we get kernel into good shape you can even try SFOS on it :)18:29
faenilthis is what's done so far18:29
faenilah cool :)18:29
faenilbut with a so terrible performance I'm not sure I want to see sfos on it :D18:29
*** eetz1 has quit IRC18:34
filippzEvery kernel commit must include Signed-off-by entry18:34
filippzsorry I didn't mention that before18:35
faenilmm crap18:35
faenilwill edit that tomorrow18:35
*** r0kk3rz_ has joined #nemomobile18:36
faenilit works! \o/18:36
faenilauto screen lighting is working !18:36
filippzgit rebase -i should be OK to do that afaik18:36
faenilor am I dreaming?18:36
faenilit's working indeed!18:36
*** r0kk3rz has quit IRC18:37
*** r0kk3rz_ is now known as r0kk3rz18:37
filippzcan you do mcetool -y PatternBatteryCharging?18:37
faenilbut led fades in and out with the charger...18:39
faenilso it's working..18:39
faenilwhat should it do?18:40
filippzso led is "breathing" while chraging?18:41
filippzmcetool -y PatternBatteryCharging should simulate that18:41
faenilyes it is18:43
faenilbut that command doesn't simulate it18:43
filippzthis is one of those wtf moments: mce is configured to listen to upower but our ks doesn't (yet) have that!18:44
faenilI've got to run18:44
filippzbye faenil !18:45
faenilhave a nice evening!18:45
faenilI pushed ALS/PS stuff as well18:45
*** faenil has quit IRC18:45
*** r0kk3rz_ has joined #nemomobile18:48
* filippz is still trying to figure out how the hell mce talks to bme on N950 if no upower-bme is installed18:49
*** r0kk3rz has quit IRC18:49
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*** furikku has quit IRC19:06
piggzfilippz: the force19:09
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile19:11
filippzpiggz: u have n950 iirc - kernel is almost ready thanks to faenil :)19:11
piggzfilippz: i have both :) .. looking forward to it19:12
*** gogeta has joined #nemomobile19:15
piggzfilippz: is the install procedure 'untar to device'? what (if any) boot loader is required?19:16
filippzwell I'm using ubiboot, bu there are at least two more methods: single boot ( and possibly simplest one by hedayat:
filippzlocusf uses single boot on his N9 (afaik) so you can ping him if that's of interest to you19:21
locusfyeah I'm using moslo, I guess at the time it was the most simplest solution19:26
filippzwe seem to be attracting people - we must not disappoint them now...19:29
locusfyup :)19:29
locusfwas it n9 piggz?19:30
stephg\o another moslo person here on my n919:30
stephg(well my nemo n9)19:30
piggzlocusf: ive both19:31
piggzlocusf: ive moslo installed19:31
filippzpiggz: boys and their toys :)19:31
piggzi need new toys19:32
filippzor at least old ones running new stuff19:32
locusfI've got 9 toys already :p19:33
piggzyeah, id quite like sailfish as a daily phone19:33
piggzsee how it compares to bb1019:35
*** wickwire has quit IRC19:36
locusfwell sfos isn't really a daily driver on the n9 afaik19:36
locusfpiggz: or do you want to compare ace and n9 in terms of functionality?19:38
* filippz has to retreat form keyboard after heroic battle that was lost before it really begun - against mrs filippz19:38
locusfok bye filippz :)19:39
filippzgood night people - till tomorrow o/19:39
*** filippz has quit IRC19:39
piggzlocusf: i expect the n9 to have more functionality ... i have no idea how to get the modem and gfx working prperly on the ace19:40
locusfpiggz: yeah those should work19:40
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:41
locusfpiggz: so finally you'd like to to use sfos instead of nemo?19:43
piggzyes, i havnt used nemo for some time19:44
piggzplus, it gives me a chance to do more porting of my apps to sfos, and test on something better than the ace!19:46
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile19:47
piggzive got a weird problem with qt on the ace, im wondering if the n9[50] does the same ... its as though qml is ignoring animations, and timers are all messed up19:47
locusfI wonder if it has been tested19:49
locusfhedayat might know more19:51
gogetahi locusf19:54
gogetagot 3 minute for me19:54
locusfgogeta: hi sure19:55
gogetadeveloper mode not works19:55
*** notmart has quit IRC19:55
locusfon dory?19:55
*** Jonni has quit IRC19:59
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